How to Resubmit a Credit Dispute

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How to Resubmit a Credit Dispute By Joseph Feross

Just because you are turned down on a credit dispute with a credit bureau, it does not mean that you are at the end of the road. You still have options, and one of them is resubmitting the dispute. There are certain ways to handle this method of credit repair. Timing is important. If you send in a dispute at the beginning of doing your credit repair, you should wait about 60 days before you resubmit your dispute on that debt. You can probably see how the system would get thoroughly backed up if everyone sent in a new dispute on each item every week. That is why the law and the credit bureaus frown on this practice. It is perfectly fine to submit different disputes without these time constraints, however. The point is this: you do not have to wait 60 days after the dispute of one item to dispute a different item. You can work on separate credit repair issues individually, on their own timetables. Each individual negative mark on your credit should be addressed once every 60 days and no more. You need to use a different reason for your credit disputes each time you resubmit each one. Make a list of the reasons you are going to use for credit repair and go down the list with each disputed item. If one reason fails, go on to the next reason. If you try to use the same reason over again on any one debt, your inquiry will be considered frivolous. The credit bureau is not required to answer it. Make your credit repair letters clear and concise. People who hold down the desks at credit bureaus have little time to look at each dispute. If you make your story too long-winded, this person is likely to skim over the letter and deny it without really understanding it. If you can make it easy to read, the person will have a moment to consider your request seriously. Convey the feeling that your credit report is wrongly portraying you in an unfavorable light. You can make a lot more progress with credit repair when the credit bureau sees you as someone who has been treated unjustly. There is no need to whine, but it does not hurt to let them know that you do not understand why this is happening to you. One thing you should rarely do when you are trying to repair your credit with the credit bureaus is to be threatening. This only puts your credit repair on a difficult path and makes you look bad. You can accomplish more if you follow a well-thought-out strategy.
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When all else fails, be persistent. When you first start submitting your credit disputes, you may have no idea what is coming your way. Credit repair can throw some surprises at you. The best thing to do is to keep at it until the job is accomplished. There is always a way, even if that way may seem drastic at first. Disputing items on your credit report can be a long process. You may have to resubmit disputes several times. Do not make the mistakes of being too demanding. At the same time, it is important to always be persistent during credit repair. MSI Credit Solutions are leading experts in credit repair and provide amazing credit repair services. Visit MSI Credit at

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How to Fix Your Credit by Resubmitting Disputes By Joseph Feross

When you are working on credit repair, you can make a lot of progress by submitting your disputes to the credit bureaus. Unfortunately, these disputes are often denied the first time. There are several ways you can resubmit your disputes in order to fix your credit. The first thing you should always begin with is telling the credit bureau that the debt is not yours. If the debt belongs to someone else, or is a complete mistake on the part of the creditor, you will have excellent grounds for removal. Begin your credit repair by citing this reason that a debt should be taken off your credit report. Next, it is important to go back to your records and find out when you were on time with your payments. You can continue credit repair by asking the credit bureaus to reconsider your negative reports on the grounds that you were never late. This is a good reason to resubmit your request for attention to your matter. If you see a wrong amount on your credit report, you can resubmit the dispute. At first you might feel that you did not owe the debt at all. Then, it may become clear that the amount has just been recorded incorrectly. If you dispute the amount of the debt, the negative report might be taken off your credit report. This can always be a tool in credit repair. You might find accounts listed on your credit report that seem similar to ones you have. However, if you do your credit repair research well, you may find out that the account number is different. The creditor may be someone you have never heard of before. In either case, you can resubmit your dispute of the debt not being yours to a similar reason. In this case, that reason would be that the account number or creditor is wrong. When you have gone through all these steps, the credit bureau may still turn down your request to have the item removed. Look then to the last date of activity on the account. If this is wrong, then you have another reason to resubmit. Your credit repair may turn up evidence of someone fraudulently using an account with your name on it. This would prevent your being blamed. It is also important to work on your credit repair by checking on wrong balances and wrong credit limits. These factors indicate disputable debts. If you have not been able to get them off your credit report any other way, try this as a reason. One other reason you can give for resubmitting your dispute is if the wrong highest credit owed is listed. Since this is a part of the record, it should not be allowed to stand if it is incorrect. Your credit repair will not be complete as long as you have mistakes like this on your credit report. You can gain in the work of fixing your credit if you stick to your plan of resubmitting your disputes. Every time you get a negative response, you can wait a reasonable period of time and then submit another reason for the same dispute. This way, your credit repair will be successful in as short a time as possible. MSI Credit Solutions are leading experts in credit repair and provide amazing credit repair services.

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