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									Sample Memo (Lesson 8)

Example of a Memo

Date:       October 2, 2004
To:        Mr. Jones
From:      Lisa Smith
Subject:   Report on research project

This is the required report of where I’m at in my research project about what restaurants my classmates
prefer. I’m about where I expected myself to be at this time and should be finished well before the deadline.

First I put together the survey I would distribute. I chose a set of restaurants to include in the survey; most
of them were local restaurants, though I chose some that can only be found in a bigger city.

Next I decided how I would choose my sample. I put all middle school students’ names in a bowl and drew
randomly from them.

I then distributed my survey to the students whose names I had drawn and asked them to rank their three
favorite restaurants from among those listed.

After collecting the completed surveys, I compiled the results.

I am going to study those results next and compare them to the predictions I made before doing the study.
Then I will write my conclusion and proofread my work so it will be ready to turn in.
Example memos (Lesson 8)

Below are three examples of memos. Your task is to analyze which of them belongs under each label on
Handout P.

Example 1
TO: Coach Joe Smith
FROM: John Doe
DATE: Today
SUBJECT: Football

Thank you very much for the opportunity you have provided this year for Junior to not only learn about
football and team work but also for him to develop leadership and time management skills.

Junior has enjoyed the experience of playing for you very much, and I’m sure it’s something he will not
forget for a long time. The work you do to help shape today’s boys to be tomorrow’s young leaders is
extremely important, and I believe you are doing a great job!

Have a great day and GO TIGERS!!!

Example 2
TO: Coach Joe Smith
FROM: Jack Doe
DATE: Today
SUBJECT: Football

I was very pleased with the football team’s performance at Friday night’s game. You have trained a group
of young men not only to play football well and with all the energy they have, but you’ve also taught them
how to represent our school well. The opposing coach stopped me after the game to let me know how
courteous and polite our boys were; I am proud of all of you.

Good luck Friday night as you and the boys get ready to head into district play. Win or lose, we are proud
of the team you have built!

Example 3
TO: Coach Joe Smith
FROM: James Doe
DATE: Today
SUBJECT: Football

What a great game that was Friday! It was the highlight so far of a terrific year and a wonderful experience.
The things you have taught me and asked of me have certainly helped prepare me for the real world and
juggling a family, career and hobby.

I am very pleased to say I am a part of our school’s football team and that I’ve had the opportunity to work
with you. Thanks for being so encouraging to me this year.

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