How Do I Connect and Configure by fxs21421


									Acknowledgments                          xi   Connecting Two Macs Directly             10
                                                  Connecting two Macs with a network
Introduction                            xxi        cable                             10
                                                  Connecting two Macs with FireWire    14
                                                  Connecting two Macs wirelessly       14
                chapter 1                     Connecting and Sharing a Printer         15
How Do I Connect and Configure                    Connecting a printer manually        16
Devices?                                 2        Adding a shared network printer      17
                                                  Adding a shared Windows network
                                                   printer                             18
                                                  Sharing your printer with the network 19
                                              Connecting and Sharing a Fax             19
                                                  Connecting a fax modem               20
                                                  Adding a shared network fax          20
                                                  Sharing your fax with the network    21
                                              Working with Imaging Devices             21
                                                  Connecting an imaging device         22
                                                  Connecting to a network imaging
                                                   device                              23
Using an External Display                4        Sharing an imaging device            23
    Understanding external display                Configuring a camera as a Webcam     25
     connections                         4             Enabling Web Sharing for the
         DVI connections                 4              camera                         25
         Mini-DVI connections            6             Viewing the Webcam over your
         VGA connections                 6              network                        26
         Video connections               7             Viewing the Webcam over the
                                                        Internet                       27
    Setting the external display mode    8
                chapter 2                                      chapter 3
How Do I Connect My Mac with                   How Do I Synchronize My Mac
Bluetooth Devices?                        28   with Other Devices?                     52

                                               Synchronizing with an iPod              54
Finding Your Bluetooth Connection         30
                                                   Synchronizing music and videos      54
Adding a Bluetooth Adapter                32
                                                   Synchronizing movies                57
Connecting Bluetooth Devices              33
                                                   Synchronizing TV show episodes      59
    Connecting a Bluetooth mouse or
                                                   Synchronizing podcasts              61
     keyboard                             33
                                                   Synchronizing photos                64
    Configuring your Bluetooth mouse
     and keyboard                         35       Synchronizing your address book
                                                    and calendars                      65
    Connecting a Bluetooth headset        36
                                                   Synchronizing games                 67
         Using Bluetooth headphones for
          sound output                  38     Synchronizing with a Cell Phone or
                                                Palm PDA                               68
         Setting up a Bluetooth headset
          for voice chat                  39       Adding a cellphone to iSync         68
    Making the connection to your                  Adding a Palm PDA to iSync          68
     Bluetooth phone                      39       Configuring sync settings for the
         Using your cell phone as a                 device                             70
          Bluetooth modem                 43       Synchronizing the device            73
         Using your Bluetooth phone            Synchronizing with MobileMe             73
          with the Address Book           43       Synchronizing your Mac and
    Connecting to the Palm OS PDA         44        MobileMe                           74
Exchanging Files Using Bluetooth          46       Using MobileMe to keep two or
    Making sure your Mac is discoverable 47         more Macs in sync                  75
    Browsing a Bluetooth device           47       Stopping a Mac from syncing with
                                                     MobileMe                          77
    Sending files to a Bluetooth device   48
                                                   Resolving sync conflicts            78
    Activating Bluetooth sharing          49
                                                      Saving bookmarks as a Web page        95
                 chapter 4                            Synchronizing bookmarks with
                                                       another computer                     96
How Can I Get More Out of
                                                  Saving Pages for Later Use                99
the Web?                                     80
                                                      E-mailing a page                     100
                                                      Adding part of a Web page to the
                                                       Dashboard                           101
                                                      Archiving a Web page                 102
                                                  Enhancing Safari Privacy                 103
                                                      Deleting a site from your history    103
                                                      Erasing all your browser tracks      104
                                                      Activating private browsing          105

