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									How to remove music from iPhone
I am running out of space on my iPhone. So I just want to temporarily move songs from iPhone. Later transfer them back into my iPhone when my iPhone has enough space. Now I am novice for iPhone, please tell me which software can help me to remove songs from iPhone and list the detail steps. Thank you! - Maco Do you have the similar trouble with Maco? Don’t worry about how to remove music from iPhone. I heard a third program – iPhone to computer transfer, which can directly move music from iPhone to computer. Later transfer songs from computer back into iPhone. This iPhone to computer transfer is designed to help you backup music, photos, videos in your iPhone, iTouch, Nano and Classic to computer. It also helps you transfer iPhone podcasts, playlists and ratings etc back to your iTunes library. It is the best tool for you to remove music from iPhone, it fit for your iPod device as well. Tell you a good news, as a matter of fact, it offers us a free trial to download it. Now free Download iPhone to computer transfer to help you to remove songs from iPhone. How to remove music from iPhone with iPhone to computer transfer? Step1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Step2. Launch and run iPhone to computer transfer. Step3. Select music files that you want to remove. Step4. Click on “Start Transfer” button, select an output path to move music from iPhone. That’s all. Note: This is Windows™ Version, for Mac OS X, please click iPhone Transfer for Mac

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