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									Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation

Overview and Experience


ascade Environmental Services is an Environmental Compliance firm specializing in preventive and crises compliance for hazardous materials and waste. Under this task, we specialize in the accurate recognition, evaluation, and control of occupational and environmental health related issues as well as environmental compliance statutes. Founded in 1995, the company established itself as a leader in hazardous materials management effectively servicing a diverse group of private and public sector clients. Our number one policy is to provide the client with cost-effect services tailored to the needs of each specific project. Our number one goal is safety and providing each client with unequaled services at cost competitive rates. ith complete in-house resources to assist our clients with any or all aspects of site investigations and removal of hazardous materials, we are considered as one of the top environmental compliance hazardous materials management and abatement firms in Alaska. Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:       Asbestos Management and Removal Lead-Based Paint Management and Removal PCB Removal Toxic Metals Removal Site Assessments RCRA Services or over fifteen years, our Project Managers have helped industrial companies, private organizations, and government agencies save money and reduce liabilities as you, the client, manage new and constantly changing environmental compliance issues. ur multidisciplinary staff consists of accredited abatement, demolition, and safety experts who all have hands-on experience assisting many Pacific Northwest Corporations and Government Agencies.



ll of our employees have received extensive training in environmental health and safety with additional emphasis on compliance. We are well known throughout the industry for our high level of theoretical and academic environmental research and investigation of recognized and unrecognized environmental hazards. Our company has established a professional reputation of reliability through administrative, statistical; preventive and corrective actions; team efforts between technicians, professionals, and management. The staff of Cascade Environmental Services brings a strong background of knowledge and experience to their positions and will be kept current in their fields through education and training as necessary. This includes courses, seminars, workshops and annual safety upgrades, and on the job training.


y working in concert toward common goals with our clients, Cascade Environmental Services has demonstrated its effectiveness in orchestrating the environmental compliance industry’s future. The impressive achievements of our company are having a profound effect on how we do

CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc. Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation
business today and tomorrow. ascade Environmental’s diverse agenda of initiatives reflects the evolutionary nature of our business and our company’s commitment to lead the environmental compliance industry. As we’ve seen in the past decade, change is inevitable. However, the significant variable in the process of change is leadership. With the ongoing support of our staff, we will continue to demonstrate the leadership needed to manage the effects of change. It’s through leadership that Cascade Environmental Services can advance the interests and improve the business conditions for the environmental compliance industry,


trategic advocacy require considerable effort, methodical planning, and near incalculable hours to implement. Nevertheless, our programs are one of the best investments for clients and Cascade Environmental Services is committed to it. To be fully effective, our company programs also demand the wholehearted support of each staff member.

Corporate Mission Statement
It is the policy of Cascade Environmental that work performed under RCRA, OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, and indicative state requirements are of acceptable quality. It is the intention of Cascade Environmental Services to provide each client quality service through application of accuracy, precision, and completeness. EMPLOYMENT POLICY: It is also a policy of Cascade Environmental to hire, train and promote local and minority employees and subcontractors. This policy is accomplished by referring any project opening to the local human resource agency and direct advertising in local post-office where project shall be performed. North Slope Borough- UIC Human Resources- Evelyn Donavan- 907-852-4460 - North Slope Apprenticeship- Michael Hirt- 907-852-0482 south-central Alaska- Alaskans People- Mr. John Rine- 907-263-7014 Southeast Alaska- Sitka Tribes of Alaska- Dan Marino-907-7473207 Statewide- Alaska Laborers Union- Blake Johnson- 907-272-4571 Subcontracting with Small and Minority Firms, Women’s Business Enterprise, and Labor Surplus Area (a) Placing qualified small and minority businesses and women’s business enterprises on solicitation list: (b) Ensuring that small and minority businesses and women’s business enterprises are solicited whenever they are potential sources. (c) Dividing total requirements, when economically feasible, into smaller tasks or quantities to permit maximum participation by small and minority businesses and women’s business enterprises.

Corporate Ethics
CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc. Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation
 Practice health and safety following recognized scientific principles with the realization that the lives, health and well being of both employees and clients may depend upon professional judgment that are obligated to protect the health and well-being of people.  Counsel affected parities factually regarding potential health risks and precautions necessary to avoid adverse health effects.  Keep confidential personal and business information obtained during the exercise of abatement activities, except where required by law or overriding health and safety considerations.  Avoid circumstances where a compromise of professional judgment or conflict of interest may arise.  Perform hazardous materials management and abatement services only in the areas of assigned competence.  Act responsibly to uphold the integrity of the abatement profession and the industry.

