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									                                                      Careers in Action
                                     Summer Teacher Internship/Lesson Plan Writing Project
                      This lesson has been endorsed by Trey Pebley, Vice President, McAllen Construction, Inc.
                  L. del Monte Onato                         Pre-AP Physics                         Summer 2005
                   Teacher's Name                            Course/Subject                          Date(s)/Time
            Objective(s)                                            Career Concentration(s)
            The learner will predict trends from data.

                                                                       Agricultural Science                 Human Dev., Management & Services
                                                                       Art, Communications & Media          Industrial and Engineering
                                                                       Business & Marketing                 Personal and Protective Services
                                                                       Health Science Technology

            TEKS Reference: 2B, 2C, 2E
            TAKS Reference: 11th Grade Science Objective 1
            Focus/Anticipatory Set             Bloom's Taxonomy in                         Multiple Intelligences                               SCANS
            Show the population data of McAllen and                        Lesson                                                       A   B     C D    E   F

            Hidalgo County, Texas and ask students to                  Knowledge               Logical/Math                         1
            give any guess on the projected population in              Comprehension           Musical                              2
            year 2010.                                                 Application             Spatial                              3
            Relevance/Connection to Workplace                          Analysis                Bodily-Kinesthetic                       A   B    C   D   E   F

            McAllen Construction, Inc. conducts                        Synthesis               Intrapersonal                        1
            compressive strength test of concrete cylinders            Evaluation              Interpersonal                        2
            every week. Using extrapolation, the student                                       Naturalist                           3
            can predict the estimated value for the 4th                                                                             4
            week.                                                                                                                   5
            Instructional Methodology (Activities)                  Instructional Material(s)

                                                                    Transparency on population data, Physics Skillsheet 7, McAllen
                                                                    Construction concrete compressive strength lab report, Data table of
               Lecture                 Class/Group Discussion       Concrete Classes, graph paper, ruler, pencil
               Teacher Modeling        Question/Answer
               Media Presentation      Guided Practice
               Small Group             Independent Practice

            Detail(s) of Instructional Methodology (Activities)     Materials/Resources
            Discuss three relationships between two       , Glencoe Physics Skills,
            variables. Students will graph data and                 TxDOT Standard Specs for Construction & Maintenance of Highways,
            determine the relationship between the age              Streets and Bridges 2004
            (number of days) and compressive strength of
            concrete. Once their graph is verified using TI-
                                                                    Use of Technology
            83 graphing calculator, students will predict the
                                                                    Computer, MS Excel, graphing calculator, overhead projector, internet
            compressive strength of concrete after 28
            days. Students will discuss their prediction vs.
            actual lab results.

            Peer tutoring

            Assessment                                              Bloom's Taxonomy in Assessment
               Teacher Evaluation       Peer/Self Evaluation             Knowledge            Analysis

               Employer Evaluation      Written/Oral Presentation        Comprehension        Synthesis

               Test/Quiz                Others: Graphs                   Application          Evaluation

            Reteach Activity/Homework                               Lesson Closure
            Collect line graphs from various sources                Students explain the effect of one variable on another variable while
            (journals, magazines, etc.) and discuss the             holding other factors constant.
            variables in class.

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