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Is Gold a Good Investment? By Trevor Shipp

There has been a lot of debate over the years as to whether or not gold is worth investing your money in. Some make the claim that it makes an excellent hedge against inflation; others might say that you can use it as a quick fix for some extra cash. And then there are some that invest in it when the economy is bad because they feel if everything crashes, at least their gold will still carry some value. So what is it? Is gold a good investment? Well- let's define "investment" first; really, it should be categorized into a couple of different perspectives. We either invest with a long term approach, or we invest with a short term, turn a quick profit approach. In this article, we'll explore both the short term and long term approaches to using gold as an investment. Before we consider the above, let's look at how gold has been performing throughout the years and use that data to consider the question. First, if we were to take all of the years that gold's worth has been calculated up to the present, we would find that gold has improved in value at about 2% annually. In the last 50 years, things have been a little bit better, as gold has been increasing at about 4% annually. So would it be a good long term investment? Doubt it... most good index funds (something that might follow the S&P 500, for example) have been increasing on average at 12% annually in those same years. Do your research- you'll find the same data. Here's another interesting thing: if you would have bought a bunch of gold back in 1983, you would have purchased it for roughly $510 per ounce. Thinking that it might be "a good hedge against inflation," you hold that investment for the next 20 years or so. By the end of 2005, if you were to have attempted to sell that same gold, you would have made literally NOTHING! That's right- in December of 2005, gold was being sold at $515 per ounce! If you take inflation running at about 3% into account, you'd have found that gold would have lost you a substantial amount of money. Is good a good investment? Considering the numbers, it wouldn't be good long term.
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How about gold as a short term investment? Currently, gold is being traded for roughly $875 per ounce! In the last several years, it's been increasing at an astounding rate! So now would be a good time to buy, right? Absolutely not! It's only been in the last few years that it's really gained any ground; if you look into history, anytime gold begins to look up, it ends up taking a hard fall. If you would have bought gold in the last couple of years, now might be a good time to sell it! But what about now? Should you buy it? Well... you decide. Typically, I like to buy low and sell high; don't we all? So... with gold being as high as it is, the worst decision you could make would be to buy it. Don't touch it! So, in short, is gold a good investment? Absolutely NOT! Stay away from it. | Trevor Shipp, the author, works as an online business consultant, student, husband, and business owner. Follow his personal finance blog and see how he and his family take finances by the horns and steer them to success.

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Are Gold Bars And Coins A Good Investment By Mark Woodcock

If the credit crunch is scaring you then you should think about the idea of investing in bullion. It shouldn't really need an economic crisis for you to start considering whatever you should start to trade in gold because gold is a historic winner under almost any conditions. Most people when they start to think about making investments in gold bullion think that investing in this way will offer a stable return against deflation/inflation. Reliable Source Of Income Gold is of course one of the oldest forms of financial exchange and it is also seen as a means to look good (with jewelry made from gold) and is highly decorative. But, what about gold bullion investment? You need to seek out reliable income sources especially since the present problems with the credit market. Given the fact that gold prices fluctuate up and down you can, by investing wisely in gold bullion, make money from the changing price but the risks are much lower than other commodities. An excuse for not using gold in your investment portfolio is usually down to gold prices changing regular. A stance that many investors take is to buy gold for the long term as gold usually increases over a long period. Another plus to investing in gold bullion is that gold bullion can be traded in all the five major world markets is always tradeable somewhere. After the US made it easier to trade gold bullion after dropping the gold standard. People who invested in bullion in the seventies have seen big rises in the value of their investment. Bullion markets operate almost virtually without actually ever physically holding the material. The British even created their own markets for gold bullion in some of their overseas colonies and such as Mumbai's Zaveri Market. With the current financial crisis happening all over the world, there are not many places left which would provide a sound investment. Property over a long period of time is also a popular investment, although it can be scary have such large amounts of money tied up. Having mentioned this, Gold bullion is still the best investment option for getting a return on your money. Whether you can invest a relatively low amount of money or have millions available, it is an excellent opportunity that has proven itself year on year.

Mark Woodcock is a webmaster of a number of different websites and has been a published author online for over 10+ years.

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