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How to Compare ERP Software Options By Michael J. Kelly

In these tough times, one of the most fundamentally important things you can do is effectively measure which ERP software is going to be efficient, successful, and affordable for your systems. Learning how to compare ERP software and make the right choice is hard though, so here are a few tips to help make the right solution based on what you need for accounting, inventory, CRM, POS, and eCommerce in your business. Asking the Right Questions When you compare ERP software, you need to ask the right questions of the companies you're considering. Ensuring that you are getting the top quality software and that it will work as well as the sales copy claims is a big step. Other questions you may ask yourself as you compare ERP software is whether you should buy or rent, install in-house or get a hosting plan, and whether it is best to work with a vendor or reseller. Here are some quick tips to make answering these questions a little easier: -Always find and work with resellers if you can as they will bring value to the product and your business. It might seem safer to go with a vendor, but the reseller is going to be able to help you compare ERP systems and to implement them in a way that ensures you get all the features you need to run an effective business electronically. -While it might be a good plan for a larger business with a central location to have an in-house hosting solution, any small businesses or medium businesses who outsource a lot should look for a hosted solution. Software as a Service allows you to pay a fee each month to use ERP that has already been evaluated and will be maintained for you at a smaller cost. -However, if you do plan to use software in the long term and are already trying to compare ERP options, make sure to buy rather than rent. While Software as a Service is nice because it allows for someone to help maintain your systems, rental is not all that great because of the lack of support you gain. Finding Resources to Compare ERP Options When you start to compare ERP options, you will need to find articles and charts that will help you
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compare the different feature lists, uses and styles of software on the market and how each of them will ultimately help or hurt your company. For any company that is seeking a cost efficient, long term plan that will allow them to make their business run smoother and their headaches from management issues to subside a bit, compare ERP software effectively and make a good decision. Make sure you get solid support, long term care, and that the company you are working with has a history of providing quality products and not bolting when you need them most. Only then are you going to be able to be sure that your ERP software solution is the best possible option around. Michael Kelly is a managing director for CRM-ERP, providing quality tools to compare ERP software solutions and make the best choice for any company. To learn more visit

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Three Things to Look For in ERP Software Evaluation By Michael J. Kelly

Let's face it - if your company grows, you are going to need to add some form of resource management to your systems to make your life easier. The most effective way of doing so is through ERP software, but finding the right solution for your ERP needs can be tough if you don't know what you're looking for. Therefore, the following three factors used in ERP software evaluation should always be integrated into the decision making process. Redundancy Reductions A company without a good Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system are going to waste a lot of resources. It's as simple as that. The larger you grow, the more resources you have and the more redundant activities will occur. ERP software evaluation allows you to find a system that will reduce redundancies that your specific company is having. For example, you may find that you are regularly having multiple employees entering the same data into your computers because they need it in different ways. Rather than combining databases, you are wasting resources to enter it twice. ERP software that allows you to access and use data in multiple formats will reduce this waste of time and money and make your business more efficient. There are dozens of such examples you should look for when performing your ERP software evaluation. How It Will Affect Your Company Integrating a new system into your business is a major undertaking. You need train your staff, restructure some departments and change nearly every process you perform on a daily basis. So, during ERP software evaluation, you should ask what changes are necessary, how much they will require from your team and how effective they will be in altering the overall efficiency of your business. If it's not going to do all that much (as is the case for small businesses), get a less incursive system. Matching Needs to Your Departments Finally, when completing your ERP software evaluation, make sure you know exactly what your departments need and that the software will work within those boundaries. If you need to manage distribution, design, and quality control more efficiently, you need an ERP solution that will work as well in the factory as it does in the office. Toss in inventory control and information services and you are stretching to multiple offices and large data sets. ERP software evaluation should include a complete list of what you will need it for. You are going to need to appoint a few individuals to oversee implementation if your ERP system looks to affect more than just one or two departments (which it should). In the end, ERP software evaluation will ensure that you take the time necessary to review the various ERP solutions on the market, matching the one that will best serve your company up with what you're going to use it for. If you can manage this, you'll save time, money, and ultimately, a whole lot of stress in the process. Michael Kelly is a managing director for CRM-ERP, providing quality tools for ERP software evaluation

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to make the best choice for any company. To learn more visit

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