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									MPT Calculator ~ My Property Tax Calculator is an on-line interactive municipal property tax calculator
that is designed to allow residents, potential residents, real estate professionals and developers to calculate
the current year property tax for any property in your municipality.

The application is very user friendly and can provide both current and former year tax information in 4 easy

    1.      Simply select the area the property is located in (for municipalities with ward or urban and rural
    2.      Select the applicable tax class
    3.      Enter the current assessment value of the property
    4.      Select “Calculate”

MPT Calculator will then calculate the estimated property tax including Area Rating and Education Levy in
less than a second. Your MPT Calculator can illustrate a simple display of your General, Area and Education
Levy’s’ and total amount or it can show much more detailed information by service type. The City of Quinte
West version of MPT Calculator called TAX QWEST was recently revised to illustrate this more detailed

Although Quinte West just launched this application last November, TAX QWEST has quickly become one of
the most popular features on our City’s website. Our residents, developers and real estate agents love the
site because the user can access and print out the information directly. Our fellow staff love the site also
because it has greatly reduced the number of requests from the public to provide this information.

The City of Quinte West is offering this application for your website. The cost of MPT Calculator is:

                 Initial setup cost of MPT Calculator Application is $700 (plus applicable taxes)
                          *Annual MPT Calculator License is $200 (plus applicable taxes)
                     *applicable if municipal client wants to continue to use application in subsequent years.
                            * the City will offer any upgrades to the application via the annual license.

We are confident that this application will become a tool that is utilized frequently by Economic
Development and Real Estate professionals in their day to day business transactions as well as the
ratepayers of your municipality.

To view both the original and new MPT Calculator versions, please click on the hyperlinks below:

           Original Version:
           Detailed Version:

If you wish to purchase this online interactive application or if you have any questions regarding MPT
Calculator, please contact:

Edward S. Woods, B.E.S.
Manager of Planning, IT & GIS Services
7 Creswell Drive
Trenton, ON K8V 5R6
(613) 392-2841 (613) 392-7151 (Fax)

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