How to Make the Most of MASSIE Life

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					                 How to Make the Most of MASSIE Life

                                   Kyohei Hidaka

      My name is Kyohei Hidaka. First, I want to thank my parents for giving
me great opportunities to spend such a precious time in Canada. Moreover, I ,
want to say “Thank you” to all of my friends in Canada for spending much time
with me. I love Canada and I love all of you guys.

        The MASSIE program is an exchange program in which lots of Japanese
students from KGU come to Canada to study English. This program consists of
approximately fifty members. I took part in this program in fall, 2005. I really
enjoyed this program and had lots of precious experiences through it. There are
many kinds of interesting events that we should experience. However, we have
lots of tasks to do, such as homework. In addition to that, it is a little difficult to
find the ways to really enjoy MASSIE life. Then, I will tell you some keys to
make the most of MASSIE life based on my experience, like how to deal with
your homework, how to make friends and how to enjoy the world outside your

        The first key is how to handle homework. There are many students who
are bothered by homework. Some people spend much time to finish homework.
I recommend finishing your homework during the daytime. Usually, Mount
Allison University students are very busy in the daytime. It is difficult to find
them to talk in English. To enjoy your life, it is essential to share the time with
Mount Allison University students. Since they do not have classes at night, it will
be easier to talk to Mount Allison University students than in the daytime.
However, you may feel it is very difficult to finish your homework during the day
time. There are some solutions to this problem. First, you have to concentrate
on your homework. It is a simple but very important thing. Second, I
recommend that you cooperate with other MASSIE students to finish your
homework. By sharing ideas, it makes it easier to finish your homework.
Without finishing homework, you cannot do anything to enjoy your life, so it is
very important to think about how you deal with your homework.
        The second key is making friends. It is very important to make friends in
Sackville. Nice friends will make MASSIE life more fun. There are many people
in Sackville such as Canadian students, international students, teachers, MASSIE
students and people who live or work in Sackville. There are various ways to get
to know each other. MASSIE students live in residences such as Hunton,
Windsor, Bigelow, and Bennet. Each MASSIE student has a roommate. This is a
great opportunity to make friends. In addition to that, each MASSIE student has
a tutor to improve our skills of conversation in English. This is also a great
opportunity to make friends. Then, I do recommend making friends more. There
are more people in Sackville besides roommates and tutors. There are a lot of
residence houses around Sackville. People there help MASSIE students to speak
English when our tutors or roommates are busy. By making many friends, you
will find that there are lots of opportunities to talk to native speakers of English.
The more friends you make, the more fun your life will be.
       The final key that I want to tell you is “Go outside”. When I talked to one
Mount Allison University student, he told me something interesting: “It is only as
much fun as you want it to be; you have got to get out there.” I think we can
say the same thing to the MASSIE students. You will find lots of elements that
make your life fun when you go outside of your room. There are pubs, parties
and other events. There are lots of people at the pub and at parties. They are
the best places to make new friends. By going to the pub and to parties, in my
case, I really made lots of friends in Sackville. In addition to that, by going
outside, you can see real aspects of Canadians, for example, what kind of music
they like, and how they enjoy their daily life. It is really important to go outside.
      As you can see, there are some secrets to taking advantage of MASSIE life.
In my case, I really enjoyed MASSIE life thanks to these keys. I spent a really
fun time with my friends in Canada. I always finished my homework during the
daytime and went outside of my room. By doing so, I really enjoyed my life in
Canada and made lots of friends. At first, MASSIE students tend to be nervous
about making friends. For example, some people may find it is difficult to make
friends at the party and they go back to their room. However, I do not want you
to give up. At first, when I went to parties, it was difficult to speak English.
However, I kept trying to talk to other people. At last, I made lots of friends at
parties. Thus, what I want to say is that you can enjoy your life as much as you
want. Even if you feel some difficulties, you have to encourage yourself by
saying to yourself “Never give up.” By obeying these keys, I had a fun time in
Sackville and I hope everyone can enjoy their life in Sackville.