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					Online Advertising Rate Card                      Contact Sales on: 020 8398 6775

        In total, in 2007, 2,404,007 new cars were registered -           Compare Contract
        these registrations were split into three sectors shown below.    marketing strategy includes
        There were also 337,741 light commercial vans registered           Constant search engine marketing strategy via top SEO
        in 2007.                                                           consultant with proven history, using ALT tags, URL
        Many of these vehicles were funded either by contract hire         re-writing and link management.
        or personal contract hire.
                                                                           Primary search terms include:
        Surveys suggest that 85% of businesses and consumers               Contract Hire, Car Leasing, Van Leasing, Personal Car
        already research online before buying.                             Leasing, Vehicle Leasing etc.
        This new, unique site allows a user to quote a vehicle of their    Monthly pay per click advertising campaign on Google
        choice, on their contract terms and obtain comparison              on chosen keywords.
        rentals direct from the finance partners or just search
        for a special offer.                                               PR campaign and ongoing editorial coverage in all
                                                                           related press.
        Online Advertising can generate sales, create brand
        awareness and drive traffic to your site.                          Selected advertising in targeted media.

      Sectors       Business car registrations for businesses less than 25 vehicles*       163,389
                    Fleet car registrations for businesses greater than 25 vehicles*     1,194,811       * source: SMMT
                                                                                                         (Society of Motor
                    Private car registrations for the personal market*                   1,045,807
                                                                                                         Manufacturers & Traders)

                                                     MARKET CONTEXT
Online Advertising Rate Card                         Contact Sales on: 020 8398 6775

 Ad type     Banner                     Skyscraper                    Square Button                   Middle page unit (MPU)
                                                                                                      Manufacturer Model
                                                                                                      Launch (Car or Van)

 Features    Unique primary position    Largest size available for    Positioned next to editorial,   Home page only. Create instant
             Top of page guaranteed.    display advert.               quote engine or special         brand awareness for your new
             Specify page ie Home,      Suits images or logos.        offers page. Right hand or      model.
             Quote Engine, Special                                    left hand side of page
             Offers etc.                                              available.

 Cost Per
             £850 plus VAT              £750/£1000/£1250 plus VAT     £500 plus VAT                   £750 plus VAT

 Size                                   125 x 260/395/530 pixels
             468 x 60 pixels                                          125 x 125 pixels                225 x 225 pixels
                                        (120 x 600 pixels accepted)

 File Size   Max size 30KB              Max size 30KB                 Max size 30KB                   Max size 30KB

 Formats     GIF, JPG & FLASH           GIF, JPG & FLASH              GIF, JPG & FLASH                GIF, JPG & FLASH

                                       ADVERTISING OPTIONS AND POSITIONS
Online Advertising Rate Card           Contact Sales on: 020 8398 6775                              Banner
         Quote Online - Deal Direct                                                   Advert sizes
                                                                                      468 x 60 pixels landscape

     Square                                                                           Square Button:
                                                                                      125 x 125 pixels square

     Square                                                        scraper            Skyscraper Options:
     Button                                                                           125 x 260 pixels portrait
                                                                                      125 x 395 pixels portrait
                                                                                      125 x 530 pixels portrait
                              Mid Page           Mid Page                             Mid Page Unit:
                                Unit               Unit                               225 x 225 pixels square
     Square                                                        Square
     Button                  Model Launch       Model Launch       Button             Home page only - reserved for
                              Car or Van         Car or Van                           Manufacturer Model launch
                                                                                       (Car or Van). Includes link to
                                                                                      dedicated page for model
     Square                                                        Square             review and pictures.
     Button                                                        Button
                                                                                      Contact Sales on:
                                                                                      020 8398 6775

                                            PAGE POSITIONS FOR ADVERTS
Online Advertising Rate Card                               Contact Sales on: 020 8398 6775


         White creatives           All white and light-coloured creatives must have a dark one-pixel border.
         Click throughs            All ads must click into a new browser window.
         Browser compliance        Ads are delivered to all versions of IE and Firefox.
         Rich Media for Flash      Expandable creatives are not accepted.
         Testing                   All creatives are subject to final editorial approval and subject to testing.
         Flash                     We accept Adobe Flash .swf files suitable for Flash Player 9.
         Technical contacts        We need the name of a technical contact at your end.
         Lead time                 Please allow 2 days lead time for gifs and 5 days for all other creative.
         Sound                     Sound is not accepted without prior arrangement.
         Misleading ads            We will not carry any form of advertising that is deemed to be illegal, misleading or confusing.

 reserves the right to refuse advertising creatives with good reason. This maybe for
         technical reasons with creative ads.

         Technical contact:        Email

                                     TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVERTS