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How To Reduce Business Card Design and Printing Costs By Josh Barkin

Business cards are a necessity for every business. Whether you are just starting out, own a franchise, or run a chain of highly successful stores, business cards communicate who you are, how to contact you, and their presentation can be indicative of the business you run. An up-to-date business card can communicate your business as current, progressive and ready to respond to customer needs.

Greater mobility has provided many advantages for businesses, but has resulted in the frequent change of contact information. Today's modern business person may change their cell phone number, email address, even their office location several times within a single year. While the marketing concepts behind business cards have not changed, the way in which people create and maintain their design has changed. Internet technologies have allowed people to quickly create their own business card design online, developing their ideas with easy-to-use templates, and through e-commerce, place a secure order for printing. Businesses no longer need to incur costly graphic design and printing setup fees. In just a matter of minutes, one can enter their contact information, select full color images that reflect one's profession and industry, and then customize a business card layout template to make the card their own. Further, proofing a business card design has become a real-time and streamlined process. Tracking tools allow you to follow your printing order through the entire process, from design to delivery. In short, what typically would cost thousands of dollars from design to delivery and everything in between, now only costs a couple of hundred dollars, or less. High quality, custom business cards can now be designed, printed and delivered in a matter of hours. Changing your business card from time to time is no longer an administrative burden. It is a process that reflects the way you run your business. It is a process that reflects your mobility, flexibility, while at the same time helping your business realize time and cost savings. To develop your free business card design online, try Professor Print's free business card maker at and find an image that reflects your area of business at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
How To Design And Print Your Own Business Cards By Garry Neale

If you have the right computer software it's not difficult to design your own free business cards - it's really quite simple. No matter what program you use, the basic steps to carry out business card printing are essentially the same. The first thing you have to do is create a workspace. This involves setting the size of the card - most people set it to what the final size of the card is going to be - 85mm x 55mm, but you can set it to another size for the design process (A4) and then change it later, if you prefer. With your blank page, use a box drawing tool to create the outline of the card and give the box a border stroke. Now you have to set up guides for the margins. A 5mm margin is your best bet, as anything that bleeds over the edge later on will be covered. Zoom in on the card so you can see better, and adjust the ruler at the top left corner of the card. This positions the card in the right place. Drag a guide to the 5mm position and the 80mm position, and do the same thing on the vertical, except put the latter at the 50mm position. The area you have shaded is where you're going to work on the card and where you have to insert the different elements of your business card design. If you have a company logo all ready to go, import it now, but make sure you have the logo in the right format for printing. With free business cards that you make yourself, it's important that the printing comes out properly. Now you can add your personal details. Bleeds have to be added at this point to avoid problems with business card printing on a larger scale. If you plan to replicate your business card design hundreds of times, bleeding has the potential to occur on the edges of the cards. Bleeds allow you to stretch artwork or graphics on the card by 3mm so that cutting after the printing process doesn't result in unsightly problems. Sometimes inaccuracies in the cutting of the cards results in bleeding, which has an unprofessional look, so it's best to avoid it if at all possible. When it comes time to print the free business cards, you have several choices. You can purchase business card printing and have a printing company take your design and print it, or you can print the cards yourself at home. The latter option may prove rather expensive due to paper costs and the amount of time it takes to do all the printing, but it works if you only need to print a small amount of cards. If you require a large batch, however, buying business card printing services for your business card design is probably the most cost effective way to get your free business cards ready for dispersal. Business card design is pretty straightforward even if you don't possess a lot of artistic ability. Anyone can do it, as long as you have a computer and some basic knowledge of business cards and how they are put together. Of course, you can use a business card template if you really need help. Business card templates make the entire process very easy because all you have to do is use the template as a basic starting point and then fill it in with your company's information and logo. This is a good option for those who don't have a clue where to begin with business card design, and would like to put something together that is aesthetically pleasing and conveys the right information. To learn more about creating your own business cards, check out the Business Card Web Site @

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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