Corporate Personnel Training Doctrine

Before assignment to a project all Cascade Employees must be trained by an Alaska State Certified school, undergo a Doctors medical evaluation, have a rigid physical and be fit tested for a respirator, depending on the type of work to be performed. Cascades medical surveillance program requires each employee to have an annual medical update. This annual medical update shall include a history of disease, chest x-ray, pulmonary function test and a letter from the doctor authorizing the use of a respirator. On the job training shall include explanation of our safety program, written hazardous communication program and the respirator plan. The hazardous communication program explains the dangers of chemicals used on the project and the respirator plan explains the use, cleaning, protection and storage of the respirator.

CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc. Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation

General Services
Hazardous Waste Assessments and Remediation
CASCADE Environmental helps you identify, design and implement permanent cleanup solutions that minimize your costs while winning agency approval. Our staff has experience with many hazardous waste site projects, dealing with RCRA and state regulations. Our strength is in offering practical, yet innovative results. We specialize in site characterization and removal using geotechnical techniques, unbiased technical evaluation, construction design and management, and implementation of permanent solutions through cost-effective techniques. Cascade Environmental has the experience and skills to assess and remediate hazardous waste projects.

Compliance Remediation Consulting Services
CASCADE Environmental provides occupational and environmental compliance remediation consulting services to help clients assess and reduce potential liabilities and risks as well as complies with Department of Environmental regulations. Our Project Managers can help you resolve problems related to product liability, toxic torts and other contamination issues.

Environmental Management
CASCADE Environmental has helped many companies implement new proactive programs in areas such as compliance auditing, training, and hazardous materials management to reduce their risk and liabilities

Corp Staff
        Project Managers Asbestos Abatement Supervisors/Workers AHERA Project Designers AHERA Building Inspectors AHERA Management Planner Lead Abatement Supervisors/Workers RCRA SUPERVISORS RCRA Hazardous Waste Technicians       Contaminated Soil Remediation Health & Safety UST Tank Installers UST Decommissions UST Tightness Test Engineers

CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc.
Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation

Key Personnel

Summarized list of Key Personnel, their history, years of experience, representative projects, and Company responsibilities.

Dennis L. Ward, CEO, Director
Mr. Ward is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations and has over 17 years of technical and managerial experience in the fields of Environmental Compliance, asbestos/lead management and abatement, and contaminated soil remediation. Mr. Ward joined Cascade Environmental Services in 1998 to serve as a Project Manager and headed most of the field operations conducted by the company. Upon the passing of Cascade’s founder, Henry (Hank) Williams in 2007, Mr. Ward became the majority owner and CEO of Cascade Environmental Services. Prior to joining Cascade Environmental Mr. Ward served 21 years in the Department of Defense, United States Army as an Environmental Program Manager. Tasks included environmental program development and implementation of areas in health and safety, hazardous waste management, and asbestos. By company designation, Mr. Ward assumes the responsibility for ensuring the success of the overall operation of the company. He therefore has the primary responsibility for implementing and managing the requirement of the company agendas. In addition, the overall success of the company’s growth and expansion, as well as the particular selection and grooming of the staff members can be attributed to Mr. Ward. Mr. Ward also acts as liaison between the company and its clients, assuring the clients’ requirements are well defined, understood, and communicated to all company staff members assigned to the clients’ project.

Ripper Ward, Chief Estimator / AHERA Building Inspector
Mr. Ward is a Project Manager with over 4 years experience in conducting environmental site investigation and oversight. Mr. Ward joined Cascade Environmental Services in 2005 to serve as an Abatement Project Manager and an EPA accredited Building Inspector. Prior to joining Cascade Environmental Mr. Ward served 4 years in the Department of Defense, United States Navy as an Information Systems Technician. He is extremely familiar with the standard operating procedures required for managing and processing asbestos hazards in commercial and residential structures. Tasks include Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) characterization and regulatory compliance management.

CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc.
Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation
Currently, Mr. Ward serves as the Environmental Compliance Administrator within the company. By company designation, Rip Ward assumes the responsibility of managing field operations for the company. His major task includes the establishment of operating procedures, field quality assurance, and methodologies applicable to performing remediation, abatement and environmental compliance field services to meet the need of the client. Mr. Ward also coordinates work schedules of staff as well as ensuring each member is properly educated and trained in the related field of activities to be performed. Mr. Ward's area of specialization includes performing project over site and project management of hazardous material site remediation. Mr. Ward designs and reviews project specifications pertaining to hazardous waste remediation and chemical hazard safety. His duties include, but are not limited to the following:  Establishing programs that are designed to high standard field operations for staff;  Determining whether ACBM is present in a building and assessing the physical characteristics of the ACBM within the building.  Establishing programs that are designed to meet health, safety, and environmental documentation and analytical requirements, including litigation requirements;  Providing detailed direction for field operations, field sampling and analysis, and related data;  Providing detailed procedures toward abatement and remediation for technical support necessary to provide consistent quality information, documentation, and data;  Assuring that all company resources are adequately allocated to specific projects and that sufficient staffing, equipment, and support are provided to meet the clients’ needs;  Performing overall technical operations; and  Assuring that quality control recommendations and corrective actions are implemented within the assigned projects.

