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									              How To Get The Phone To Ring
Sample Lead-Generation Text for Postcards, Print Ads and Letters

                             By Ben Hart and Wanda Lyon

If you are in business, you want the phone to ring continuously with people inquiring about
your products or services.

     The more your phone rings, the more money you make – assuming you have a good follow-
up program.

     This article is about how to get the phone to ring off the hook as cheaply as possible, with
inquiries from super-qualified leads.

    You do that primarily by offering your target market something of value for free –
something that is exactly in line with the main product or service you are selling.

     This is just about the cheapest form of marketing you will do.

     I provide below some examples of free offers – offers that will certainly generate an
avalanche of inquiries for you.

     The sample text you’ll see below is formatted for postcards. But, with a few minor
adjustments, you can easily use this copy for print ads or lead generation letters.

                         Use an Advo-style Card Deck Program
     The most cost-effective way to mail postcards and lead-generation offers like this with in a
card deck or co-op mailing – such as what Advo, MoneyMailer and Val-Pak offer.

    With these programs, many postcards and advertisements are mailed together in one
envelope or wrapped in plastic shrink wrap.

    This allows you to mail your lead-generation postcard for as little as 2-5 cents apiece –
because the postage cost is shared by other advertisers participating in the mailing.

     I have found Advo, MoneyMailer and Val-Pak programs to deliver extraordinary return on
investment – if the text and offer on your postcard or co-op insert is right.
     Because your postcard is included with a stack of 15 to 30 other postcards from other
businesses in the same envelope or plastic wrapper, you will get fewer responses per-postcard in
an Advo-style co-op mailer than if you mail just one stand-alone postcard.

      But the cost is so low when you mail the card in an Advo-style packet – 2-5 cents per
postcard in an Advo co-op mailer instead of 40 or 50 cents each for a postcard that mails by

     So your risk is dramatically lower because your break-even point on your advertising is 10-
20 lower per post card mailed in a co-op mailer. To do this effectively, you need to know the
average value of a lead to your business and the long-term value of acquiring a new customer.

                             Always Use Oversized Postcards
     Here’s another key tip when designing your postcard – whether you are mailing a stand-
alone postcard or including your postcard in an Advo-style co-op card deck program.

     Make sure your postcard oversized. 11” x 5.7” is a good size for a postcard.

     Not only can you put more copy and graphics on an oversized postcard, but a bigger
postcard stands out and gets attention.

     The post office doesn’t charge you any more money to mail a big postcard like this than it
does a smaller conventional postcard. So you might as well use the biggest size you can.

     Bigger is always better in the mailbox. The oversized postcard will receive double or triple
the response of a the small conventional-sized postcard that you buy off a postcard rack.

                                     No Fancy Graphics
     Also, the copy on your postcard should be a letter – with a headline over the letter
highlighting your free offer, or other irresistible offer.

     Don’t use a lot of graphics. Don’t make your postcard look like an ad. Make it look like a
mini-letter or note. You might have a photo of yourself and/or the main product your are
offering. And that’s it. No starbursts. No fancy graphics. Plain and simple is best.

      This will also help set your postcard a part from all those other postcards designed by ad
agencies. A postcard that looks more like a letter than a ad will put 300% more responses than
all those graphics-heavy postcards desiged by ad agencies.

     Here’s something else that should interest and encourage you.

     The text for these sample postcards was written by my assistant, Wanda Lyon, who is
originally from Thailand. English is not even her first language. But she has been reading my
books and articles and listening in on the Inner Circle conference all seminars.
     She asked me if she could take a crack at writing these samples. I said “Sure, absolutely.”

     So this is what she came up with.

     I tweaked it here and there. But 90% of the copy you see below is hers.

     I think it’s pretty darn good. I figure if my assistant who was born in Thailand and is still
working on her English can write promotional copy like this, you certainly should be able to do
the same for your business.

     You’ll see the formula.   It’s really very simple. Just apply it to your business.

                               Sample Copy for Postcards
                        (which will also work for print ads and letters)

For Dentist

I Want to Give You a FREE
Exam and Teeth Cleaning
                                                                                    Friendly Photo
                                                                                       of Dentist
Dear [Town] Neighbor,

Very few of us take care of our teeth the way we should.

Did you know that you can prevent cavities, gum disease and a host of
other dental problems simply by flossing everyday and having your teeth
cleaned by a dentist every six months?

Gingivitis and tooth decay are what happen when you don’t do these two simple things.

