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									            How to Search Medline

            Medline is the United States National Library of Medicine's (NLM®) premier
            biomedical database, including the provision of information from the following
            fields: medicine, nursing, sports medicine, veterinary medicine, allied health, and
            preclinical sciences

            This guide introduces you to the main processes in searching the Medline
            database (demonstrating an example search for articles on ‘health promotion for
            obesity in teenagers’)

            How to Access Medline
            ♦ Go to the Learning Resources homepage ( and select
              Electronic Resources

            ♦ Click on the Databases option

            ♦ Click on ‘M’ / scroll down the alphabetical list of databases and then click on Medline

            ♦ Click on the link for Medline to take you to the database

            ♦ If you are ‘off campus’ you will need to click on Go to the Middlesex University
               login page

            ♦ When logging-on via the University’s Electronic Resources Login Page for the first
              time on a Computer you will need to click on the provided link in order to set up an
              ‘Institutional Cookie’

            ♦ Log-in with your Electronic Resources Username and Password (for further
               guidance refer to the helpsheet on Athens: Accessing Electronic Resources)

            September 2008                                                         Learning Resources
   Planning Your Search Terms When Using Medline

   Medline works best if you break your search down into different concepts

   For example, a search on the ‘health promotion for obesity in teenagers’ may involve

   ♦ A Search for health promotion or health education (In the first search box)

      Search Tip: To ensure that your search is comprehensive, include alternative terms
      and combine them with ‘or’ (e.g. health promotion or health education)

                             *                *
   ♦ And a Search for obes or overweight (in the second search box)

      Search Tip: The use of an    * at then end of the search term ensures that your search
      includes alternative terms with the same stem (e.g. obes* will include obese, obesity

   Main Search Page / Advanced Search

                                             2.       Type in your search terms (using separate
                                                      search boxes for separate concepts)

                                                                         4.    Click on ‘Search’

1. Click on ‘Advanced Search’

                                                                          3.   Select the limits
                                                                               (e.g. date range,
                                                                               language     and
                                                                               age group) that
                                                                               you require

                                                           The Search Results will be
                                                           displayed just below your
                                                           search (click on the link for
                                                           the full reference including
                                                           an abstract)

                                                                    If required, click on
The Search Results
                                                                    ‘Search Options’ or
can be narrowed
                                                                    use     the    options
using the following
                                                                    provided above, in
                                                                    order to refine the
                                                                    limits on your search

Accessing The Full Text Of The Journal Articles

          Clicking on the following links provided with each reference will:

  Search for the journal                                   Check     the   Library’s
  using    the   Library                                   online holdings for the
  Catalogue                                                journal article

Linked Full Text

                                             Some references will also provide
                                             a ‘PDF Full Text’ link directly to
                                             the full text of the article

Saving, E-Mailing and Printing Results

                             Click on ‘Add to folder’
                             to select a reference

                                                                 References in your
                                                                 folder will then be
                                                                 indicated to the right
                                                                 of your search results

                                                        Click on ‘Folder View’ to see
                                                        your selected references

    Folder View / Contents

                                        2.    Click on the relevant
                                              icon to print, e-mail or
                                              save the reference(s)

1. Select the reference(s) that
   you require (or ‘Select all’

    Inter Library / Campus Loans Service

    If a journal is not held by your Campus Library or by any of the Middlesex Campus
    Libraries it may be possible to request a photocopy of the article from another Campus /
    institution via our Inter Campus / Library Loans Services (Further information is available

    Please contact me if you require any further assistance with this database

    Jamie Halstead
    Liaison Librarian for Health (Hendon Campus)
    Tel      020 8411 5991



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