How to Make Bows by myx21442


									     How to Make Bows

Modified by the Georgia Agriculture Education
              Curriculum Office

              September 2005
         Making a Florist Bow
Step 1
                  Step 1:     8” from one end of ribbon,
                    pinch firmly between thumb and
                    index finger.

                  Step 2:      Make a 5” loop (half the
                    size of finished bow) and pinch
                    tightly. If ribbon is one-sided, twist
                    length to right side. Make second
                    loop and pinch over first two pinches.

         Step 2
   Making a Florist Bow

         Step 3:     Repeat this process forming
           4 loops on each side.

         Step 4:      Make a center knot by
Step 3     forming a small loop over your thumb.
           Pinch and wire all loops together.
           Trim excess. Wire 14” lengths to back
           for tails.

     Step 4
Making a PomPom Bow
   Step 1:     With ribbon, form a 9” loop
     equal in size to the diameter of the
     finished bow.

   Step 2:     Wrap remaining ribbon
     around loop as many times as is
     desired for bow.

   Step 3:     Flatten loops and cut off
     triangles at end, being careful not to
     cut too close to the center.
Making a PomPom Bow

   Step 4:    Bring ends together to
     meet in center, overlapping triangles.

   Step 5: Secure ribbon at center at
     notches with wire. Pull out loops,
     twist toward center, alternating sides
     to form pompom.

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