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             Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church                                                                     2004

                                                   You should deeply believe, and nev-     1 Peter 2:24, “He himself bore our sins
                                              er doubt, that in fact you are the one who   in His body on the tree.” In 2 Corinthians
                                              killed Christ. Your sins did this to Him.    5:21 Paul says, “For our sake, He made
                                                                                           Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that
                                                       The Comfort of                      in Him we might become the righteous-
                                                      Christ’s Suffering                   ness of God.”
                                                   When a person, whose conscience             You must rely on these verses from
    These comments, which are ex-             has been filled with terror, understands     the Bible with all your might, even more
cerpted from an essay written by Martin       his sins in this light, he needs to watch    when your conscience tries to kill you.
Luther in 1519, are very relevant today       out that his sins do not remain in his       You’ll never find peace if you miss this
as we consider questions raised by the        conscience, for then nothing but pure        opportunity to quiet your heart. You will
movie “The Passion of the Christ.”            doubt will result. Just as our sins flowed   have so much doubt that you will de-
                                              out of Christ and we became aware of         spair. If we dwell too much on our sins,
  How to Meditate on                          them, so we should pour them back on         going over and over them in our con-
                                              Him again and set our conscience free.       science, keeping them close to our
 the Passion of Christ                                                                     hearts, soon they will become too much
            by Martin Luther                                                               for us to manage and they will live
    Wrong Ways to Meditate                                                                      But when we see our sins laid on
      on Christ’s Passion                                                                  Christ and see Him triumph over them
      Some people meditate on the Pas-                                                     by His Resurrection, and fearlessly be-
sion of Christ and become angry at the                                                     lieve this, our sins are dead and become
Jews. But they are just doing what they                                                    nothing. Our sins don’t stay on Christ,
always do. They love to complain about                                                     but are swallowed up by His resurrec-
other people. They spend all their time                                                    tion. Now you see no wounds, no pain,
condemning their enemies. I guess this                                                     no sight of sin at all in Him. That is why
is a meditation of sorts, but not a med-                                                   Paul says in Romans 4:25 that Jesus
itation on the sufferings of Christ!                                                       “was delivered up for our trespasses
                                                                                           and raised for our justification.” In His
    Then there are the people who like                                                     sufferings Christ made our sins known
to sympathize emotionally with Christ.                                                     and was crucified for them. By His
They weep and wail over Him because                                                        resurrection He makes us righteous and
He was so innocent. They meditate on                                                       frees from all sin.
these things for hours and hours on end.
But they never get any farther.                                                                 Therefore, here is what you need to
                                                                                           do. First, stop looking at Christ’s suffer-
The Right Way to Think About                                                               ings any longer. They have already done
      Christ’s Passion                                                                     their work and have terrified you. Press
                                                                                           forward through all difficulties and see
      When we meditate on the Passion of                                                   His friendly heart. Look how full of love
Christ the right way, we see Christ and are                                                God’s heart is for you. It was this love
terrified at the sight. Our conscience                                                     that moved Him to bear the heavy load
sinks in despair. This feeling of terror                                                   of your conscience and sin. If you do
needs to happen so that we fully realize                                                   this, your heart will be sweetly loving
how great the wrath of God is against sin          Take your sins and throw them on        toward Him.
and sinners. We understand this when we       Christ. Believe with a joyful spirit that
                                              your sins are His wounds and suffer-             When your heart is set on Christ, His
see how God sets sinners free only be-
                                              ings. He carries them and makes              sufferings should be an example for
cause His dearly beloved Son—His only
                                              satisfaction for them, as Isaiah 53:6        your whole life. When the day comes
Son—paid such a costly ransom for us,
                                              says, “The Lord has laid on Him the          that sickness and sorrow weigh you
as Isaiah 53:8 says, “He was stricken
                                              iniquity of us all.” Peter says in           down, think how little it matters com-
for the transgressions of my people.”
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pared to the thorns and nails of Christ.
If you have to do something you don’t
want, or can’t do something you want to
do, think about how Christ was led about
by others, tied up as a prisoner. Does