Gingivitis cause your gums to recede. And that will ruin your smile. Eventually, your teeth fall
out. And small cavities can turn into root canals surprisingly quickly if not dealt with promptly.

Bring this [ad/postcard/letter] in with you and I’ll give you a free teeth cleaning and dental exam.

You’ll be very glad you did.

              Dr. John Q. Dentist, [Degrees]

P.S. You’ll need to bring this in by [xxdatexx] to get your free teeth cleaning and exam. To
learn more about our practice, visit our website at [URL].
For Realtor

Here’s Your FREE White Paper on . . .
“The Nine Keys To Buying and Selling                                                       Photo of
Real Estate Profitably in Arlington, Virginia”                                             Realtor

Dear [xxxxxxxxxxxx],

I have just finished writing a white paper on “The Nine Keys To Buying and
Selling Real Estate Profitably in Arlington, Virginia.”

If you are thinking about buying or selling property in Arlington, Virginia, this white paper will
certainly be of interest to you because there are just some areas in Arlington that a going up in
value much faster than others.

To pick up your FREE copy of this white paper, just go online and visit my website at [URL],
fill out the form and you’ll receive your.

My name is John Doe. I have been specializing in buying and selling real estate in the Arlington,
Virginia area for [xx] years. I know of no one who knows more about the real estate market in
Arlington than I do.

If you’d like to talk about real estate buying and selling opportunities in Arlington, give me a call

               Your Arlington Real Estate Specialist,

               John Q. Realtor
For an Accountant

I’ll prepare your tax returns for FREE
. . . if   you don’t save double my fee on your taxes                                    Photo of
Dear [Town] Neighbor,

It makes about as much sense for you to prepare your own tax returns as it
does for you to perform your own surgery.

I’m so confident you’ll save money on your taxes if you let me prepare your tax returns this year,
that I won’t charge you anything if I don’t at least save you at least double my fee over what
your tax bill would have been if you prepared your returns yourself.

The tax code is complicated. TurboTax and all those tax return preparation software programs
out there don’t show you where your deductions are.

Give me a call if you need help with your taxes. You can reach me at: XXX-XXXX.

           Your Friendly Neighborhood Accountant,

           John Q. CPA

P.S. Even if you are not sure you need an accountant yet, you can pick up a new White Paper
I’ve written titled “13 Ways To Cut Your Tax Bill That Are Missed by Amateurs and Even
by Most Professional Accountants.” You’ll find it at [URL].
For Lawyer

I’ll Evaluate Your Legal Problem for FREE
                                                                                   of Lawyer
Dear [Town] Neighbor,

If you have a legal problem in the Fairfax County Court, you certainly want
an aggressive, street-smart lawyer who knows all the judges and who has been
practicing law in Fairfax County for the past 19 years.

My areas of specialty are:

               o   __________________
               o   __________________
               o   __________________
               o   __________________

To schedule your FREE Case Evaluation, give my assistant Judy a call at XXX-XXXX. Or
email her at: [email address].

       To Your Peace of Mind,

       John Q. Lawyer, Esq.

P.S. I’ve just finished writing a new White Paper titled: “The 12 Most Costly Legal Mistakes
People Make.”

To pick up your FREE copy, just go online and head over to [www.URL] and fill out the form.
We’ll then send it to you as an email attachment.
For Plumber or Service Professional

I want to check your water pressure for FREE

This will save you thousands of dollars                                          Friendly
in costly plumbing repairs down the road.                                          photo
                                                                                of plumber
Dear [Town] Neighbor,

Most plumbing problems (such as leaky pipes) are caused by the water
pressure being set too high.

Your water pressure doesn’t need to be far off to create all kinds of costly plumbing problems for
you -- including disastrous water damage to your carpets, floors, ceiling, furniture and valuables.

Now’s a great time to take preemptive action . . . because I’m offering a FREE check-up of your
water pressure to the first 35 of my [town] neighbors who answer this note.

       Your [Town] Neighborhood Plumber,

       John Q. Sample

P.S. I’ve written an eBook I’m giving away to my [town] neighbors on “The Nine Most
Common Causes of Plumbing Problems, and How To Fix Them Before They Cost You A
Lot of Money.”

To pick up your FREE copy, just go online and head over to [URL] and fill out the form.
For Cosmetic Surgeon (or other specialized service)

Yours FREE
My book on “The 9 Most Important Questions You                               Photo of
Must Ask Before You Get Cosmetic Surgery”                                     Book

Dear Prospective Patient,

You really should read my book if you are thinking about cosmetic surgery.

