How to Make Money With Twitter

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					            How to Make Money With Twitter
                             And tips to stay under the radar


- This Guide
       - I. Getting Started
                - I.I What are we trying to do?
                - I.II How are we going to do it?
       - II. Step By Step
                - II.I Creating accounts
                         - II.I.I - Paypal
                         - II.I.II -
       - III. Getting Followers

I. Getting Started

I.I - What are we trying to do?
       Essentially we trying to broadcast a message to other people through
       twitter. We can assume that for every person that follows us, we have one
       impression. This, in a sense, is a great form of targeted advertising and
       many businesses are using this model. Free advertising space for people
       when they log on to Twitter.

I.II - How are we going to do it?

       In this method, we are going to add mass amounts of friends. Give them
        an incentive to be our friends and follow us and when we have a couple,
        add some ads into the mix of our tweets. We are also going to remove the
        people who donʼt follow us back to make the most out of our “Iʼm following”
      to “Following me” ratio to stay as ʻrealʼ as possible. I have also included
      the program ʻHummingbirdʼ in order to automate some of these tasks.

II. Step By Step

II.I - Creating accounts.

       II.I.I - PayPal

         You will need a PayPal account first in order to receive money from
         the twitter ad provider. You can set up a free account right away!

       II.I.II -

         The first account you should create is the account that will serve all
         of the ads we post on twitter. You can go to and
         start there. The sign up is simple and they only ask for a paypal
         address. :-)

         Now lets create the accounts for the twitter users we are going to
        make everyoneʼs friend. I like the make all of these variables random and
        then record them. Why you may ask? Because it easier and more
        interesting than creating “friend1”, “friend2”, “friend3”, etc. A site that you
        can use, if youʼre not feeling creative is I just allow it to
        generate usernames and passwords for me. Itʼs easier, in my eyes, to
        have a random password for each one than to have the same password
        for all of them and have someone steal all of your hard work destroying
        your micro-advertising group. I like doing this 10 at a time so I can keep
        track of everything.


         The next thing you need to do, in order to make these people seem
        more believable, is to give them names. Luckily for us thereʼs another
        website that will do just that for us. See Again, I only do 10 a
        time for sake of ease. After you have 10 usernames, passwords, and
        ʻReal Namesʼ, you can go to the twitter signup page and start creating
        these accounts. For the email address, I recommend using a website such
        as so that you can create a unique email address for every
        account you create. I would just use ʻcurrent usernameʼ@ʼone of
        mailinatorʼs subdomainsʼ After the account is created, personalize them a
        little bit. Give them a profile - doesnʼt have to be long - and more
        importantly, find pictures of people that you can upload. They donʼt even
        have to be actual pictures. More or less, they just have to be pictures that
        so that thereʼs a real person there and itʼs not just a random account. After
       that is done, give them a few tweets. (Thereʼs thousands of them you can
       find on the internet and if youʼre not feeling creative at all, try looking at ) Youʼve now set the groundwork for your first round of
       ads. Congratulations.


III. Getting Followers

     Now that you have these accounts, what do you do with them? Hereʼs a
      simple thought. The more people you have following a user on twitter, the
      more people see the ad that you tweet and the more money youʼll make.
      Since that we cannot completely focus on a certain group (not enough
      information) we must rely on percentages. On average, you should expect
      about a 2-5% click rate. Yes, this is a low percentage. You will not be
      making thousands of dollars overnight. People spend their lives
      researching how to build a user base. However, assume that 100 people
      follow every account you create today. Thatʼs 100*10 or 1,000 followers.
      1000*5% = 50. So on the first day, you would make ~ $2.50. The next
      day, say you create another 10 accounts and add 100 followers to each
      account you created yesterday. You would have 3,000 people now
      following you. 3,000 * 5% = 150. You can expect to make about $7.50.
      Theoretically, this should grow exponentially. Hereʼs how to do it.

     If you havenʼt already, go ahead and install the program hummingbird that
      was included with this book. Lets get adding some people.

     Open up Hummingbird. The first thing we need to do is to add the accounts
      we have just created. On the second toolbar, thereʼs a button that says
      “twitter accounts”. Click on that and add your accounts. After they are
      entered, select the first one under the “twitter account” button so that you
      login with that account.

     There are many methods to find people to add in Hummingbird. Iʼll start
      with 3.
      1) The way that humming bird does it is by going to [Tools>Find Targeted
              Followers]. From there, just type in a username or phrase and it
              will find people. You can also go to and do the
              same there. The nice thing about using is you
              can use #hash tags to search for people and get even more
              targeted. #Hash tags are used by people to categorize their
                 tweets. (You would be wise to use something like #college or
                 #unemployed or #need #money if youʼre trying to promote an ad
                 about making money. Think about who you are trying to reach out
                 to with the ads.) Just click on the username and then either their
                 followers or the people they are following and hummingbird will do
                 its work. Youʼre going to shoot for about 400 people to add to an
                 account every day. Anything more than that is likely to draw

        2) The nice thing about hummingbird is that it doesnʼt care how you get to
                 the list of people in Twitter, just that you do get to the list. Try
                 navigating to a twitter directory or hotsite such as,
       , or There you can find power
                 users with tons of targeted followings. Just click on the user and
                 then on their followers and hummingbird will do the rest.

        3) NEW People are better! They are newer to the twitter thing and more
                likely to follow you back and click on your links. Look at some of
                the bigger power users...

       So now you have a list of people you want to follow in front of you. In
        order to get Hummingbird to do its thing, click on the gear in the top right
        corner and select “follow all”.

   It is SOOO important that when you created the accounts you gave it a
    name and a personality. People will not follow the person you created
    unless they think they are going to be an interesting person to follow. For
    the next 24 hours or so, make sure youʼre making conversation who send
    you messages. The more people you follow, the more people who are
    going to see the ad. I donʼt know how to stress that more.

   Are you still with me? Youʼre almost done.

   Donʼt send any of your ads yet! Why? Because we need to get these
    people to trust first, and then test them. If they see that all of your posts
    are going to be ads, they wonʼt continue following them. Obviously.

   Enter Day 2 - First thing we need to do is remove all of the people who
    didnʼt follow us back. In theroy, these are “wasted follow requests”. If they
    didnʼt follow us back they wonʼt see the ad when we tweet it. So lets
    remove them. If you go to the list of people you are following in
    Hummingbird, go to the gear button again and select “unfollow all”. Donʼt
    be fooled. This wonʼt unfollow everyone, just the people who didnʼt follow

   The next thing is go into your twtad account and send an ad or two through
    all of your accounts. After this. Start the process again of adding 400-600
    friends again, making some legit posts, and everything else we just went

   The secret to making money online is to take a method that makes money
    and to scale it up. More accounts, More Followers, More people reached,
    more money. Itʼs amazing how 5.00 a day can turn into 50.00 a day, just
    by adding more accounts and not doing anything differently. Good luck!