                                                                                  Easter Sunrise
pride attack you? Look at how your Lord
was mocked and disgraced along with
murderers. Do sexually impure thoughts
and lust come your way, thrusting them-
selves on you? Think how bitter it was for

Christ to have his tender flesh torn,
pierced and beaten, again and again.
Are hatred and envy at war within you, or
are you seeking vengeance? Remember
how Christ prayed for you, and all of his
enemies, with many tears and cries. He
had more reason than you to seek
                                                                  Easter Sunday, April 11
revenge! If any trouble or adversity trou-
ble your body or soul, take heart! Say,                      Sunrise Service—7:00am
“Why shouldn’t I also not suffer a little                   Easter Breakfast—8:00am
since my Lord sweat blood in the Gar-
den because of his anxiety and grief? I
                                                Second Easter Service with Holy Communion—9:30am
would be a lazy, disgraceful servant if all               All Events Held at Holy Cross Lutheran Church
I want to do is lie in bed while my Lord is
forced to do battle with a painful death.”
                                                       Freewill Offering Taken to Defray Breakfast Expenses
       We need to meditate on Christ’s                        Invited—Everyone Welcome!
                                                          All Invited—Everyone Welcome!
passion, not with lots of words or with a
showy display, but put it to true use in
our lives. As Paul says in Galatians 5:24,                                                     We will explore these and other
“Those who are in Christ have crucified        Discussion on “The                          important question about Jesus’ life,
the flesh with all its passions and lusts,”                                                crucifixion and resurrection beginning
and in Hebrews 12:3 admonishes us,            Passion of the Christ”                       Sunday, March 28 in a new eight-week
“Consider Him who endured from sin-                During the Bible Class hour at          Bible Class, featuring a DVD with
ners such hostility against himself, so       10:30am on Sunday, March 21 we will          Rev. Dr. Paul Maier, a Lutheran pastor,
that you may not grow weary or faint-         have a group discussion on the movie         noted author, and professor of ancient
hearted.”                                     “The Passion of the Christ.” Those who       history at Western Michigan State
                                              wish to may see the movie before that        University.
      This is the right way to meditate on
the Passion of Christ. This is how you        day, but even if you don’t wish to see the       Each week we will see a 25-30
will find strength in Christ and be com-      movie you will find the discussion inter-    minute segment of Dr. Maier’s captivat-
forted by His suffering.                      esting.                                      ing presentation, followed by time for
                                                                                           discussion. Everyone is invited to join in
                                                   Everyone is invited to join in the
                                                                                           Sundays at 10:30am for this fascinat-
                                              discussion! For more information, con-
                                                                                           ing look at Jesus as seen from the

                                              tact Pastor Vogts at 232-9117.
                                                                                           perspective of a noted historian.