                                                                  chapter 5
                                                  How Do I Use My Mac to
Making Site Navigation Easier                82
                                                  Organize My Real Life?                  106
    Opening a Site in a New Tab              82
    Using Back and Next to navigate your
     history                             84
    Using the title bar to navigate a site   84
    Selecting the address bar text quickly 85
    Searching for a word or phrase
     instantly                               85
    Making Safari appear to be another
     browser                                 86
    Shutting off Safari’s quit prompt        87
Getting More Out of Bookmarks                87
                                                  Managing Your Contacts                   108
    Importing Internet Explorer
      bookmarks                              87       Saving a person’s contact information 108
    Creating a Safari startup folder         90       Sending your contact information     109
    Opening a folder’s sites with a                   Sending messages to a group of
     single click                            91        contacts                            111
    Loading sites automatically at startup 92         Keeping track of birthdays           114
         Running the workflow                94       Creating a smart group that shows
                                                       upcoming birthdays                  115
         Replacing the Safari dock icon      94
                                                      Sending yourself an e-mail birthday
                                                       reminder                           116
    Importing contacts from Microsoft            Getting More Out of MobileMe             140
      Outlook                              118       Accessing any e-mail account online 140
    Merging duplicate contacts into a                Forwarding MobileMe messages to
     single card                           120        another account                     142
    Sharing your Address Book via                    Storing files online                 143
     MobileMe                              121
                                                     Backing up your data online          147
    Printing an envelope for a contact     123
                                                     Accessing your Mac remotely          150
    Printing mailing labels for contacts   124
                                                 Creating Your Own Web Site               153
Managing Your Appointments                 125
                                                     Inserting a Google Map               155
    Setting up a meeting with a contact 125
                                                     Placing ads on your site             156
    Adding an alarm to an event            127
                                                     Adding your own HTML to a page       158
    Stopping automatic calendar
                                                     Placing a My iTunes widget on
      additions                            129
                                                       a page                             159
    Setting up a custom repeat interval    129
                                                     Adding YouTube videos to your site   161
    Creating a calendar of people’s
                                                     Publishing your Web site to
     birthdays                             132
                                                      MobileMe                            163
    Importing a calendar from Microsoft
                                                     Publishing your Web site using your
      Outlook                           132
                                                      own domain name                    163
    Publishing a calendar to MobileMe      135
    Subscribing to a published calendar 136
                                                                  chapter 7
                chapter 6                        Can My Mac Help Me Communicate
                                                 More Effectively?            166
How Do I Use My Mac to
Organize My Online Life?                   138

                                                 Improving Your E-mail Life               168
                                                     Configuring Mail to not show images
                                                      in messages                        168
                                                     Moving junk messages to the Junk
                                                      folder                              170
    Leaving incoming messages on the
     server                             173                    chapter 8
    Skipping really large incoming
                                               How Do I Keep My Mac Running
     messages                           175
                                               Smoothly?                    198
    Sending e-mail with a different
     server port                        177
    Sending all messages from the
     same account                       178
    Setting up rules to process incoming
     messages                            180
    Creating a smart mailbox            182
    Bouncing back an unwanted
     message                            184
Chatting and Videoconferencing          185    Routine Mac Maintenance                   200
    Chatting over your network          185        Emptying the Trash                    200
    Showing your iChat capabilities     187        Cleaning up your desktop              202
    Setting up an audio chat            188        Watching hard disk free space         203
        Connecting and configuring                 Deleting unneeded files               204
         microphones                    189        Uninstalling unused applications      205
        Creating the chat session       189        Checking hard disk status             205
    Setting up a video chat             190        Verifying the hard disk               207
    Using iChat and a video camera to              Setting the software update
     set up a security cam              192         schedule                             208
        Configuring iChat to                       Updating software by hand             209
         automatically accept
                                                   Cycling your Mac notebook battery     210
         video chat invitations         194
                                               More Mac Maintenance                      210
        Setting iChat security          195
                                                   Removing login items                  210
    Sending camcorder video to a
     video chat                         196        Erasing your hard disk’s free space   212
                                                   Cleaning your Mac inside and out      214
                                               Backing Up Your Mac                       215
                                                   Configuring Time Machine              216
                                                   Backing up your hard disk to a
                                                    disk image                           219
    Backing up your files to a DVD       221   Upgrading Your Mac Pro                  251
    Restoring files using Time Machine   222       Opening the Mac Pro case            251
    Restoring your system                224       Upgrading your Mac Pro memory       252
                                                   Replacing a hard disk on the Mac Pro 253
                                                   Adding an extra hard disk to the
                 chapter 9                          Mac Pro                            255
Can I Upgrade My Mac?                    228       Replacing your Mac Pro graphics
                                                    card                               256

