; Lost Ending
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Lost Ending

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									Final scene of Lost. Michael sits in Santa Rosa, painting a picture we can't see. Jack walks up to him. "And how are we doing today, Mr. Reyes?" "I want to see my son." "Mr. Reyes, you know your son died in a plane crash in 2004." "I want to see Walt!" "Michael, you know you can't do that!" Michael suddenly rolls back from his table, revealing himself to be in a wheelchair. "Don't tell me what I can't do! I wanna see my son! That is my right! That is a father's right!" "Nurse Catherine, Nurse Julia! Help me sedate this patient!" Juliet and Kate enter, and hold Michael still while Jack injects him with a sedative. "Waaaaaalt. ....Walt. wl. t." The camera moves over to reveal Michael's painting, a scene of Richard grappling with an angel with black smoke trailing off from it as they plummet into a volcano. We cut to a scene of Jack filling out forms in his office. He looks up to see Frank Lapidus enter. "Had to take Shepard's body as well, did you?" "Hello Jacob. It was clever of you to save as many as you could by merging the possible iterations, overlapping their identities into Hurley's mind." "He was always the clearest doorway." "You may have been right about one soul, but I was right about the rest. And there's no way any of them will ever remember, I'll see to it. No lessons learned, none coming out the wiser. No tangible enlightenment achieved." "You always see the forest brother, never the trees. It's not about learning. It's about living." "Well, seems like someone should do something badass to end the show--er, the game forever. What say you wSUDDENLY SMOKE MONSTERS, THOUSANDS OF THEM. Wisps of smoke flood in from every direction, and enshroud Jacob. He becomes smoke with them, and a doorway of smoke appears freestanding in the room. It becomes like ebony, and opens. Out springs Desmond, in gleaming armor and with robot eyes. "THE VARIABLE! CURSE YOU AND YOUR CONSTANT MEDDLING!" "Flashes before your eyes!" Desmond spoke, his voice reverberating as a god's would in the small office.

Lasers SHOOT out from Desmond's eyes, ripping into Jack's torso and making it glow like a cinder. Desmond bellowed, "All these folds of time shall be pulled taut. Let all that should not have been be undone. Universe, correct your course!" As he says this, Jack changes form as he writhes in agony. For a moment we see Jack's eye opening again in the jungle, but this flashes away in violet and we return to the office. We see alternate people waking up from alternate tragedies. Richard's eye opens as he lays amidst the beached Black Rock. The man in black appears, waking up in his village as a lava flow destroys it. Back in the office, we finally see the form of a pained John Locke appear. "Desmond, help me. Help me. I am plagued with demons!" "No John, you are the demons.





...brotha." LOST

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