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                     of the
                                                                                Lord, Teach Us
     Each month we remember in prayer
in our worship specific missionaries
                                                                                    to Pray
sponsored around the world by our
congregation, through our Synod and                                                  2004 Lent Services
related organizations. You are encour-
aged to remember them also in your
                                                                                     on The Lord’s Prayer
personal and family prayers.                                                     Wednesday Evenings, 7:00pm
                March 7                                   February 25
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     Jay is the liaison between the Evan-                   March 3                           as We Forgive Those Who
gelical Lutheran Church of Haiti and the        “Hallowed Be Thy Name”
LCMS. The Lutheran Church in Haiti has
                                                                                                 Trespass against Us”
been having great success and growing             “Thy Kingdom Come”
rapidly. Pray for Jay’s protection during                                                                March 31
the turmoil there and that peace may be                    March 10                         “Lead Us Not into Temptation,
established so that the Gospel will not        “Thy Will Be Done on Earth,                    But Deliever Us from Evil.”
be hindered and the church’s work may               as It Is in Heaven”                       “Thine Is the Kingdom, and
                                                                                               the Power, and the Glory,
               March 14                                    March 17                           Forever and Ever. Amen.”
      Matthew and Rachel Hill                         “Give Us this Day
              India                                   Our Daily Bread”
     The Hills were marred last June and
left almost immediately to serve as
                                                                                           variety of supervised activities from
international educators at Kodai Kanal
                                                                                           3:00pm-6:00pm. Bus service is
School. India does not allow foreign
                                                                                           provided directly to Holy Cross from
missionaries per se, but this position
                                                                                           both Dakota Valley and Sacred Heart.
gives them the opportunity to share the
Gospel.                                                                                        Classes this year were all full or
                                                                                           nearly full, so you are encouraged to
               March 21                                                                    reserve a place for your child on
             Kim Acton                             Preschool
                                                   Preschool                               March 16. For more information speak
             Kazakhstan                                                                    with Board of Education chair Terese
     Kim teaches English as a second            Registration Night                         Vogts or call 235-1688.
language and has asked us to pray “that             March
                                                    March 16                                   “We will tell the next generation the
God would use me as a tool through
                                                                                           praiseworthy deeds of the L ORD ”
which the Holy Spirit can create saving          Holy Cross Preschool will hold reg-
                                                                                           (Psalm 78:4).
faith in the lives of people of Kazakh-     istration night on Tuesday, March 16
stan.”                                      from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Members of
                                            Holy Cross have preferred enrollment
               March 28
                                            until March 15.
     Jeffrey and Angela Pautz                                                                   Flowers
                                                  Classes include Mom’s Day Out for
                                            two year-olds, and Preschool sessions
                                                                                              in Worship
      The Pautzes lead translation
                                            for three, four and five year-olds. Holy            Thank you for these flower dona-
projects and assist congregations in
                                            Cross Preschool is blessed with a ded-         tions to beautify our worship. Any
Bangkok and other areas in Southeast
                                            icated, professional staff, and an excellent   additional donations will be listed in
Asia. They have completed their initial
                                            facility. Most of all, education takes         future newsletters.
language study and are now beginning
                                            place in a loving, Christian atmosphere.
their work. Pray for the success of the                                                        A sign–up sheet to provide flowers
Gospel in this part of the world where          Holy Cross also offers After School        for worship in 2004 is on the bulletin
there are so few Christians.                Care. Children thru 6th grade enjoy a          board at the back fo the church. Occa-
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sions to remember include anniversa-
ries, birthdays, in memory of loved ones,
etc. Flowers may be obtained anywhere
                                                   Fr e e
and you may provide your own vase or
use one of the assortment in the church
kitchen.                                          Family
              February 1
      Mike & Daniell Bargstadt
           Caitlyn’s Birthday
              February 15
   Pastor Kevin & Terese Vogts
          St. Valentine’s Day
              February 29
      Mike & Daniell Bargstadt                                  Sunday, March 21, 4:00pm

