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									                                                                     College of Arts & Sciences

                  Doctor of Education – Organizational Leadership

        Advanced study in Organizational Leadership at Shenandoah University offers learners the opportunity
to think deeply, examine thoughtfully, and understand theoretically challenges and problems facing educational
and other public organizations. The Doctor of Education (EdD) degree (a practitioner’s degree) is a 60-credit
program of study. The program is organized around a core of leadership and research courses (both theoretical
and applied), complemented by courses in the learner’s concentration. This program is unique among doctoral
programs in its emphasis on the application of theory to real world problems and lived experiences. The EdD is
student-centered, inquiry-driven, and problem-oriented. It is built around an interdisciplinary leadership and
research core, with distinct program emphases appealing to professionals in elementary, middle and secondary
school professionals, in higher education professionals, and in community-based, public and private
organizations. With the approval of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and Education Division
Faculty, students may substitute master’s degree courses for courses in the doctoral program; however,
additional courses must be selected with Faculty Advisor approval to complete the 60-credit requirement.
Applicants needing foundational coursework will be advised of that necessity before they will be permitted to
take advanced level coursework.

For school professionals: K-12 Education Administration and Curricular and Supervision (Administrative
Leadership). The program consists of courses representing a common core of leadership, courses in statistics
and research theory, followed by applied research projects and courses in the area of concentration, leading to a
culminating comprehensive examination and dissertation. Use of appropriate technology is integrated into the
coursework of the program. Depending upon the area of concentration, the degree will include standards for
meeting Commonwealth of Virginia state licensure requirements in the areas of Superintendent of Schools, and
K-12 Principal and Supervisor of Instruction.
For other concentrations: Students in settings other than the elementary or secondary schools can develop
individualized emphases building on interests or professional emphases several areas, including public
administration, human services, health education, as well as related fields.

Admissions Requirements for Ed.D.
Applicants must have a minimum 3.5 GPA in the master’s degree.
Applicants must submit a writing sample, which demonstrates their abilities in scholarly writing. (This
requirement may be met through a directed writing exercise offered in conjunction with the faculty interview.)
Applicants must submit at least three letters of recommendation: one from an immediate supervisor, at least one
from someone able to address the candidate’s academic abilities, and at least one from a professional who
knows the candidate’s ability in the chosen concentration.
Applicants must submit all college transcripts.
Applicants seeking Virginia Department of Education endorsement(s) must
       - possess a current teacher's license, a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree
       - have a minimum of three years’ teaching experience at the time of admission
       - a minimum of two years PK-12 administrative or supervisory experience at the time of admission
Program Requirements:
Program Core                                                                                     15
        ED 710   Leadership                                                     3
        ED 720   Societal Factors                                               3
        ED 730   Human Resources                                                3
        ED 740   Governance                                                     3
        ED 750   Contemporary Issues                                            3

Research Core                                                                                    15
        ED 681 Locating and Examining the Research Literature                   1
                         for Educators
        ED 682 Evaluating the Research Literature                               1
                         for Educators
        ED 683 Writing a Review of the Literature for Educators                 1
        ED 761 Research Methods I                                               1.5
        ED 762 Research Methods II                                              1.5
        ED 782 Advanced Research Methods                                        2
        (ED 777 Advanced Quantitative Methods Lab                               1
        ED 778 Advanced Qualitative Methods Lab                                 1
        ED 775 Advanced Statistics                                              3
        ED 776 Advanced Multivariate Statistics                                 3

Applied Research                                                                                  6
        ED 771 Quantitative Methods Proposal                                    1.5
        ED 772 Quantitative Methods Pilot                                       1.5
        ED 773 Qualitative Methods Proposal                                     1.5
        ED 774 Qualitative Pilot                                                1.5

Concentrations                                                                                     9

        K-12 Administration (Superintendent Licensure)
        ED 642 Philosophy of Education                                          3
        PSY 520Advanced Educational Psychology                                  3
        ED 646 International Education                                          3

        Curriculum Leadership and Supervision (Principal/Supervisor Licensure)
        ED 623 School Law                                                   3
        ED 624 School Finance Theory and Practice                           3
        ED 641 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction                    3

        Individualized Concentration
        Approved graduate level (500-700) courses                               9

         ED 799 Dissertation (total)                                             15
    * Students who do not complete the dissertation after earning 15 credits of ED 799 will be required to remain continuously
    enrolled in ED 799 (one credit hour each term) until the dissertation is completed.

Licensure Endorsement Requirements
Transcript analyses of applicants’ endorsement area coursework and technology training will be completed and
recommendations may be made for supplemental coursework needed to meet Virginia Department of Education
Regulations for Licensure of School Personnel. However, in most cases this course content will be included
within the degree framework.

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