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									How to draw
 Common House
Finished product
Before you start
 You need to have CH – Phase 7
 completed, printed and handed in
 Make up the following layers
 – El-con1
 – El-con2                   You may need more…

 – El-con3
 – El-con4
                    Why start them with EL???
 – El-Horiz         So you can make an easy layer filter.
 – El-Roof
 – El-Walls
Important Safety Tips
 Don’t try to do this in only one
 construction layer
 – Too many lines too close together – you
   might go blind or crazy which ever comes first
 Do not be afraid to ZOOM IN
 – Make sure you zoom in to the intersection –
   you’d be surprised how close some of the
   lines that are NOT the correct ones are to the
   intersection you really need
 – Close enough is NEVER good enough
Step 1
 Align the 1st & 2nd floors

                              Line up
Step 2
 About 100’ below house draw a horizontal
 x-line (construction line)
                                Draw these
                                lines on the
                                El-Horiz layer

                                      About 100’
Step 3                                      AF

 Offset the initial x-line UP the
 distances shown
 These lines represent horizontal
 planes of the house.
 –   AF=attic floor                         FSF
 –   FSFC=Finished Second Floor Ceiling    FFFC
 –   FSF=Finished Second Floor
 –   FFFC=Finished First Floor Ceiling
 –   FFF=Finished First Floor
 –   TOF= Top of Foundation
 –   Grade= exterior ground
Step 4

Repeat step 2 & 3 on the left side of the
house with an initial VERTICAL X-line and
offset to the right the same distances
Step 5
 Add the 45° miter line
 – line
 – Pick lower left corner
 – @75’<45
Step 6
 Switch layers
 Using X-line
 from each
 corner of the
 front of the
Step 7
 Repeat step 6 but with horizontals off the left
 side of the house
                 Always draw the roof where it is a gable

Step 8           (left side of the Common House)

                                              Roof is drawn based on the
                                              inside top of the wall.
 Starting the Roof                            That’s why we need to
                                              offset them in.
 –   Switch layers
 –   Offset the front wall in 6”
 –   Change the layer of the new line
Step 9

Change layers
Begin the roof where the
offset line meets the FSF
Draw a roof w/ a pitch of 8:12
– Line
– Pick point
– @8’,12’
Step 10
 Offset the back wall of
 the house in 6”
 Change its layer
 Draw 2nd roofing line
 from where offset meets
 – Line
 – Pick point
 – @6’,-12’
Step 11
 Offset the
 roof lines
 OUT 12”

 Offset back &
 front wall
 OUT 12”
Step 12
 Chamfer the
 – Distances set
   at ZERO
Step 13
 Extend roof
 to meet
Step 14
 Share the
 ridge and
 the eaves
 line with
 the front
 X-lines off
 the 45        Ridge = top peak
               Eaves = lower edge
Step 15
 Turn off the
 El-Horiz layer

 Offset front
 walls out 12”

 “Darken” the
 Front slope
 of the roof      Darken by switching to the ROOF layer
                  and drawing lines to the intersections
Step 16
 Go back over to the
 left side elevation and
 “darken” in the roof
TIME OUT --- Drawing Check

EL-Roof & EL-Horiz layers on
Step 17
 Since the
 garage roof
 is at the
 same angle
 as the back
 of the main
 roof COPY
    Copy pts
                   Copy the front roof
Step 18            angle for the front
                   edge of the garage
                   roof in the same

Chamfer the roof
          Share garage roof ridge &
Step 19   eaves with front elevation
          Offset left hand garage wall
Step 20   line out 12” (rake end
          Darken the Garage roof
Step 21
 The gable roof above
 the front door is not
 based on a known
 horizontal plane
 The roof is elevated
 to give added height
 to the foyer inside.
 Offset the grade line
 up 15’2-1/4”
 Offset the walls in 6”
           Where the new HL and the
Step 22    wall offsets meet draw lines
           for the underside of the roof

 @12’,8’                         @-12’,8’
Step 23
 Offset roof lines out

 Offset wall out 12”
 Extend roof to offsets

 Darken on roof layer
                     Share foyer roof with left side elevation
Step 24

    Horiz X-line

“bounce” off 45

                   Offset outer wall 12” out   Darken on roof layer
          Turn off all layers BUT
Step 25   – Roof
          – Horiz
          – Wall
          – Con layer that you projected
            the walls on
          Switch to the El-walls layer
Step 26   Darken walls to roof
          Darken TOF & Grade
                                  main roof
Step 27
 Do the same for the left side view
 Darken walls to roof
 Darken TOF & Grade
          Rotate the left side elevation
Step 28
Step 29
 Make new Print tab
 Rename CH-P8
 Set up 4 view ports (as shown on finished
 product slide -- next)
 1/8”=1’0” scale
 Change TB info
 Label the viewports as shown
Finished product

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