How To Get Affordable Homeowner's Insurance In New Hampshire

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How To Get Affordable Homeowner's Insurance In New Hampshire By Larry Nez

There is no state law in New Hampshire which requires homeowners to carry homeowner's insurance. Even without such a law the majority of homeowners who have a choice still choose to buy homeowner's insurance. Of course, if your home is financed and you pay a monthly mortgage then you won't have a choice; your mortgage lender will require that you keep your home fully covered by homeowner's insurance. But whether you are required to buy homeowner's insurance or whether you choose to carry it, there are still things that you can do to lower the cost of your monthly premiums. Start by making your home as fire safe and as burglar proof as you possibly can. Clear shrubs, weeds, brush and trash at least ten feet away from any structure on your property. This will help to reduce fire danger. If you can afford to have a fire and burglar system installed in your home, the kind that automatically reports to an independent company which then alerts police and fire services, you can greatly reduce your monthly premiums, which can go a long way toward paying for your protection. Motion-sensor lights mounted on the outside of your home also discourage burglars, as does trimming back bushes around any windows or doors where burglars might be able to hide. Deadbolts need to be installed on every outside door and working locks need to be installed on all windows, even windows on upper floors. Make sure you have installed the correct number of smoke and fire alarms for your home and its layout. Make sure all of them are working and be sure to change the batteries in them at least twice each year (many people remind themselves by changing batteries on the days that the clocks are set forward and backward). Buy the correct type and size fire extinguisher for your kitchen. Once you have taken all of these measures it's time for you to jump online and start comparing
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homeowner policies and prices among the different insurance companies in New Hampshire. Make sure you take the extra time to compare prices on at least two and preferably three different comparison websites. In this way you can be more certain that you are comparing all of the insurance companies in New Hampshire and that you are getting the most affordable homeowner's insurance available in New Hampshire. Recommended sites for home insurance Affordable Homeowner's Insurance Quotes in New Hampshire

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The Discounts Your Homeowners Insurance Provider Hopes You Never Find Out By Mike McDonough

Did you know that there are over sixty major national competitors in the U.S. selling homeowner's insurance? With that many companies fighting for your business you'd think finding cheap homeowner's insurance would be easier than it is. Most insurance companies have discount policies in place that will lower your insurance premiums and make high quality homeowner's insurance more affordable than ever before in an effort to steal your business from their competition. The catch is, your insurance company wants to keep their profits as high as possible. That means they might not offer (and their sales agents might not know) all of the discounts they have available to their customers when you call for an initial quote. As a savvy insurance shopping it's up to you to ask to make sure that you're getting the cheapest homeowner's insurance on the market. Some common (and not so common) homeowner's insurance discounts include: • Safety features like deadbolt locks, smoke detectors, electronic security systems and dual paned, reinforced windows that lower the chances of fire and theft destroying the sanctity of your home (and by default the chances of your insurance carrier having to pay for it). • Age. Contrary to popular belief, insurance agencies aren't just heartless leaches (usually-there are exceptions to every rule). Many offer discounts for homeowners over the age of 55 living on a fixed income that can't afford to pay exorbitant amounts for their homeowner's insurance each month. • Affiliation. There are many organizations that cut deals with insurance carriers to offer their members cheaper homeowner's insurance. If you belong (or have ever belonged) to an organization or club that offers its members discounts on certain services it would wise to check and see if they include homeowner's insurance on their list of benefits. • Loss mitigation. Reinforced windows, elevation, backflow valves and a thousand other small home improvement projects that minimize the chances that your home will suffer serious damage if there's a flood, a fire or a windstorm (tornadoes and hurricanes and thunderstorms, oh my!) will send the cost of your homeowner's insurance premiums plummeting. • Good credit. Yes, your homeowner's insurance premium is yet another part of your life that's going to be affected by that little three digit number-right along with your ability to get a loan, your employability and any of a thousand other factors that are determined by your credit. Between your social security number and your credit score it's really easy to feel like just another number in a sea of millions! Regardless, your credit will have an impact on your homeowner's insurance premiums, so it pays to keep your credit floating above water. • Higher deductibles. Most people don't consider high deductibles to be a discount, but if you're willing to pay a little bit extra out of pocket for repairs if and when you file a homeowner's insurance claim you'll have a better chance of picking up high quality coverage for a low annual premium. Just don't let your deductible climb higher than the balance of your savings account-a low insurance premium isn't going to do you any good if you can't afford your deductible when disaster strikes.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Keep in mind that this list is just barely scratching the surface of the possibilities floating around out there when it comes to your homeowner's insurance. There are hundreds of other ways to lower your premiums and make quality coverage more affordable, and if you're willing to hunt for those discounts you'll be able to enjoy the cheapest homeowner's insurance in town. Michael McDonough is a National Account Executive for Since its launch in 1996 the company has specialized in matching consumers requests for insurance quotes with both local agents and national insurance carriers. For more information please visit Real French Life ebook guide to schooling, insurance, day to day life and more in France. Page 4

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