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1. Field of Activity

2. Solar Energy for Domestic Water Heating -
   The Intergraded Storage Collector (ISC)

3. Solar Pool Heating

4. Fresh water and Pool water cooling

5. Photovoltaic

6. Non-electric Chillers for Absorption Cooling
                           Field of Activity

                           Premier SOLAR offers a number
                           of innovative SOLAR technologies
                           for sustainable buildings and
                           cost efficient “green” solutions - affordable
                           for everyone:

                            • SOLAR    hot water                             • Radiation    cooling

                            • SOLAR pool heating                             • Photovoltaic

                            • Evaporative pool cooling                       • Non electric chillers

                            • SOLAR assisted                                 • Evaporative domestic water
                              Air - Conditioning                               tank cooling

Solar domestic hot water        Solar swimming pool heating   Solar swimming pool heating    Photovoltaic   Parabolic trough collector
Solar Domestic Water Heating - Integrated Storage Collector
Solar Domestic Water Heating - Integrated Storage Collector

All over the world hotels, private villas       -Reflector concentrates solar radiation on
and labor accommodations are using               central water vessel, 250 litres of water is
ISC systems.                                     heated
The oldest of them are in use since 18          -Thermal insulation and double glassing
years in Europe, the Caribbean
                                                  prevents cooling out
Islands, North and Central Africa.
The unique high-tech fiber reinforced           -Hot water is supplied on demand, even in
case production and the long life                the night
expectation, makes the ISC the best
and most cost effective solution for
the GCC countries.
The Collector is simply connected to
cold water supply and hot water
return, no additional equipment is

                                    hot water

                       cold water
Integrated Storage Collector - Installation sample for large projects (hotels)



                                 OPEN COURTYARD BELOW

                                                        OPEN COURTYARD BELOW
Integrated Storage Collector - Reference Project - Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai-UAE

                                             The solar field with 84 Integrated Storage
                                             Collectors is installed since March 2000.

                                             Payback in less than 3 years, despite low
                                             electricity costs in U.A.E.

                                             Subsidise 4 x 6000 l electric water heaters

                                             84 Integrated Storage Collectors creating
                                             24,000 litres per day at 60° C

                                             All hot water for bathrooms is heated by the
                                             sun – FOR FREE

                                             Supplemental supply for laundry and
                                             swimming pool

                                             Saving 100,000AED per year
Certificates & Reference List - ISC
Newspaper publications – Gulf news 2000 and 2009
Swimming Pool
 Solar Heating
Solar Pool Heating - Solar Flat Plate Collector - Specifications

                                          Dimensions:     1015 x 2000mm x 80mm

                                          Aperture:       1.95m2

                                          Weight:         empty ca. 30kg,

                                          COP:            70%

                                          Housing:        SS-casing with Rockwool – hard
                                                          foam insulation

                                          Glass cover:    hail proof, transparent
                                                          toughened low iron glazing

                                          Absorber:       non-metallic composite
                                                          Absorber with selective coating
                                                          acid-proof, suitable for salt
                                                          water, chlorine water and
                                                          sulphur water
Pool Conditioning - Reference Project Jebel Ali Primary School

                                           Pool Data:
                                           300m2 pool area
                                           450m3 pool volume
                                           Air speeds over water necessitated a
                                           Shading reduces cooling load during

                                           Solar Field:
                                           200m2 collector aperture heats the
                                           pool water during daytime to 29° C
                                           Minimum operating costs.
                                           Sunshine is free of charge
Pool Conditioning - Reference Project Jebel Ali Primary School

                                                        Solar field is designed to supply
                                                        80 -90% of required heat on a
                                                        sunny Winter day

                                                        Optional Auxiliary heating system
                                                        is used to balance the changing
                                                        climatic conditions

                                                        In Spring and Autumn the heating
                                                        demand of the solar field is
                                                        sufficient to heat the pool

                                                        During Summer the solar field is
                                                        taken out of service

                                                        Cost Savings of 90% for pool
                                                        heating and cooling

                                                        5 year of successful operation

                                                        After 2.5 years already 100%
                                                        return of investment

Solar field at Jebel Ali School
Swimming Pool Heating - Solar Flat Plate Collectors – Schematic diagram

                                                                FLAT PLATE

                             COLD      FILTER PUMP

Pool Conditioning – Reference Projects UAE

Pool heating with Solar Flat Plate Collectors at private Villa in Dubai

8 Villa complex in Dubai, 50m2 pool area
Private Villa in Dubai, 50m2 pool area
Private Villa in Jumeirah, 60m2 pool area
Apartment building in Bur Dubai, 100m2 pool area
Jebel Ali Primary School, Dubai, 300m2 pool area
Sheraton Jumeirah,400m2 pool area – cooling only
Private Villa in Arabian Ranches - 24m2 area
Private Villa at Emirates Hills – 40m2 area – heating and cooling
Fresh Water and Pool Water
    Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative cooling – Fresh Water and Pool Conditioning

                                                            The Evaporative Pool Cooling System is designed
                                                            to cool the water at maximum solar radiation

                                                            The water is cooled down to a small approach
                                                            above the wet- bulb temperature

                                                            The wet-bulb temperature of the night is lower, so
                                                            that the water temperature can be reduced on a
                                                            refreshing level, even at extreme climatic

                                                            From November till April the cooling system is
                                                            taken out of service

                                                            Cooling Tower:
                                                            40 TR capacity
                                                            Keeps pool water below 30° C
                                                            Low investment and minimum operation cost

Evaporative cooling tower used for JA School-Pool cooling
Photovoltaic Installations

                             UAE Ministry of Interior
                             Desert shooting range:

                             Fully powered by PV system
                                    8.5 kW peak load
                                    50° C ambient temperature
                                    22° C inside building

                             UAE Ministry of Interior
                             Sila border UAE/Saudi Arabia and Mafraq
                             Traffic police ambulance station:

                             4.5 kW peak power
                             72 hour redundancy
Non-Electric Cooling by
 Absorption Chillers
Absorption Cooling – Non electric chillers
Absorption Cooling – schematic diagram
Solar assisted Absorption Cooling – schematic roof installation
Absorption Cooling – Broad gas-fired chiller
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