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IRS Tax Lien Attorney By William McConnaughy

An IRS tax lien attorney is a specialist who can help you get a lien removed. Liens can make life very difficult, because they appear on the credit report. An unresolved tax lien can prevent you from getting loans, conducting business or obtaining credit. It takes an expert IRS tax lien attorney who understands the laws and regulations to get a lien released before the debt has been settled. Financial Prison When a lien notice arrives in the mail, you can almost hear the clang of the prison door. But this prison is a financial prison that prevents you from doing many of the things other people don't think twice about. A tax lien can ruin your credit rating and prevent you from being able to obtain loans. Liens can severely impact the ability of someone to live a normal life. No one wants to loan money to a person who has a lien filed against their property. That makes it seem as if your property has no value, because as long as the lien is in place, property activity is severely restricted. You can't sell the property or borrow against it until the lien is removed. An IRS tax lien attorney can help you restore your financial credibility. A lien is a notice of an obligation secured by your property. The property doesn't actually transfer to the IRS, but is simply acting as collateral against your debt. A tax lien is recorded in the courthouse records for the world to find. You can expect to have a lien filed after you get a final notice of a tax debt due. It's better to prevent a lien from being filed by hiring a tax negotiator long before the account reaches this point. But many taxpayers believe they can handle the situation until they get the lien notice. Then it becomes abundantly clear that an IRS tax lien attorney is needed. Paroled and Pardoned If a lien puts you in a financial prison, the next step is seeking a parole or pardon. Figuratively speaking, a financial "parole" would involve a release of lien while still owing back income taxes. A pardon would be a release of lien because the debt is no longer owed. For example, a bankruptcy can clear past due taxes and result in a lien release. When you have a tax lien that's hurting your ability to function financially, an IRS tax lien attorney can
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
help you get a lien withdrawal. A lien can be removed when it's proven that it's in the best interest of the IRS and you. In other words, the lien removal will enable you to pay the debt quicker. It's really too bad it takes an IRS tax lien attorney to convince the IRS to be reasonable. But that's exactly what has to be accomplished. You don't have to accept a lien blindly, because there are options available.

William McConnaughy, CPA is a tax negotiation professional. He has experience working with people seeking tax relief and credit repair. For more information visit his site at .

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IRS Tax Lien Removal By William McConnaughy

IRS tax lien removal is possible even before the tax is paid. This is a fact that most people don't know, because they view the lien as being completely at the discretion of the IRS. But if the lien actually impedes the ability to pay taxes, a tax negotiator can get the lien removed. Please Release Me.... An IRS tax lien is like a weight around your neck. The lien is recorded on your credit report and becomes a big black mark against you. The ironic fact is that the lien can stop you from being able to borrow money so you can pay the tax. Getting an IRS tax lien removal can save you from this. What's also ironic is that many people only have their house or business left by the time a tax lien is placed on their assets. The house is the roof over their head and the business is a source of income. A lien gives the IRS the right to proceed with additional collection activities, but as the saying goes, you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip. An IRS tax lien removal is a liberating act. Once the lien is removed, you can borrow money, stop living in fear of the next collection step and get on with your life. Lien withdrawal is not something the IRS will volunteer to do though, which means you need to turn to a skilled IRS tax negotiator. Getting an IRS tax lien removed before the tax is paid or eliminated is possible, but not easy. When you talk to the IRS as a taxpayer owing taxes, you're negotiating from a weak position. Anytime you owe the IRS, the agency isn't going to budge when it comes to exercising their power to collect. The key to successful negotiation is sending in a negotiator that understands how the IRS operates. This changes the position of weakness to one of strength. ...Just Let Me Go... There are several reasons why an expert tax negotiator will be able to get an IRS tax lien removal. * Getting an IRS tax lien removal will actually help the IRS collect the tax * The lien was filed in error and or too quickly * There's a payment agreement in place which doesn't include a lien A professional tax negotiator can work with the IRS on your benefit and prove to the IRS that your lien fits under one of these conditions. Though it's hard to believe, the IRS often does not follow its own procedures which leaves the agency vulnerable. When a tax negotiator can show the IRS that the lien was filed inappropriately in violation of their own rules, you can be granted an IRS tax lien removal. It would be nice if taxpayers could approach the IRS and know that they would be treated fairly. But unfortunately that's a dream world. Though the IRS is not as vicious as it was before the Reform Act was passed, it's still the IRS. The IRS is all about collecting, and not forgiving, taxes.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
William McConnaughy, CPA is a tax negotiation professional. He has experience working with people seeking tax relief and credit repair. For more information visit his site at .

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