How to write a successful proposal under FP7

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					How to write a successful proposal under FP7?
             A step-by-step methodology towards success.


As training in EU affairs and EU projects is a Key Factor of Success for
your activities, Interface Europe has developed several training courses
(individual as well as in-house solutions) to provide you with useful tools
and methodologies…

09:00 Welcome and Introduction

09:30 Session 1: Key recommendations and overall methodology for
project design and proposal writing

         > Tips and key recommendations to ensure the qualitative drafting of
         your project

         > Match the EU’s expectations with yours

10:15 Session 2: Methodology for project design — Analysis of the calls
for proposals and work programmes

         > Methodology on how to read and decode the calls for proposals to
         understand the European Commission’s expectations and design the
         profile of the future successful projects

11:30 Coffee break

11:45 Session 3: Methodology for project design - Define a relevant idea &
strategy (1st part)

         > How to define your project idea ?

         > Strategic thinking

         > Key-factors of success

13:00 Lunch
14:30 Session 3: Methodology for project design - Structure a coherent
project (2nd part)

         > Methodology

         > Project organisation and structure

         > Partnership

         > Budget

         > Tools to prepare a coherent project

16:00 Coffee break

16:15 Session 4 : Proposal writing and submission

         > Advice on proposal editing: « dos/don’ ts »

         > Best practices

         > How to fill properly the submission forms of the European

17:30 Conclusion

18:00 End of module


Level: Intermediary

Price: 590€ VAT excl


Interface Europe Rue du Tône, 12, B-1000 Brussels

Performed in English

                              INTERFACE EUROPE
                       VALIDATION OF PROJECT IDEA                                   PROJECT NEGOTIATION

                          • Free of charge service: Angle your project to               • Defend your rights and budget in the

                           the European Commission’s expectations                       negociation with the EC services

                       PROPOSAL WRITING                                             PROJECT MANAGEMENT
                           • Reduce time & cost and increase your                       • Focus your resources on the content
                           chances of success                                           (technical part) of your project
                           • Benefit from the experience of experts in EU               • Reduce the administrative burden of a
                           Energy and EU Projects as a complement to                    project management (reporting, financial
                           your own ressources                                          management, contract management, etc.)
                           • Streamline your writing process thanks to                  • Streamline your management process thanks
                           « ie-Project »: a Unique Project Preparation                 to «ie-Project»: a Unique Project Management

                                      ASK FOR DEMO OF « IE-PROJECT » or/and
                                  A FREE OF CHARGE VALIDATION OF YOUR IDEA!

                                  Technology                                                                Technology
                                   suppliers                                                                   users

                        Science and Technology                              Innovation                      Management

                             - Technology Watch                     - Technology marketing              - Design and
                             - Search for partners                  - Technology road                   Management of
                             - Design of complex                    mapping                             complex R&D projects
                             R&D projects                           - EU positioning and                - Collaborative
                             (Collaborative                         diagnosis                           Platform for EU project
                             projects and                           - Economic and                      management
                             networks)                              Technology Intelligence             - Financial and Legal
                             - Scientific evaluation                - Lobbying and Public               assistance, including
                             - Impact assessment                    Affairs                             IPR
                             - Risk assessment                      - Communication                     - Fund raising


         INTERFACE EUROPE                                Phone : +32 (0) 2 213 00 30
         Rue du Trône 12                                 Fax : +32 (0) 2 213 00 39
         B– 1000 Bruxelles                               Email :