Just head on over to [URL] to pick up your free copy.

I have been a cosmetic surgeon for ______ years and have performed more      Photo of
than ______ operations. [Add credentials]. You can read more about my        Surgeon
practice by going to [URL].

To schedule your FREE Cosmetic Surgery Evaluation, give my assistant
Judy a call at XXX-XXXX. Or email her at: [email address].

       To Your Health and Happiness,


       Dr. John Q. Surgeon, [degrees]
To Bring in Store Traffic

Your FREE Sleeve of Titleist Golf Balls                                           Photo
Memorial Day Only – Just for coming into Golfdom                            of sleeve of golf
Dear Fellow Golf Fanatic,

I’d like you to drop by Golfdom on Memorial Day, try out our new practice
area, have your swing analyzed, see this year’s new equipment and . . .

. . . pick up your FREE sleeve of Titleist golf balls.
We’re also serving free food and refreshments from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm.

I hope to see you on Monday. And remember . . .

       Keep it in the Short Grass,


       John Q. Sample
       Owner, Golfdom
For Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer

No points, No Up-Front Cash Needed
to refinance your home                                                  of loan officer
Dear [Town/Area] Homeowner,

Interest rates are heading up. If you are in an ARM, you should
refinance, pull cash out of your home, and get a fixed rate now.

For a limited time, [Name of Company] is offering fixed-rate mortgages with no points and no
upfront cash needed.

Call us at XXX-XXXX and we’ll be glad to explain the program to you.

       John Q. Sample
       Loan Officer, [Name of Company]

P.S. I’ve written a White Paper titled “The 9 Most Common Mistakes People Make When
     They Refinance Their Property.” Just head over to [URL] and fill out the form to pick up
     your FREE copy.
For Property Developer

Free Memorial Day Family Barbeque                                      Photo
                                                                       of development
Moon Bounce, Pony Rides for the Kids
Dear Neighbor,

Come on out for a barbeque and afternoon of family fun at Strawberry
Falls Estates – a new upscale development at ____________________.

I hope to see you on Monday.

              John Q. Sample
              Strawberry Falls Estates

Please RSVP by calling XXX-XXXX.
                               Date:____________________                     Photos of
                                                                         kids having fun in
            Map                Time:____________________                   moon bounce
                                                                        and doing pony rides
For Financial Planner

Yours FREE
My new book, Maximum Returns With Minimum Risk
                                                                                         Photo of
Dear Friend,

I have just finished writing a new book on investing titled Maximum Returns With
Minimum Risk.

It’s not in the bookstores yet, but I would like you to have the 234-page eBook
version for FREE. Just head on over ro [URL] to pick up your free copy.                  Photo of
I’m giving this book free to a select group of people because, if you agree with my       advisor
philosophy of investing, it’s possible you’ll want to be a client.

The portfolios we manage have increased an average of 123% over the last five
years and 287% over the last 10 years.

If your assets are $200,000 or more, and if you are looking for a new perspective on how to
achieve maximum returns with minimum risk, give me at call at XXX-XXXX. I’ll be glad to
talk with you about your financial objectives.

To Your Prosperity and Financial Security,

John Q. Sample


                 Your Success Now Will Depend On Your Follow-Up
    Okay, so now the phone is ringing.

     Your prospects are calling you because they want your service and they want your service
now -- not sometime next week. Or, at the very least, they are interested in what you are

    So you need to be ready to follow up, and follow up immediately.
    70% of people looking for service use the first realtor who will talk to them, the first lawyer
who will talk to them, the first plumber they get on the phone, the first doctor who will see them.

     If your follow-up is slow and unimpressive, your prospects will go to your competitor.

     Be ready to handle the calls that come in.

      Make sure those who are answering the phones are trained in how to answer questions and
that they deal with people in a friendly, helpful manner. Make sure your packets of information
are ready to mail. Be ready to swing into action the instant the phone rings.

    Many businesses fail, because their follow-up is poor . . . or non-existent. The quality and
promptness of your follow-up will determine your success or failure.

    And don’t forget to add all your new leads to your prospect cultivation program. They
should now be getting your printed monthly newsletter in addition to an eNewsletter.

    If they are not ready to buy right now, you want to make sure you are the first name who
comes to mind when they need your service.

     I prescribe a minimum of 52 informational and relationship-building contacts per year with
your prospects and customers – not including your hard sales offers.

     That’s how you build a fence around your business and prevent competitors from taking
your customers – because when you build relationships, you eliminate your competition.

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