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How to Use Online Methods to Promote Offline Businesses By Fimi Arthur

When you hear the word “internet marketing―, you would normally assume that everything from transactions to communication, payments to refunds, and the like, all take place in the World Wide Web and nowhere else. This kind of trend has been going on for years now and to such extent that people from all over the world are actively buying and selling through internet marketing and all of its fields and categories in order to make a stable passive income online. But lately, especially with the use of outsource services and automation these days, there have been cases where people are able to make money offline but provide a particular kind of service that they would be interested in online. The offline factor points to the customers themselves, in which actual advertisements are being used to attract them to the sales page or website for more information. This idea is not only a great way to save up on costs for online services but can actually expand one’s business in both ways: Offline and online. If you’re pondering how to make use of offline method to promote online business, it’s actually very possible and is even slowly becoming the hottest internet marketing trend today. How so? Let’s look at it through an example: Because of the Recession Affecting the Globe, a lot of business owners (those who own actual establishments like restaurants and stores) are having a difficult time keeping their businesses running and are spending a lot of money on advertisements and agency services. They are especially looking for a website to promote their businesses online but are hindered in finishing the transaction by the Pricey charges most web designers are imposing on them. So you can just imagine how valuable you can actually be to these people if you provide them with all their needs for just a few hundred dollars a month. You just need a few essential tools to make use of offline method to Advertise online business: Knowledge on internet marketing (PPC, SEO, etc), outsource services, and good communication skills. If you’re able to pull all of these things off, you can already earn as much as $10,000 per month and not break much of a sweat. So what actually happens when the website is completed? The promotional pieces are still in place, but with the new website posted as well. Once customers see that there is a website and a few contact numbers, they would visit the website and read what the business is actually about. If interested, the customer can sign up in the mailing list and will receive email updates such as events and promos going on in the business, breaking open the opportunity of earning hundreds of dollars through a few emails alone. It is actually a very straightforward process and very possible to expand and grow, but it also takes good people skills and the ability to assure clients that they are being offered a greater deal than what
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the advertising companies and web designers are actually offering to them.

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Help Offline Businesses And Have A Profitable Home Income Opportunity By Lian Vaiphei

Off line businesses have a real need to create an online presence. You can help solve this need and start a home income opportunity by selling your Internet skills. There are four different ways you can add income to your home business helping offline businesses. 1. Many offline businesses still do not have a website of their own. What is interesting is that many of them know that having their own website would benefit their business greatly. However, many businesses do not know to get one for themselves. You could offer your skills in building a website or blog for them. All you need to do to find potential clients is look up in the yellow pages. You can find many such offline businesses who could do well promoting their services online. Fire off a short letter introducing yourself and offer them your service. 2. Another thing you will notice in the yellow pages is that some offline business do have a website of their own. If you take a closer look into their websites you'll find many areas where they can improve on making the website more visible. One thing you can look for is if those websites have a lead capture page. You will notice that many of them don't even have a lead capture page on their websites. This is another way you can quickly make money and help them solve a big need. Explain to them the importance of having a lead capture page and that they could be losing sales by not having a list. Offer your service in creating a capture form and set up a series of autoresponder messages for them.

3. Another way to start a home income opportunity is by selling your knowledge in search engine optimization. You will observe that many of the websites own by offline businesses are poorly optimized. Search engines are the best source of target web traffic. Offline businesses have a good chance of ranking well in the search engines by properly optimizing their websites. Search engine marketing is the best online promotion any business can expect. And, you can make money by selling your knowledge about search engine optimization. 4. You can also make money by offering your service to write contents for offline business websites. There are many websites who are behind on the content they need to keep their websites up to date.

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Many businesses would be willing to pay $4 to $5 for every blog article. Many offline businesses don't have the time to promote their services online because they are too busy marketing their business offline. You can offer your internet marketing skills to offline businesses and start a profitable home income opportunity.

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