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How Long Does it Take For a Home Insurance Claim to Be Settled? By Derek Rogers

If you are a homeowner who has taken out insurance on your home, you will find that your thoughts often turn to the worst. In the event of a fire or a disaster, you will feel quite fortunate to have the insurance that you have been paying off to step in and set you back on your feet, but you might find that you are a little bit nervous about what you can expect. By now, you have heard plenty of horror stories about some people whose insurance have taken a long time to pay out, but you have also heard about people who have had insurance pay outs in no time at all. What can you expect and what can you count on? When you are looking at homeowner's insurance, you will find that this can depend on many things. * The first point that you should be aware of is the amount of time that an insurance company has to pay a claim, this is something that is determined by your state insurance laws. With this in mind, make sure that you head to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website and find out what your state mandates and what they need to adhere to. Insurance companies don't like to give you an exact date as to when your claim will be settled; most likely, you will just get a response saying that it will be as quickly as possible. * If you are filing a homeowner's insurance claim, you will find that there are a few things that you can do to speed the process along. When you have been faced with a disaster, make sure that you file your claim as quickly as possible, particularly if there has been some sort of natural disaster in the area. Insurance claims are not a matter of first come, first served, but you will find that getting the process going will have your claim settled faster. * When you are in the process of making a homeowner's insurance claim, you will find that you can speed things along by staying in contact with your claims adjuster. Call them regularly and ask for updates. Be polite and make sure that they are on top of things. This lets them know that you are waiting as well and you will find that if you can stay fresh in their memory that you will stay on top of their 'to-do' pile as well. * If necessary, make some noise. You will find that this is definitely an industry where the squeaky wheel gets the grease and you will also realise that if you can't get good answers out of your adjuster that you should go on to their supervisor. If necessary, you might need to go through the company's
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legal department as well. Take the time to make sure that you know what is going on with your homeowner's insurance claim. This can make all the difference to how well you and your family will cope when it comes to dealing with disaster and misfortune, so make it a high priority. Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For Loss Assessors and Home Insurance Claim Services, he recommends Morgan Clark:

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Florida Public Insurance Adjusters And Property Damage Insurance Claims By Adam Woodham

Florida Public Insurance Adjusters are growing in popularity throughout Florida. Whether it is hurricane, fire, flood or catastrophe damage, more and more home and business owners are finding it necessary to acquire the assistant of a Public Adjuster because of underpaid property damage insurance claims. Florida has been devastated by hurricanes in the past 3 years. Broward, Dade, West Palm, Monroe, charlotte and many other counties have had astronomical damage to their property and many of these hardworking people have not gotten a proper settlement from their Insurance Company. The main Insurance Company that is now dealing with these past hurricane damage claims is Citizen's. For the most part, Citizen's has been a fairly honest company. They have however underpaid a portion of their insurance policyholders from past hurricane and catastrophe damage. This is where Florida Public Insurance Adjusters have stepped up to the place. Their job is to reopen a policyholders insurance damage claim and see if the home or business owner was 100% properly paid on that insurance claim. The number of underpaid insurance damage claims is astounding. Public Insurance Adjusters routinely get 70%-80% more funds for the policyholder than they originally received from the insurance company when the claim was settled. Reopening a property damage claim is fairly simple and is well worth it for any past hurricane damage victims. It is not recommended that the policyholder reopen a past insurance claim by themselves. It is a tedious process that should be handled by a professional if you want to walk away with the extra funds you were cut short on. Whether it is a single family home, or a whole condo association, Public Insurance Adjusters are there to represent the policyholder throughout this whole process, and more times than not, these hardworking property owners get the funds that they should have originally received. Adam Woodrow is a Homeowner and Webmaster for Helping homeowners collect on underpaid insurance damage claims. Half of homeowners are underpaid and don't even know it.

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