Mark Spafford, P.E., Environmental Engineer
Mr. Spafford provides the engineering services and support within the company. Mr. Spafford has over 10 years of diverse experience in the field of civil and environmental engineering. Mr. Spafford’s experience in contaminated site investigation and remediation has ranged from initial site assessment activities through full-scale remedial system design and start-up. Mr. Spafford’s duties with the company include the following activities:  Evaluate and implement cost effective remedial solutions for impacted soil and groundwater’s;  Responsible for alternatives evaluation and testing for remediation activities;  Preparation of engineering reports and studies related to site assessment, corrective measures studies and remedial action plans;  Evaluate feasibility and implementability of remedial technologies including conventional (i.e. excavation) as well as in-situ and innovative remedial approaches including soil vapor extraction, CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc.
Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation
bioventing, air sparging, biosparging, in-situ anaerobic bioremediation, and groundwater recirculation wells;  Scope, manage and implement field operations consisting of materials testing, sample material collection; and,  Preparation of engineering plans and specifications, design calculation packages and providing general engineering support on an as-needed basis to support field operations. Mr. Spafford is a registered professional engineer in the states of Alaska and Florida.

Asbestos and Lead Abatement Programs
Summarized list of asbestos and lead abatement capabilities for general and construction industries (big and small scale).


or your asbestos and lead management problems and needs, Cascade Environmental provides solutions based on extensive knowledge and experience. Our staff of Environmental Specialists routinely performs and solves asbestos and lead-related problems. All of our asbestos and lead abatement programs are supplemented by asbestos specialists who are AHERA-accredited Building Inspectors, Management Planners, Project Designers, and Abatement Supervisors; and by lead specialists who are EPA accredited Lead Inspectors and Lead Health Risk Assessors. The types of services includes, but are not limited to the following:

Asbestos and Lead Surveys and Exposure Assessments
When asbestos and lead-containing materials are known to exist in your facility, Cascade Environmental’s specialists determine the extent of a potential hazard to occupants and conduct measurements using the most up-to-date procedures to assess the actual exposure from airborne fibers and lead aerosols. Results of these surveys give management the risk reduction information needed to make knowledgeable decisions. As part of our property transfer assessments, Cascade Environmental has conducted fast-track asbestos surveys on numerous buildings within the Pacific Rim area, and prepared detailed reports on any potential liabilities.

Inspections to Identify Asbestos and Lead Containing Materials
Cascade Environmental provides the objectivity of a confidential third-party investigation when we conduct asbestos and lead inspections. We design inspection protocols to meet your specific needs, ranging from limited to comprehensive asbestos and lead identification surveys. Together, with bulk sampling, we prepare reports that accurately quantify the nature and extent of asbestos and lead-containing materials and identify their location on building floor plans.

CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc.
Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation

Asbestos and Lead Abatement
During the abatement process, Cascade Environmental’s Competent Person oversees the project every step of the way. He serves as your representative to see that all requirements of the abatement are met and that the control measures are functioning as planned. This includes air aggressive personal and area air monitoring to document the effectiveness of required work procedures. For example, after a storm severely damaged a pulp mill, Cascade Environmental dispatched an on-site team to implement abatement and cleanup, monitor fiber and lead dust dispersion, and ensure the plant's employee's safety.

RCRA Hazardous Waste Programs
Summarized list of hazardous waste capabilities for general and construction industries (big and small scale).


or your Hazardous waste management problems and needs, Cascade Environmental provides solutions based on extensive knowledge and experience. Our staff of Environmental Specialists routinely performs RCRA services to suit your needs. RCRA specialists who are HAZWOPER certified and trained to exceed the requirements in the Federal regulations supplement all of our hazardous waste programs. The types of services includes but are not limited to the following:  Hazardous waste characterization  Inspections to identify compliance with 40 CFR  Preparation of Waste Management/Spill Plans  Container Marking/Management  Sampling and Analysis  Waste Manifest and Disposal  Emergency spill response  Waste Management software development

Contaminated Soil

CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc.
Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation
Cascade has available- Three (3) portable petroleum soil remediation plants in Alaska. Plants are located in Anchorage, King Salmon and Kotzebue. These rotary kiln, diesel fired plants are small enough for transporting by Herc & Caribou planes or by road or barge. Plants can be set up and be in operation within ½ day and remediates soil at a rate of 5 tph. Plants have proven successful for small quantities of soil remediation in Alaska’s Bush communities for tank removal and oil spills.

