Biography (Cereal Box) Project by cdc16374

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									            Biography (Cereal Box) Project
In this project, you will be creating a new cereal and decorating a
cereal box. You will devote each side of the cereal box to one
section of the project. The directions for each section follow:
Cereal Box Front:
    Picture of Famous Figure

    Quotes that the famous figure said

    Cereal’s Name

    Famous Figure’s name

    Lots of color – make it fun!

Character Traits:
   Where and when they were born

   Where they lived most of their life

   When they died if they are dead

   What are some words that would describe them

   As many other character traits as you can think of

Time Line:
   At least 5 events:

       o Complete date (February 14, 1922)
   Event listing

   Time line Title

   Neat and Organized

Summary Back:
   Summary in three paragraphs:

       o 1st paragraph – how did the famous figure grow up?
       o 2nd paragraph – what did the famous figure do that
          made him/her famous?
       o 3rd paragraph – what will the famous figure be
          remembered by?
   Print out summary from computer

   Colorful and organized

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