                                                                Finding Nemo
           Ashley’s Birthday
                March 7
          Mabel Schibonski                        Disney’s
           Elmer’s Birthday
               March 14                      Presented at Holy Cross      Projected on Big Screen
        Doug & Janet Martin
            Doug’s Birthday                    Free Popcorn and Koolaid       All Ages Welcome
               March 21                               (No unattended children, please)
 Joey, Marcy & Bryce Schroeder
           Brady’s Birthday
                                             Bring Family, Children’s Friends, Grandchildren, Etc.
                                                             No Charges or Fees
                                                                    Everyone Welcome!
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   Fun                                                                                           March 31 (Lent Service)
 Carnival                                                                                              Kylie Martin
     Holy Cross will again sponsor a free           March 3 (Lent Service)
Family Fun Carnival for the entire com-                Brandon Dolan
munity, on Sunday, September 12 from
                                                           March 7
4:00pm-7:00pm. Events will be held
rain or shine under the “Big Top” on the              Morgan Kaardal
church gounds at Dakota Dunes Boule-               March 10 (Lent Service)
vard and Bison Trail.                                    Sarah Vogts                                      March 7
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     Last year over 300 members of the
community enjoyed activites such as a                  Kendall Martin                                    March 14
children’s inflatable “bouncer,” carnival          March 17 (Lent Service)                           Mike Bargstadt
games, crafts, food, prizes, and a spe-                Casey Johnson                                     March 21
cial appearance by “Sonny the Clown.”                                                                Joey Schroeder
                                                           March 21
    Mark you calendars now for this fun                 Jacob Vogts                                      March 28
family event that you don’t want to miss,          March 24 (Lent Service)                           Greg Huibregtse
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items and help with this big event!                                                                    Doug Jansen
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                                                                                          Our Lenten
     Holy Cross is again sponsoring a
Community Easter Egg Hunt, on
Saturday, April 10 (day before Easter)
at 10:30am on the church grounds.
                                                                                             2004 Sunday
This event is for the entire community,                                                      Sermon Series
and all children up to age 10 are
welcome. In case of rain, it will be held                                                       for Lent
inside the church. (Pray for good
weather!)                                        For our Sunday services during Lent this year we are taking a walk with
     Last year over 40 children attended    Jesus through the story of his suffering and death, visiting the places of the
and this year we are preparing for about    passion as we walk “Our Lenten Journey.” Pastor Vogts, who has worked as
double that number. There will be plenty    an archaeologist and professional photographer, will illustrate some of the
of eggs, prizes, snacks and an Easter       messages with his own pictures from the Holy Land. Everyone is invited to
video. There are no charges or fees for     join “Our Lenten Journey” in worship on Sundays at 9:15am.
this free community event.
                                                         February 29
    We already have enough eggs and
prize items but donations to help defray             “The Upper Room”
expenses would be appreciated. Place                      Mark 14:15                                    March 21
in offering plate marked “Easter Egg                                                            “The Way of Sorrows”
                                                            March 7
Hunt.”                                                                                             Matthew 27:27-33
                                             “The Garden of Gethsemane”
                                                      Matthew 26:36-39                                  March 28
                                                                                                     “Mt. Calvary”
                                                           March 14
                                                                                                       Luke 23:33
                                                   “The Judgment Hall”
                                                        Acts 2:22-23

                                                 Bring your family and holiday guests
                                            to celebrate the real significance of
                                            Easter. This is a wonderful opportunity
                                            to invite family, friends, neighbors, etc.—
 Community Sunrise                          everyone enjoys Easter Sunrise services!           Lilies
Service at Holy Cross
Service         Cross                                                                           for
    You are invited to a Community                                                            Easter
Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday, April
11 at 7:00am, held in the sanctuary at                                                        Sign up on the bulletin board to
Holy Cross. This simple service will                                                      donate lilies to beautify our church at
feature the Easter story and favorite                                                     Easter. Note whom or what they are in
Easter hymns. A second Easter Ser-                                                        memory or honor of. As we focus on the
vice, with Holy Communion, will be held                                                   promise of the resurrection, Easter is a
at 9:30am.                                                                                wonderful occasion to remember loved
     Along with Christmas Eve Cand-              Following the Easter Sunrise ser-
lieight Services, the Easter Sunrise        vice, everyone is invited to stay for an           Cost is $10; put in offering marked
Service is one of the most moving and       Easter Breakfast, also at the church,         “Easter Lilies.” You are also welcome to
meaningful worship opportunites of the      sponsored by the Board of Evangelism.         bring plants you purchase elsewhere or
year. It is especially memorable for        A free-will offering will be taken to help    receive as gifts. Please still sign up,
children.                                   defray expenses for the breakfast.            noting you will bring your own plants.

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         Free                                         Community
        Family                                        Easter
      Sunday, March 21, 4:00pm                         Hunt
 Disney’s   Finding Nemo                                  Saturday, April 10
                                                               On Church Grounds at
   Presented at Holy Cross Lutheran Church
                                                       Dakota Dunes Boulevard and Bison Trail
Projected on Big Screen     Free Popcorn & Koolaid
                                                            Up to Age 10      Plenty of Eggs!
All Ages Welcome (No unattended children, please)
                                                           Prizes    Snacks      Easter Video
              No Charges or Fees
                                                      All Children Invited—Non-Members Welcome!
    All Invited – Everyone Welcome!
                  Everyone Welcome!
                                                                   No Charges or Fees
Mark Your Calendars for Summer Movie Nights!
       June 20, July 18 and August 15
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                                      Crossnotes             Rev. Kevin Vogts, Pastor

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