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How To Take Advantage Of Rewards Credit Cards By Ed Vegliante

Want to save on travel, pick out free merchandise, or receive checks in the mail? These are just some of the bonuses companies offer through rewards credit cards. With a little planning, you can make the most of your rewards credit cards. How Rewards Credit Cards Work Companies offer a vast array of reward plans. Yet the basic principle of all rewards credit cards is the same: you receive “rewards” for using the cards. For cash back cards, companies offer a certain percentage, such as 1%, return on all of your purchases. So if you spend $2,500 with your credit card, you can expect a check for $25. Some companies include a higher percentage, such as 5%, in cash back for shopping at grocery stores and gas stations. This way you earn more cash for regular household purchases. Think about it: the $2,500 you spend could bring in a $125 check – just for shopping! Cash back cards are not the only type of rewards credit cards available; there are plenty of others to choose from. Some rewards credit cards offer a point system. You might receive one point for each dollar spent. You can then use your points to buy certain items. Others include rebates for gas purchases, discounts on hotels, and miles toward airline travel. Do Your Homework With so many options available for rewards credit cards, selecting a card can be a daunting task. To make sure you are taking full advantage of a rewards credit card, you first need to do some homework. Start by looking over your recent purchases. Do you always buy groceries at a certain store? Consider a credit card that offers a high percentage of cash back on grocery store purchases. Do you spend a lot on travel? If so, look into rewards credit cards that offer points toward free air travel. Do you have a long work commute? Rewards on a gas card will help you save on car travel. If straight-up cash is what you are after, a cash back rewards card can give you just that. Besides considering your spending habits, think about your reward preferences. Perhaps you do not usually travel, but dream of taking a vacation to Hawaii. Sign up for a rewards credit card with travel benefits. You can take that fantasy vacation as a result of the reward plan. The bottom line: study your - Bad Credit Loans Loans & credit cards for people with bad credit. Affiliates earn 75% from this extremely professional and high converting site! Page 1

Presented by Daniel Toriola
purchasing habits and lifestyle to find out which rewards credit card is right for you. Make it Advantageous While rewards credit cards offer great benefits, there are also potential drawbacks to consider. Some rewards credit cards include an annual fee or high interest rate. If you carry a large balance on your card, you may end up spending more on interest than you receive in benefits. However, if you use your credit card to make ordinary purchases, pay off the balance each month, or carry a low balance, then the rewards credit card can be very beneficial. Enjoy the Rewards By considering your spending habits and reward preferences, you can find the perfect credit card for your lifestyle. Apply for your rewards credit card today. Then start reaping the benefits. By next year, you could be flying for free – a great reward for using a credit card! Click here to find  Ed Vegliante runs, a directory helping consumers to compare and apply for credit cards.

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Reward Credit Card: Tips To Reward Your Wallet Not The Lender By Ann Wilson

Credit card holders love to obtain rewards credit cards. And why not? Rewards credit cards give bonuses and privilege to its members by simply using credit cards on their purchases. However, not all rewards credit cards are suitable for all types of people. Using the wrong types of credit cards can be more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage if not correctly used. Thus, as a consumer, you need to make sure that you'll get the one suitable to your needs and lifestyle. All rewards credit cards require its users to gather points in order to get a bonus or an incentive. Points are collected with each time the card holder makes a purchase using his credit card. Different credit cards give different points equivalent to every dollar of purchase. When the card holder has collected the minimum points needed, she can claim his bonus or reward. Credit card rewards come in different packages. There are credit cards that especially provide free travel privileges, gas rebates, cash rebates on purchases, cash back rewards, discounts, freebies and a combination of all these bonuses. Hence, you can select your preferred type of reward that you can most benefit with. An important reminder for rewards credit card holder is to select the card that matches their spending. For example, a frequent travel miles card may not be best for those who only use their credit cards once in awhile. It will usually take a huge number of mileage points before you can receive your travel reward. Thus, you may need to make a very large amount of purchase before you can collect the minimum number of mileage points required to travel. Those in business generally make large purchases so they can easily collect mileage points with a travel rewards credit card. On the other hand, for those who only use their credit cards for their personal needs can perhaps best benefit from a gas rewards credit card of a cash back rewards credit card. This is because these cards usually do not entail very large amounts of purchases before the card holder is able to redeem rewards.For instance, with a gas rewards credit card, you can get a 3% to 5% rebate on your gas purchases. Imagine how much money you'll be able to save in an entire month by adding up all the rebates you earn for this whole period. Also, some credit cards award 1% up to 10% rebates on all purchases while others use a point system to give rewards. There are credit cards that give 1 point for each dollar spent on your account while other card issuers give double points for each dollar.Obviously, you need to choose your rewards credit card very carefully. Don't forget to review all terms and conditions that apply to that specific rewards credit card you're applying for. Furthermore, bear in mind that the important thing with owning a credit card is to pay your balances on time. Otherwise, you may lose your privilege of redeeming your rewards and even worse, you can be facing bad credit in no time at all.

Ann Wilson is the head writer of This resource provides consumers with valuable reviews and information on the best credit card reward programs. Its main objective is to help people to take advantage of credit card rewards and start earning reward points. Visit for more info.

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