Diversified Clientele Listing and Associated Projects
Summarized list of relevant Remediation and Abatement Projects within the last two years. Projects identified include type of work; role of Cascade Environmental; project name; Project Manager; client name; and project Value

Asbestos Abatement
Sitka, Alaska – Office- Rory Parrish Mgr. Project Name Number Reference Cost 74,500. 325,650. 193,000. 65,400. 231,000

Searhc Hospital – West wing

Kanaq’iq Const. (907-333-3113)

Alaska Pulp Mill (Demo)-Iconco Const- (510-261-1900) Mt. View Renovations-AHFC 007-05-028-F&W Const-(907-248-3666) Searhc Hospital-99170-Dawson Const-(360-734-8130) Baranof School—McGraw Construction- (907-747-3650)

Anchorage –Office- Dennis Ward Mgr. Project Name Number Reference Cost 4,400,000 232,065 80,000.

AIA/ Relocation contract D- DOT/PF-53937-Jenssen Const-(907-276-2737) Baxter School-A90002575- Matrix General- (907-349-4942) Cape Newenham- Pac/Com-(907-333-9655) CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc.
Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation
No. Slope Borough Housing-Cascade-5200 8-plex-(907-852-2611) No. Slope Borough Housing-Cascade-12 plex- (907-852-2611) Central School- Gamble Const. – (907-349-7636) 195,300. 206,018 176,200.

Lead Abatement
Project Name Corp of Engineers-Demo/disposal 120 dia. X 32’ high AST-Asb./Lead coating tank located at Mt. Edgecumbe power plant-- Knik Const 892-8541 Cost 84,000

Alaska Pulp mill (Demo/disposal) scraping of bituminous coatings from 325,650 large digester Tanks. Iconco Const 510-261-1900 Cape Newenham-International Steel- F65501-00-C00 (907)-272-2600 Removal of lead base paint from steel structure of Tram-way building SheeAtika Housing – Disposal lead contaminated Ash. 76,000 44,000

Soil Remediation
Project Name FAA-(NOME) DTFA-04-95-R-10003- Lillian Demoski- (907-271-5862) U.S. Fish/Wildlife-FWS-1448-70181-8007-Sheri Dela-Silva (907-786-3542) ADEC-State Alaska- (Notak Hatchery)(907-269-7542) Cost 81,250.00 49,000.00 131,000. 11,500. 70,000. 130,000.

City of Whittier (Ray Spangler)907-472-2317 U.S. Fish/Wildlife-FWS3542) Nelbro Cannery Sheri Della-Silva (907) 786Platt Enviro- Regina Williams (907) 246-7930

CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc.
Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

Statement of Qualifications Environmental Compliance Management and Remediation

Sitka National Park 1443PX991096293-Teri Hudgins- (907-257-2607) U.S. Coast Guard -DCTC87-97-P-6XA036-Mark Ridgeway- (907-786-3436)

13,400. 88,393.

Corp of Engineers-(Knik Const) Indefinite Quantity 2 year contract with Superintendent over 60 underground storage tank removals- Statewide Alaska-

Corporate Quality Assurance Doctrine for Field Work

Cascade Environmental services are based on rigorous Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs and procedures. This commitment to quality is your assurance of the field services we provide is known and supportable quality. Our programs assure the reliability of work performed. We base the strength of our quality Control and Quality Assurance programs under the following proven guidelines:  Established independent and outside audits of the entire services and agenda on a periodic basis;  Developed QA/QC methodologies capable of meeting the clients need for detailed services;  Validated work procedures as necessary to comply with performance standards;  Characterized field performance levels; and  Ensured all staff members meet established performance levels set by the QA/QC Director. The authority and responsibility for directing QA/QC activities with Cascade Environmental Services is delegated to each staff member and is overseen by the CEO. All Cascade Environmental Services personnel assigned to perform field tasks affecting or relating to environmental remediation or abatement shall have education, training, and experience commensurate with responsibilities and duties. The specific training and experience are documented in individual training files. Documentation of training and qualification is in accordance our company’s SOP, Record of Training. Cascade Environmental personnel are required to read and receive training before being given the responsibility of performing field duties. Periodically, internal audits are performed to include reviewing training files to assurance compliance. Project Managers are responsible to assure that new personnel are oriented to the Cascade Environmental Services Quality Assurance Programs and QA policy and procedures.

CASCADE Environmental Services, Inc.
Leaders of Remediation and Abatement in the 21st Century

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