AGNITIO’s Voice Biometrics Product KIVOX for Speaker Verification to be used in T-Mobile’s Contact Centres - 19th November, 2009 by biometricmanagement


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									AGNITIO’s Voice Biometrics Product KIVOX for Speaker Verification to be used in TMobile’s Contact Centres - 19th November, 2009
Madrid, Spain - Agnitio’s KIVOX voice biometric product is being evaluated for use in T-Mobile’s contact centres across its footprint for automated speaker authentication of its clients. The primary objective is to provide quick and secure authentication of their customers. Currently, clients who call T-Mobile are predominantly identified by agents asking several security questions. The main reasons for using Agnitio’s voice biometrics technology are three fold: i) Reduce the average handling time spent on caller verification ii) Provide an enhanced user experience iii) Enable reliable self service options in the short to mid-term “We have been investigating the voice biometrics space for a few years now, and have found a very reliable partner in Agnitio”, says Daniel Handling, International Program Manager Sales & Customer Service at T-Mobile, the mobile arm of Deutsche Telekom. “Not only has Agnitio demonstrated to have the right technology and solution, but they also provide real added value by sharing valuable insights on how speaker verification solutions can best be structured.” T-Mobile in the Netherlands has been selected as the first T-Mobile market to provide such a solution to their clients. A first live pilot implementation is in preparation, which will be used to evaluate further use of the solution. The user population will consist of T-Mobile employees as well as clients. “We are very excited about this first launch, and are convinced that this technology will help our organization improve on some of our core business processes in our contact centre operation”, Mr. Hendling concludes. “It is a great pleasure to work with the T-Mobile team on this project, and we are proud to be associated with it”, says Emilio Martinez, CEO at Agnitio. “We feel that the use of voice biometrics in the T-Mobile Netherlands contact centre is exemplary of how this kind of technology can help organizations with cost savings, whilst also improving on customer service.” T-Mobile selected Agnitio’s KIVOX voice biometric product after a very thorough and competitive selection process. This included various tests, workshops as well as a comprehensive RFP process. The criteria used for selection were mostly focused on the ability to meet the client’s business objectives, and alignment with the T-Mobile technical and architectural requirements. About AGNITIO Agnitio is a privately owned company with venture capital funding from Nauta Capital and Elaia

Partners. It is the worldwide leader in voice biometrics for Homeland Security (HLS). Agnitio's portfolio of products addresses a wide range of HLS and corporate applications. The company's technology was initially co-developed with some of the world's most reputable police organisations and is currently deployed in over 22 countries. With its capability of performing text independent voice verification in any language and across different voice channels, Agnitio provides the most advanced voice biometric technology currently available for the government and corporate sectors. In 2009, Agnitio has been selected as a finalist for the Global Security Challenge Competition and as a semi-finalist for the Eurecan European Venture Contest. In 2008, Agnitio was selected as the market leader for the Speech Security Market at the SpeechTek Awards 2008. In 2007, Agnitio was selected as a winner of the Red Herring 100 2007 Global Award, given to the 100 most promising technological start-ups in the world. For more information Contact: Sapna Capoor - Director of Corporate Development and Strategy. Phone: +44 (0) 7766338089 Email: Web: If you would like to learn more about automated speaker authentication, please visit

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