How to write a news budget line SLUG – by fxs21421


									How to write a news budget line:

SLUG – This is a one to two word description of the story you’re writing
LINE - This is a one to two sentence summation of what you’re writing about. Please be
specific. Don’t just write that you’re going to a meeting, include the topics that might be
of interest at the meeting. If you’re writing a profile, include interesting details about the
PHOTO – If there will be a photo with the story, please include this.
LAYERING - This is where you include different elements that could be included with
your story like a break out box, graphic, by the numbers Web site list, etc.
RUN DATE – Date the story will run.

Slug, art, layering and byline should be in CAPS for easy readability.

Budget line format:

BEAR WINE – Local bears have taken their pillaging to a whole new level as they
invade Raley’s wine selection. Surprisingly, the creatures only go for high end merlots,
and shun any kind of white wines. 9/28. BY ANNIE FLANZRAICH. PHOTO. Could
include BREAKOUT BOX of popular bear wines, BY THE NUMBERS of cost to

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