How to Short Gold by Going Long With Gold ETF's by toriola1


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How to Short Gold by Going Long With Gold ETF's By Chris Vermeulen

DZZ Double Gold ETN is a relatively new way to take advantage of gold price action. This gold fund provides double the movement that the GLD ETF or the price of gold does, providing bigger opportunities in the gold sector. I have just recently started to use DZZ ETN for trading and have found it to be very useful, which you will see in the charts below. A Couple of Benefits of the New DZZ Gold ETN The fact that it’s a leveraged fund provides more of an opportunity to the small investor, as they can have twice the amount of gold exposure without having to use margin, pay interest, and open a margin account. While trading with leverage is a two sided knife, if done properly, potential higher annual profits can be obtained. Another reason gold ETN’s are becoming popular is because they allow gold traders and investors to trade both sides of the gold sector within their 401k, IRA and for Canadian their RRSP accounts. Being able to take advantage of the short side during bear market conditions, can double your annual return on investment. Now let’s look at our current charts and see how this fund can be used. Gold Bugs Index – Monthly Gold Chart Breakdown As you can see on the monthly chart, the gold bugs index is breaking down below our support trend line. We could be entering a much larger consolidation phase or maybe even a bear market. It really does not matter, as we can take advantage of both sides of gold (long and short). The short side actually has more potential in my opinion, but most traders prefer to trade the long side as it’s what everyone learns first and feels comfortable with. Gold Miner Stocks Index – Weekly Chart Breakdown The gold miner stocks index has given us a breakdown, as well as showing that a short play is not fighting the current short term trend of gold. It is now testing support, which means short traders should tighten their stops to lock in more profits when gold decides to bounce.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Gold Bugs vs Gold Price – Weekly Gold Chart at Support Gold stocks are testing a support level, as they have declined in value against the price of gold, showing that a large number of investors have been scared out of their positions and thus forcing gold stocks down more than normal. DZZ Gold ETN – How to Short Gold by Going Long Recently we had a buy signal for the DZZ gold ETN, which has provided an excellent low risk setup near the end of July. Currently the trade is up over 28% in just 3 weeks. While we look for the same type of setup for going short, there is one important point to note. When trading GLD or any other stock, index or futures contract to the long side it’s important not to enter a setup with a steep vertical support trend line, as it generally will not continue for any length of time. But trading to the short side like this DZZ trade, the trend lines can be steeper, as prices generally drop much faster, thus pushing our Short Gold ETN fund higher. This is just one example of how to trade gold to the long and short side. Chris Vermeulen is Founder of the popular trading site There he shares his highly successful, low-risk trading method. For 6 years Chris has been a leader in teaching others to skillfully trade in gold, oil, and silver in both bull and bear markets.

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Buying Gold: Things To Look Out For... By Christine Loxley

The first rule when you are buying any type of gold jewelry is a simple one: make sure that the gold is hallmarked. Gold is stamped according to how pure it is as you can have 24K,22K,18K,14K,10K, and 9K. There are some instances where the hallmark comes in the form of a fraction to show the exact percentage of its purity. When looking into gold jewelry you need to look if there are the letters GP or EP anywhere on the piece of jewelry. GP stands for gold that is not pure gold but gold-plated. This is important because a piece of jewelry that you think is inexpensive can carry this insignia and it basically means that there is not much actual gold on the piece. EP means that the gold is electro-plated. If you run into someone selling gold where there is no marking on the gold at all assume the worst that it is goldtone which is not gold in any way but a metal which is golden in color. If the price of a gold piece of jewelry is too good to be true it probably is. There are many types of gold available at different prices just be aware of the different worth of each type of gold and then see if it is a good deal or not. You can not judge gold by its color. Even though with gold with a higher level of purity it will be brighter in color than a lower level purity gold. If you are looking into buying gold jewelry which is older if it is solid gold it should still not tarnish. If the piece is made from goldtone or is gold plated than it generally will show some sign of tarnishing. These are some little things to know about gold, but considering gold and gold jewelry can be expensive it can be wise to have a professional jeweler or metals expert look at a piece you will be buying to see if it is the read deal or just fool’s gold. Christine Loxley contributes to a site of articles and information.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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