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How Do We Find Notes? By Russell Dalbey

Take a look around your neighborhood – it is almost certain that some of your neighbors who own their homes are also making payments on a mortgage or trust deed. There is no shortage of mortgages and other real estate notes but many new note finders find themselves at a loss when trying to locate person-to-person real estate notes. The process of looking for privately held mortgages and trust deeds is exactly the same in most cases as locating those liens that are held by banks and other institutional lenders and it just takes a little digging and some practice to learn where to look. All notes should be recorded with the county clerk – this is done for the protection of both the note holder and the payor on the note. Once a note is recorded with the county clerk it becomes public record and is accessible to anyone who wants to view it. Since public records are maintained at the county level you may find some variety in the protocol for searching records across the nation, and even within the same state. Some counties' records are accessible from home via the Internet while others are only available in person; some require party names or dates while others allow you to search through the entire catalog of records at your leisure. There may be small differences from courthouse to courthouse, however the overall idea behind the process is the same. Once you have mastered the general idea of what you are looking for you can learn the nuances of each county you search in, whether that's in Alaska, Florida or anywhere in between. To help you expertly navigate each county you should enlist the guidance of the County Clerks. It is their responsibility to help visitors find the information they are after – so don't hesitate to ask them to assist you in your hunt for private real estate notes. Simply let them know that you are interested in viewing their private mortgage or trust deed records and let them point you in the right direction. The records may be stored on a computer, microfiche, or in bound volumes so make sure that you take the time to learn the system your county employs – and don't be afraid to ask for additional guidance. Remember, County Clerks are experts at locating records but they are likely not experts on the note business, so make sure that you keep your questions short and to the point. Once you have found the mortgage or trust deed records at the County Clerk's office it's time to put on your detective hat. You will want to search through records using a start date of approximately 2 years in the past. This will give you the best chance of finding the freshest leads. In most cases you should see the name of both the lending and borrowing parties, the type of record, the date of recording, and the document number. Remember, however, that each county has its own record keeping system, so some may show more information than others. An easy way to make sure you are looking in the right
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place is to scan the column in which a bank's name appears (this is the lender's column). Once you have located that it is simply a matter of finding those instances in which a private individual’s name appears instead of the bank – that is a private real estate note, and one that you can utilize as a lead for a potential note referral deal. Take a look at the document itself (using the document number, again you can ask the clerk for help here if you need to) to find the name and address of the individual who acted as the lender on that particular note. From there it is a matter of contacting that person to determine if they are still collecting the payments on that note and if they are interested in selling the remaining payments. For more information on cash flow notes and their uses visit us online at

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Take a Memo – Using Branded Post it Notes is a Good Idea By Miles Lovegrove

One of the best inventions that someone came up with is the Post It note. It's something that people use every day and that is used in both the home and in the office. They are a great way that people can tell others about messages, that they can remind themselves of an appointment or a meeting, and a great place to jot down phone numbers and name. There's no wonder that companies are using branded post it notes to promote their business. What branded post it notes offer a company Low price One of the best things about branded post it notes is that they have a very low price. There are a lot of different promotional items that are higher in price, and therefore they are items that not everyone can afford. But with the low price of branded post it notes, any type of company can afford to use branded post it notes to promote their company. Convenience Another thing that branded post it notes offers to companies is convenience. Whenever someone has to leave a message for someone on their desk, all they have to do is to take one of the branded post it notes and stick it somewhere that the person will see it. Unlike other types of pieces of paper, branded post it notes stick anywhere and they are easier to spot. Visibility The last thing that branded post it notes offers to companies is that they offer the company visibility. When a company gives people branded post it notes, they are going to remember the company. They are going to use the branded post it notes and each time they use them, they will be reminded of the company. Along with offering a company a few good things, branded post it notes also are a promotional item that is easy to distribute. Here are a few ways that a company can promote their business with branded post it notes. New neighbours One way that a company can promote their business with branded post it notes is to send them to new people that move into the area. It's one of the best ways that a company can introduce a new person to the company. Send them a welcome letter with some of your branded post it notes and a pencil in it, and let them know what the company has to offer them. Trade shows Another way to promote a business with branded post it notes is to give them out at trade shows. Trade shows are a great way that a company can promote their business with Post it notes, because

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they are small, easy to transport, and they are something that people are going to want. Branded post it notes are one of the best ways that a company can promote their company. They are something that a company can use or an individual, they are inexpensive, they are portable, and they are something that is going to offer visibility to a company. Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding (, the UK's largest supplier of branded Post It Notes and Promotional Products.  For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit Eco Incentives at Fill-in-the-blank thank you letters and notes for any situation or occasion. Page 4

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