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How Can I Get Health Insurance Coverage-


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
Medical insurance is the most important insurance plan for your life and your family. Medical insurance provides security for costs you may require when you are sick. When your health is insured, your insurance company pays all the costs Click here to know more

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How Can I Get Health Insurance Coverage? By Nicholas Wright

? Millions of Americans lack health insurance, mostly as a result of their working conditions. Several groups fall between the cracks: part-time workers, freelance workers, and students for a start. And now that companies are slashing prices and trimming budgets, employee benefits like health care are often the first thing to be compromised. But many of us don't realize how easy it is to get affordable coverage, no matter what our working conditions are like. If you're one of the 50 million Americans without health insurance, here are the different ways you can go about getting it. Corporate-Sponsored Insurance This is the most common form of health insurance in the country: individuals who work for corporations, and receive health insurance through their business. Usually there are requirements, such as hourly commitment per week, or a number of months with the company, before the health insurance kicks in. Sometimes the employee pays part of the monthly fee; sometimes the company pays all of it. In addition, you always need to be careful of WHO exactly is covered in your corporate sponsored insurance. Don't assume your family is coveredyou may need to pay additional money so include your family on your policy. Usually there is a representative in your office (or at the insurance company) who is familiar with the account: ask them for advice, and what you need to do to extend your coverage. Government-Sponsored Insurance Another very common kind of health insurance, government-sponsored insurance ranges from Medicare and Medicaid to state-sponsored health benefits for those with very low income. Cruelly, the majority of insurance companies have an "income requirement" to be eligible for benefits, leaving those in the lowest bracket uninsured. If you are working, and your corporation doesn't offer health insurance, but your income is too low to buy individual health insurance, research local and federal health insurance programs to see what you can qualify for. Individual Insurance Believe it or not, if you're working part-time and your business doesn't provide health insurance, you
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
can buy your own. There are a variety of coverage options you can choose frommany no more expensive than the co-pay you would have with corporate-sponsored insurance. There are certain hassles to individual health insurance policiesyou have to fill out pages and pages of questions about your health and lifestyle, and then be required (in some cases) to take a medical examination. But these inconveniences are a small price to pay for coverage.

Nicholas Wright has worked in the insurance industry for several years.  Because he believes consumers should be well-informed, he blogs to help those seeking insurance information.  Whether you're just trying to find a cheap health insurance plan or you'd like to learn more about the terminology used in insurance policies visit:

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How to Choose Texas Health Insurance That Won’t Break Your Bank By Jordan FeRoss

Health insurance in Texas is more than what people think. You just don’t go to the doctor and get prescriptions if you need them. Health insurance covers more than just that. Actually, everyone should be able to get health insurance, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Since the cost of health insurance gets an increase every year, it’s difficult for some people to keep it. However, without health insurance in Texas, you can be doomed. It actually would cost you more not to have health insurance than to have it. Not a lot of companies care to provide health insurance coverage for their employees nowadays. In addition to the increase of health insurance coverage, costs for medical services fall right in line with the cost of increase as well. That too, makes it difficult for people to get and keep good health coverage. Living in Texas and not knowing what to get can be frustrating in itself. There are plenty of places where people can get health insurance in Texas, but either people think it’s too much money or it’s just to difficult to find something that wont’ break their bank account. Before you decide on health insurance, look for those that you can afford to pay for. Some of the more costly ones are not necessarily better than the ones that cost less. There are some health insurance plans in Texas that cost less and provide great benefits. If you want, you can contribute so much money a month toward your premium. This too, depends on how much you can spend. With some health insurance plans in Texas, you may have to pay for outpatient services and also pay a certain amount of money before your health coverage will be active. If you have a pre-existing condition (meaning the condition was there before you purchased the health coverage), you may be covered, but you will have to pay a higher rate. Health insurance companies in Texas feel that they are taking a big risk by insuring you with that cloud hanging over your head. You may also have a doctor examine you before you can start any health coverage. Health insurance companies in Texas will show you the pre-existing conditions that they will provide coverage for. There are also some health conditions that they will not provide coverage for. This is good so that you will know upfront what you need to do. It’s important to know what kind of medical services that the health insurance in Texas will offer you. At least you will know what to expect and whether or not this health insurance coverage is for you. You will also need to know the terms and conditions in regard to the policy. There are rules and regulations that you need to adhere to in order to keep the health coverage intact. The more you know about health insurance coverage, the better off you’ll be. You will be able to fulfill your health insurance needs without breaking the bank. This article about health insurance in texas is brought to you by Texas Health and Jordan FeRoss. You need to check them out at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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