                                                              chapter 10
                                               How Do I Solve Mac Software
                                               Problems?                              258

Using System Profiler to See Your
 Current Hardware                        230
Upgrading Your iMac Memory               231
Upgrading Your MacBook Pro               234
    Replacing your MacBook Pro battery 234
    Upgrading your MacBook Pro
     memory                              236
Upgrading Your MacBook                   239
    Replacing your MacBook battery       239
    Upgrading your MacBook memory        240   General Software Troubleshooting
                                                Techniques                             260
    Upgrading your MacBook hard disk     242
                                                   Tracking down the problem           260
Upgrading Your iBook                     245
                                                   Performing basic troubleshooting
    Replacing your iBook battery         245
                                                    steps                              262
    Replacing your iBook AirPort
     Extreme card                        246
    Upgrading your iBook memory          248
Monitoring Your Mac to Look for                Before the Fall: Preparing for Trouble   282
 Problems                                262        Creating a secondary user account   282
    Monitoring CPU usage                 263        Creating a secondary boot device    283
    Monitoring memory usage              266   General Hardware Troubleshooting
    Monitoring hard disk activity        268    Techniques                              286
More Troubleshooting Techniques to Try   270        Basic checklist                     286
    Checking for software updates        270        Restarting your Mac                 287
    Bypassing your login items           270             Power cycling your Mac         287
    Deleting a program’s preferences                     Forcing the issue: Making a
     file                                271              stuck Mac restart or shut
    Reinstalling Mac OS X                272              down                          288
Mac Software Problems (and Their                         Restarting your Mac in Safe
 Solutions)                              274              Mode                          288
    You can’t change some options in                     Starting your Mac using a
     System Preferences                  274               secondary boot device        289
    A program is stuck                   275        Running the Apple Hardware Test     290
    A process is stuck                   276        Repairing the hard disk             291
    A program crashes                    277        Repairing disk permissions          292
    A program won’t start                279   Mac Hardware Problems (and Their
                                                Solutions)                              293
    You can’t empty the Trash            279
                                                    Your Mac won’t start                293
                                                    Your Mac tells you that you don’t
               chapter 11                            have enough memory                 294
                                                    Your Mac runs slowly                295
How Do I Solve Mac Hardware                              Sudden slowdown                295
Problems?                                280             Gradual slowdown               295
                                                    Your mouse or keyboard doesn’t
                                                     work                               296
                                                    Your display is garbled             297
                                                Running Windows with Parallels Desktop 311
                chapter 12                          Installing Parallels Desktop          311
How Do I Run Windows on                             Running Parallels Desktop             312
My Mac?                                   298       Setting up Parallels Desktop with a
                                                     Boot Camp virtual machine            312
                                                    Installing Windows in a new virtual
                                                      machine                             313
                                                    Configuring the virtual machine       318
                                                    Sharing files between Mac OS X
                                                     and Windows                          319

                                                               appendix a
                                                Mac Online Resources                      321

Why Run Windows?                          300
Dual-Boot or Virtualization (or Both!)?   301                  appendix b
Dual-Booting with Boot Camp               304   Mac Shortcut Keys                         324
     Creating a Windows partition         304
     Installing Windows                   305   Glossary                                  329
     Switching between Mac OS X and             Index                                     333
      Windows                             308
     Renaming the Boot Camp partition     309
     Sharing files between Mac OS X
      and Windows                         309

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