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					Randall S. Stukey 2019 Trinity Drive Waco, TX 76710 254.235.7929

WORK EXPERIENCE: Gridspace (San Antonio, TX and Waco, TX) 1988-Present Owner/Consultant • Owns and operates consulting business specializing in providing computer software assistance to individuals and small businesses. • Recommends software and hardware based on the needs and budget of clients • Installs and troubleshoots Windows, Linux, and various application programs for clients • Designs and creates small Intranets using open source software for clients • Writes and maintains Cheap Web Hosting Report and Software Gadgets Blog GEnie Science Fiction Fandom Roundtable 1993-1994 Assistant Sysop 1995-1999 Chief Assistant Sysop • Maintained the technical side of the roundtable as needed for other staff members • Supervised roundtable staff • Handled member issues in the absence of the Sysop • Edited roundtable's online newsletter, Pleiades • Designed forum web site (Links of Interest to Fandom, later Fandom Domain) which won a number of Internet awards and was recommended by several magazines and books. • Coded and maintained Internet Address Book and other add-ins to GEnie software Education Service Center, Region 20 (San Antonio, TX) 1985-1987 Programmer • Programmed versions of mainframe Student Records and School Finance programs for PC use in Basic and COBOL. • Developed and coded utility routines to facilitate the above • Assisted in the production of manuals for the above Dragonfire Productions 1986 (part time) • Placed games on consignment in smaller comic and book stores in San Antonio area Personal Computer Store (San Antonio, TX) 1983-1985 (part time) • Did on site software assessments for small business clients purchasing first business computer systems • Recommended software based on client needs and budget Downtown Book Store (San Antonio, TX) 1980-1984 • Created and managed new comic book and role-playing game areas • Handled game and comic orders • New areas increased store income by one-third • Managed several part-time employees

ComicQuest (San Antonio, TX) 1978-1980 Partner/Games manager • Handled game orders • Edited and published store newsletter • Created simple bookkeeping and inventory systems


College Tutoring 1977-1983 • Privately tutored students in data processing and computer science

KNOWLEDGE BASE: Application Support MS Office (97 and 2000) Openoffice Wordperfect Windows (all versions) Linux MS/DOS Website Design HTML Coding Basic php coding Basic Perl cgi coding Usability testing Apache web server Programming Cobol Fortran Pascal DOS Batch Vbscript Rexx


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