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Gold coins are of various types and some of the most sought after coins are Liberty quarter eagle, American platinum eagle, Canadian platinum maple leaf, American silver eagle, Canadian silver maple leaf, Silver rounds. Click here to know more

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How to Buy Gold Coins By Jason Wilson

Information is everywhere on how to buy gold coins but how do you know who to trust? There are different types of gold coins to invest in and before any money is paid it is best to do a good amount of research. People looking to strengthen their portfolios are investing in precious metals, especially gold. But as this practice gains popularity, more companies form that claim to be experts on the subject. The best way to start is by searching online. Surf the internet for blogs, articles and websites that give relevant information on how to buy gold coins. There are several key elements to finding a reputable company. First check out how long the company has been around. Search through their website to determine when it was created and put into use and if you can’t find the information just call them. If you speak with someone make sure you verify the validity of their response by checking with company’s like the Better Business Bureau. Most accredited businesses will be registered with them and show a rating of customer satisfaction and quality of service. Also, look around online for user reviews of the company. Typically, not finding anything is a positive sign. Companies with bad reputations will, very often, have bad remarks left about them on several websites. Again, research the validity of everything you find to ensure you have accurate information. It also can’t hurt to call around and speak with some of the industry experts that sell gold and other precious metals. This is a very competitive market and a good company will have a wealth of knowledge and current market information. A good gold dealer will also take the time to gain your trust and make sure you are completely satisfied with their service. If you find someone asking for money quickly and assertively, beware. Once you find someone trustworthy and get all of the information you need, then it’s time to start investing. With the vast amount of options out there it’s important to invest in gold, or other precious metals, that will yield you the greatest returns and have the largest long term affect. Typically, it is recommended to hold on to coins and bullion for a minimum of 3-5 years in order to gain the most profitable returns. Rare coins, also called “numismatic” coins tend to carry a higher spread,
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which is the difference between the cost to buy and sell, and to overcome these spreads and maximize potential profit, it is best to hold on to these for anywhere from 5-10 years. For the best resources on how to buy gold coins just visit the internet where you can find current gold prices, information about rare coins and what is the best option for you. Dealing with a verified online dealer will give you the insight you need to be a successful precious metals investor and get you on the right path to financial security. Merit Financial is a leading dealer of gold coins, bullion, numismatics and precious metals since 1985. For more information visit the website or contact one of the brokers today at 1.866.PURE-GOLD

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American Eagle Gold Coins: Why These Gold Bullion Coins Are a Worthy Investment By Christina Goldman

There's never been a better time to buy American Eagle Gold Coins. An economic recession is almost assured. Along with the varied fluctuations in the stock market and the downward trend in the real estate sector, more investors are compelled to put their money in items that will hold value, such as gold bullion coins. A recent trend analysis puts the gold market as one of the most flourishing areas of investment, offering the maximum returns. Most investors select American Eagle Gold Coins as their option for gold coin investments, as these are of assured quality. Likewise, the gold coin collectors, as a hobby or antique collection, prefer American Eagle Gold Coins, which are 91.67% purity or 22 karat. Generally pure gold is actually a mixture of the soft yellow metal and other metals like silver and copper, to make it more wear-resistant. American Eagle Gold Coins are made out of gold mined in United States. These bullion coins were first released from the US Mint in 1986 and are of assured 22 karats. There are two varieties of American Eagle Gold Coins - the bullion and the proof. The American Eagle Gold bullion coins can be considered the best raw gold and is highly suitable for solid investment. These are readily available in the bullion markets. They are a very worthy and safe investment. These coins have been recognized, appreciated and sold the world over. Many American Eagle Gold Coin buyers consider the bullion coins as the best option for a long-term investment. The American Eagle Gold Proof Coins are actually gold coins that have been specifically struck for collectors and to highlight or mark special occasions. Proof gold coins are not designed for general public circulation. Most of the coin collectors hunt for these types of gold coins. They are very impressive, attractive, glossy and worth the amount that is spent. Different processing techniques are used to make these American Eagle Gold Proof Coins, which gives it an imposing look and beauty. American Eagle Gold Coins are available in different weights. There are four options of 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce. Generally smaller weights might appear to cost less, but in reality it can be more cost-effective to buy the 1 ounce gold coins. You should be always be very selective from whom you choose to purchase the gold coins. It is advisable to buy from reputable authorized merchants and clearly check for the purity and weight. There are many establishments approved by the US Mint. The online auction site, eBay, is very convenient and can be very cost effective method of obtaining American Eagle Gold Coins. A proper online search on eBay will turn up many varieties of American Eagle Gold Coins to add to your collection. At the moment, the gold market is very customer friendly. The handsome collections available gives ample opportunities for the customer to get the best price and selection, making American Eagle Gold Coins a very worthy investment! You'll find great prices and selection on American Eagle Gold Coins at:

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