How to approach wholesale supplier or manufacturer in international trade

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How to approach wholesale supplier or manufacturer in international trade By Davidson

Any business needs two basic things to be successful: customers and products. Products can be services or actual tangible items and the purpose of this article is to examine different methods how to obtain goods and further wholesale them. As well as to help you decide which method the most suitable is for online or offline selling. Buying goods for resale is done primarily through four methods called channels: directly from the manufacturer, from a wholesaler, from a distributor or from a supplier.

Each method has its pros and cons. Most businesses will use only one method and usually it is not the business that determines what method will be used but rather the volume, size of that business and available channels. Not all of the four purchasing methods are available for all products and in some cases there may be only one suitable. The first method is about buying directly from the manufacturer. Smaller manufacturing companies often sell straightaway to other businesses because they are new to the market or do not have the money required to work through other channels. In such a case you will work with internal sales staffs that handle all aspects of the purchase, delivery logistics and billing. A wholesaler is usually only interested in sales volume and does not sell single or low-quantity items. In that case the manufacturer sells only to its wholesalers who in turn sell to businesses or distributors. Wholesale supplier and manufacturer usually handle all the logistics involved in getting the merchandise to the business as well as billing. On the other hand distributors tend to sell in lower quantities by purchasing the goods from a wholesaler. Distributors often play a role of regional providers. A distributor may also act as a customer relationship representative between the manufacturer and the business in order to suggest ways how to improve sales, to display the goods and answer any questions or concerns about the product. Once you decide to take a wholesale business opportunity then you build a relationship with the distributor, wholesaler, supplier or manufacturer that is providing you the goods. When you believe you have found a golden source, take an action to maximize profit with the best marketing concept. Everyone you know uses or needs Health and Beauty products. These products are use daily and
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retailers need to have them. You might want to focus your efforts in this area when you're first beginning a wholesale business. These kinds of products are inexpensive to purchase, they are also in high demand on constant basis. You will also find they are easy to transport and you are able to manage them without a large truck or a warehouse. These products are also much easier to mark up in terms of price, while can lead to larger profits. There are many different types of luggage, including Wholesale luggage, bags & cases supplier. Each piece offers its own unique features and usage. Every bag or case is available in many materials, sizes, colors, shapes and prices. No matter what the purpose for your luggage will be, there is no shortage of options for you to pick and choose between! Luggage is made by a number of manufacturers, including Samsonite, Travelpro, Tumi, Ace, Ameribag, Briggs & Riley, Hartmann, Olympia and Zero Halliburton. You can find most pieces offered in a wide variety of materials, including leather, suede, denim, nylon and even metal. These materials vary in purpose and benefits; you can even find some luggage that is waterproof, if you’re finally going on that scuba diving trip! Wholesale luggage, bags & cases supplier are also very good wholesale products to invest in. Some women change purses as frequently as some men change socks. If you can offer your patrons an array of purses, you may gain customers for life. Wallets, cell phone cases, backpacks, sunglasses and jewelry are all very good wholesale products to be bought and sold.

So if you are looking for wholesale Wholesale supplier & manufacturer you have to start with the type of wholesale business you want. There are many segments that you can get into and each will have a different channel. Wholesale luggage, bags & cases supplier that you might want to investigate is that of sporting goods.

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B2b Garments And Jewelry Markets By James Williams

Due to today's technological innovations, merchandise trade can now be done online. Stocks are sold and bought online. All kinds of merchandise are being bought and sold online, as well. Business-to-business (B2B) trade is also being done online. B2B Trade An online B2B trade typically refers to trade between the manufacturer and the distributor and the distributor and the retailer of merchandise. The contact between supplier and buyer is usually established online, particularly in B2B markets or B2B networking sites. The suppliers describe their business and list their inventory. The buyers, on their part, browse around for the supplier/s that can give them what they need in terms of merchandise type, volume, quality, and price and proceed to contact their chosen suppliers/supplier. Online B2B trade is not limited by geographical boundaries. A buyer could go to B2B trading sites with a worldwide membership base if he wants to obtain supplies from offshore territories. Correspondence between the trading parties is usually done online and payments are processed through internet funds transfer and banking services. A B2B trade is similar but not the same as online retailing. It is similar because contact and sales occur online. There are also suppliers who display or auction off their merchandise and there are buyers who look for the best merchandise quality at the best price. However, the suppliers and buyers in B2B trade are unlike that in online retailing. In the latter, the suppliers are the retailers and the buyers are the end consumers who will use the product or merchandise bought. In the former, both suppliers and buyers are business owners or entities. The buyers in a B2B trade are not the end users of the traded merchandise. They are one step higher in the supply chain than the end users; they're going to be the direct sellers of the merchandise. In some cases, the buyer may also be a manufacturer who has bought raw materials for his own merchandise production (say a boat builder buying air conditioners for his line). B2B Trade in Garments and Jewelry Online B2B trading is particularly useful in the garments and jewelry industry. An American retailer can directly order wholesale sarongs, Aloha dresses, kaftans, crochet dresses, and other types of garments from garment factories in other countries like Indonesia. Sterling silver accessories and jewelry can also be ordered direct from Asian factories or their authorized distributors. Masks, tribal artifacts and carvings can also be bought directly through B2B trading portals. If you wish to become a retailer of garments and jewelry, you need to seriously consider becoming a member of a B2B trading site so you'd have access to authorized distributors and manufacturers. On the other hand, you can browse through the wholesale garments and jewelry dealers in the web and find those that offer quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

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