How to make a successful application for a PGCE

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					         How to make a successful
          application for a PGCE
      apply online –
      Graduate Teacher Training Registry processes applications for
          Postgraduate Certificate of Education courses in the UK
    Before you start:

•   Contact TDA with regards possible bursaries or funding

•   GTTR Course Search

•   Look at providers websites
             Making your application
•    All postgraduate [PGCE] courses require a degree

•    Check with the institution whether class of degree is important

•    Check with the institution if degree content has sufficient
     subject specialism
•   Be clear and concise when completing ‘Content of First Degree’

•   PGCE – a subject enhancer, not a subject provider

•    For Primary: if a non-curriculum subject, highlight relevant
    course content in your application

•    Demonstrate ability across a range of subjects and your subject
    knowledge strengths

•   If you do not have any school experience, it will help your application if
    you arrange a visit to a school. Contact the TDA for help with this:


•   Use Internet to research developments in education

•   Personal Statement – most crucial part of application

•   Used by providers to assess your commitment to teaching, desire for
    self-development and enthusiasm for education
                         The Process
•   Apply online for PGCE at

•   2 initial choices only for Primary (in preference order)

•   Or 4 initial choices for Secondary (in preference order)

•   GTTR will process application

•   Send to providers in order of preference

•   Providers request applicant to interview

•   Providers offer place or applicant is unsuccessful

•   If unsuccessful additional choices may be added
                      Track Progress
•   Log onto GTTR Track on the GTTR website to track progress of
    your application

•   Log-in will be sent with your welcome letter
               Online Support
• The TDA website has an interview section to help
  you prepare for your interview

• You can also do a short interactive interview which
  illustrates the types of questions that you might be
  asked, and the types of answers a teacher training
  provider might expect