Is Your Subprime Mortgage Lender A Predatory Lender

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Is Your Subprime Mortgage Lender A Predatory Lender By Carrie Reeder

Subprime lenders offer financing for people with low credit scores who don’t qualify for a conventional loan. Subprime financing can be offered through traditional mortgage lenders like banks, credit unions, or mortgage lenders. There are also specialized lenders who only deal with subprime mortgages. Predatory lenders charge high fees, write loans in vague terms, and structure payments so they can foreclose on property. Predatory lenders take advantage of people who do not know their rights in the lending process. Signs Of A Good Subprime Lender Good subprime lenders only charge slightly higher rates than conventional lenders. They will also fully disclose their rates and terms so you can make an informed choice. Good lenders follow all the same practices as a conventional lender – charging reasonable fees, answering all your questions, and making reasonable terms on prepayment. Signs Of A Predatory Lender Avoid lenders who charge high closing costs, excessive late fees, or large prepayment penalties. Such lenders are more interested in making large amounts of money than offering a service. Also watch out for lenders who try to lend more than your home’s value, forged documents, or refuse to disclose rates and terms. Strategies To Find The Right Lender Comparison shopping is the best way to find the right lender. Not only will you find the lowest rates, but you can be comfortable with your mortgage lender. Make sure you look at all the closing costs associated with the loan. Legitimate lenders charge a number of fees, including origination, application, attorney, and other fees. Through comparison shopping, you will quickly become familiar with them. However, if you see a list of unfamiliar items, make sure the lender isn’t trying to take advantage of you. You should only pay fees for actual services
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given. Keep checking your paperwork, even after you close the loan. Be on the look out for terms that weren’t disclosed prior to signing loan documents. According to federal law, you have three days after the loan’s closing to walk away. The lender may keep part of your application fee, but you get the rest of your cash back.

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Subprime Lenders: Find Financing With A Bad Credit History By Carrie Reeder

Subprime lenders finance high risk groups to enable them to buy a home. While you need to be aware of predatory lending practice, by researching lenders you can find a mortgage loan at a reasonable rate. Bad Credit Factors Before you sign up with a subprime lender, be sure that you truly have bad credit. There are five factors that determine your credit score: payment history, credit history, amount owed, types of credit, and new credit. Each of these factors are weighted differently, so a series of late payments on one account may be offset by low debt, no new credit inquires, and other factors. A FICO score less than 570 will require you to use a subprime lender. However, you may be able to still use a traditional mortgage lender by providing a large down payment, qualifying you for lower interest rates. Subprime Financing Versus Predatory Lenders Subprime lenders offer genuine financing so you can purchase your home and repay your loan. Predatory lenders seek to strip your home equity, charge excessive interest rate, and foreclose on your home. Predatory lenders will often list their site on public forums in an effort to lure unsuspecting victims. They will also make claims that they are the only ones who will lend to you or that they can fix all your credit problems. Also, beware of lenders that insist you work with a particular contractor or real estate agent.

Finding A Good Subprime Lender To find a good subprime lender, use an online mortgage broker who will give you quotes from several different lenders. Compare rates and fees to see which are the most reasonable. Also ask lenders if they are approved by HUD. With poor credit, you may qualify for government mortgage insurance. You should also determine what you can afford to pay monthly and not feel pressured to borrow more than that. If you are concerned about monthly payments, look at an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), which offers low interest rates initially. An ARM is also easier to qualify for. However, a fixed rate mortgage offers long term predictability on how much your monthly payments will be.

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