HOW TO DO A DIRECT PO (BPO) FROM A REQ

Click on Favorites, then “My Workload”

Find a requisition – look for unclassified and the Last Completed State of 1 and click on
that line. Then scroll down and click on Procurement.
Click on Requisition State Viewer

Click on Documents

Click on the Requisition link
Requisition opens at header – check to see if there are any attachments to open, click on
the contacts to see who is placing the order

Click on vendor. Highlight vendor VC and do ctrl C to copy it.
Click on Commodity. Check out DL Description, commodity, line type, quantity, unit,
unit price
Check Document Comments to see if there is a comment (requisitioner could be telling
you it is a confirmation or any other info). If there is a comment, there should be a
yellow thumbtack there.

Click on accounting to check out the account codes – then scroll down and click on
“Copy Forward”
Put the Doc Department Code in (will be the same as above), Check Auto Numbering,
and select BPO then click on OK.
Put 20 in the Procurement Type ID
If it is a confirmation – check the confirmation order box.
Click on Vendor and in the Vendor Customer field do a ctrl V to paste in the VC number
you copied from the req. scroll down and click on save to bring in the other info.

Click on Commodity and make any necessary changes (you may not need to). To add the
terms and conditions, click on Menu, then attachments.
Click on Upload

Click on Browse
Highlight file you want to attach and click on open
Put in attachment description, then click on upload.

You now have an attachment – to get back to BPO, select “return to document”

Click on Accounting, then scroll down and click on “Validate” to bring in the account
Unless this is a balance sheet account, or an unencumbered purchase – the Event type
should be PR05.
Now scroll down and click on Submit.

If there are no errors, it will be in “pending approval” status.

Once the document is approved and is in Final Status, scroll down and click on the print
From the drop down, select Email BPO to Vendor and click on Print. This will e-mail
the BPO to the vendor as a pdf attachment. (If it is a confirmation, then you do not need
to do this).

Click on the print button again but this time choose Email BPO to Issuer/Requester. This
will e-mail the BPO to the requisitioner as a pdf.
To print out a copy for you, click on the print button again and choose Buyer Purchase
Order Form (PDF Format), check the View Forms box, and click on print. The BPO will
come up and you can print it.

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