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IRS Debt Tax Attorney By William McConnaughy

You may think you don't need an IRS debt tax attorney at first, but it doesn't take long to find out that expert assistance is imperative. Anything connected with the Internal Revenue Service and past due taxes can become very complicated quickly. In fact, there are a lot of people who have failed to reach a reasonable agreement with the Internal Revenue Service because they didn't understand the rules, laws, regulations and procedures. No Amateurs Allowed Negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service can be a delicate process in many respects. The process of obtaining an "Offer In Compromise" is a perfect example. An Offer in Compromise is a statement that you create, telling the Internal Revenue Service what you think is a reasonable settlement amount in exchange for eliminating the total debt or closing the past due tax account upon payment. An Offer in Compromise sounds quite simple by definition, but the process is much more complicated than simply telling the Internal Revenue Service what you think is a fair and reasonable agreement. For one thing, you have to prove your offer makes sense in light of your financial condition. You also have to show how everyone benefits by the Internal Revenue Service accepting your offer. An Offer In Compromise is only accepted approximately 15% to 50% of the time (depending on which statistics you believe). That's really not very high odds. The best way to improve your chances of successfully coming to agreement with the Internal Revenue Service is by using the services of a lawyer. An attorney with an expertise in taxes is certified to work as a negotiator with the Internal Revenue Service and so begins the process from an advantage point the average taxpayer doesn't have. The Offer In Compromise filing can be complex which means you need an attorney that has experience and can prove success in a variety of tax cases. No two debt situations are alike and it takes knowledge of the laws and regulations to negotiate successfully. Navigating the System An IRS debt tax attorney knows and understands the current Internal Revenue Service taxation laws.
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But even beyond that an attorney specializing in tax negotiations stays current on taxation law changes. This is important when trying to deal with the Internal Revenue Service. There's another reason why you need an IRS debt tax attorney when filing an Offer in Compromise. The compromise process is very time consuming and requires frequent communication with the Internal Revenue Service. Most taxpayers are working middle class and can't take the required amount of time away from their jobs to meet over and over again with the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, staying current on laws for taxation is a job in and of itself. The Offer In Compromise is just one debt solution that's available to taxpayers. An attorney can review all of the possible solutions which can solve your Internal Revenue Service problems.

William McConnaughy, CPA is a tax negotiation professional. He has experience working with people seeking tax relief and credit repair. For more information visit his site at .

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How to Get Help With IRS Tax in Dallas By Seomul Evans

Nothing creates a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach like getting a letter from the IRS tax department Dallas saying that you owe them money. It can literally make you sick. There have been cases where the IRS has even driven people to suicide over debt that was not even theirs. If you find that you owe IRS tax in Dallas, there are options open to you. The first thing that you need to do is to take a deep breath and relax. The second is to gather up all of your information in your favor and call the IRS to see if you can work it out yourself. If all else fails, you can hire an IRS tax attorney in Dallas to help you with the problem. Getting the letter Most people would rather face anything else and are terrified of the IRS. Opening up the mail and finding out that you have been audited or owe the IRS tax Dallas a lot of money can strike fear in the mightiest of people. The IRS seems to be a giant conglomerate that can wreak havoc at will on anything it comes near. If they want your house, car, boat or paycheck, they can simply garnish it. Nobody looks forward to receiving a letter from the IRS saying that they owe money, especially when it is a great deal of money. In some cases, people have received letters from taxes that they filed 7 years ago saying that they owed a lot of money that included interest and penalties. Gathering the documents The IRS audits department in Dallas has to provide you with documentation if you do not have it. You have a right, under the Freedom of Information Act, to request copies of your tax return as well as tax returns that the IRS have filed on your behalf. You also have a right to get the IRS transcripts of your case. You can request that the IRS tax Dallas representative send these to you. They will most likely require your signature on the Freedom of Information Act. Once you have gathered the documents, you can look to see what type errors that they contain that is causing you to owe money. Bargaining with the IRS If it turns out that you do owe the IRS money, you can attempt to bargain with them. However, you stand a better chance of bargaining with the IRS tax department in Dallas when you have nothing to lose. If you are out of work and have no real assets, chances are the IRS will be more forgiving with your debt. If, however, you have a job and home as well as other tangible assets, the IRS audits department will be less inclined to reduce your debt unless you have an attorney who is representing you. How to find an IRS Tax Attorney in Dallas When you look for an attorney to help you with your IRS tax in Dallas, look for one that will charge you a flat rate rather than by the hour as it can be time consuming to resolve the problem. Before the IRS problems get to be too much for you, put them in the hands of an experienced tax attorney. Seomul Evans is a SEO services Expert and a copywriter for The Law Firm of Nick Nemeth, a Dallas Tax Attorney:

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