Investing in Old Gold Coins

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Gold coins are a favorite of coin collectors with an eye toward investment. Not only are golden coins lovely to behold, but they also have a value that is guaranteed, due to their precious metal content. Click here to know more

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Investing in Old Gold Coins By Jason Wilson

Everyone is looking to buy gold these days and as the value of the dollar falls the price of gold will continue to rise. People are looking for the security of having a physical commodity in their possession that will not only always have a monetary value but will most likely continue to rise over time. Investors are looking for bullion which is valued by its weight. Collectors are searching for things like old gold coins that not only have a high bullion value but carry a premium as a rarity. Certain coins are harder to come by than others and gold coin collectors and dealers are always on the lookout for the most highly prized old gold coins. These coins, also called numismatic or semi-numismatic, have values placed on them by several determining factors. The value of numismatics depend on metal value, perceived rarity, current demand, quality, market sentiment, general economic and other factors. Rarity is amongst the most important of these characteristics as if only a certain amount of coins exist, they will obviously fetch a higher premium. The condition of old gold coins is also very important because if a very rare coin like a Saint-Gaudens $20 piece is beat up to the point of being unrecognizable, it will be priced more closely to the spot price of gold than the same coin in perfect condition. Most collectors acquire these coins because of their beauty and craftsmanship. If a coin is beat up it has no value to a lot of people even though it would still attain market bullion value. Those looking to simply invest in gold will not have a large interest in numismatics as they are typically offered for much higher than spot price. When investing in bullion it is wise to hold on to the coins for at least 3-5 years. This timeframe is what experts consider an optimal range that will yield the highest returns. For numismatics the recommended holding period is a little longer due to the fact they carry a higher spread. Collectors and investors in these coins are encouraged to hold on to these types of gold coins for at least 5-10 years to overcome these spreads and realize potential profits. Another thing to consider when shopping for old gold coins is to be sure and watch out for counterfeits. It’s not that common of a practice but there definitely fakes out there. It’s hard to imagine anything worse than investing thousands of dollars into a rare coin and finding out it is aluminum.
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It’s for reasons like this and many more, that make researching a very important step, when investing in gold coins. Take the time to know what your goals are, who you are dealing with and the quality of the old gold coins that you are considering purchasing. A safe and reliable transaction by the right gold dealer will give you peace of mind and make you want to do further business with that company. Merit Financial is a leading dealer in gold coins, bullion, numismatics and precious metals since 1985. Find out more information by visiting the website or contact one of their brokers today at 1.866.PURE-GOLD.

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The Role Of Gold Bullion Coins In Your Portfolio By Dean Brown

Are Gold Bullion Coins Worth It? Today's world offers investors plenty of avenues for their money. Which ones are worth it and which ones just bring unnecessary risks with very low chances of profit? Many people have turned to buying gold bullion in order to improve their financial situations. We know gold has been around ever since man first started living in a society. Gold has grown together with mankind, or vice-versa, depending on how you want to look at it. Let’s have a look at the process of investing in gold bullion coins and at some of the factors related to such a financial placement. What Are Gold Bullion Coins? A gold bullion coin contains one ounce of pure gold. The quality or origin of the gold may differ, however, so make sure to only acquire gold bullions from respected companies that have dozens of years of tradition and trust. Here are some of the most popular and trustworthy gold bullion coins: the American Gold Eagle, the Australian Nugget, and the South African Krugerrand. Buy Gold Bullions! – Here Is The First Reason Why Listed gold bullion coins are internationally renown and recognized. When compared to gold bars, coins are much more versatile. You can travel to any part of the world and find a gold dealer who will exchange your bullion coins. Bars take longer to sell, as they need to be cleared and checked for accuracy and authenticity. Also gold coins are a lot easier to carry and store in a safe place. This feature becomes especially useful if you are storing gold inside your own home. Gold Bullion Coins Are Easily Divisible This option may not seem important at first, but it becomes really useful in some situations. If you just want to sell a small part of your gold reserve you can always just select a few coins, as compared to gold bars, which can only be sold whole. This increases the versatility of your gold reserve, as you will never have to worry about selling it all at once. You can also benefit from market forces. If the price of gold suddenly skyrockets you can sell a quarter or half of your bullion coins and still keep a safe quantity of the precious metal. Gold Bullions Are Safe I have saved the best for last. There is no more persuasive factor than the security offered by an investment. You can try to go with mutual funds, real estate investments, or overseas placement, but gold bullion remains one of the safest alternatives for your cash. If you are looking for spectacular investments and immediate profits, maybe gold bullion coins are not the answer for you. On the other hand, if you are trying to establish an investment that offers equilibrium and security, gold coins should be right on top of your list! They are probably the best method you can choose in order to protect your wealth in the unfortunate case of an international

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economic collapse. International financial problems are often brutally reflected in our everyday economy. Gold coins are almost immune to such incidents, as they have been for centuries. Even if many people associate gold bullion with pirate stories or fairytales, the fact is that investing in gold coins can make the difference between a smart and a risky financial position.

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