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How to do your etax by loe13858


									Click Check for updates
Click OK
Enter a filename and your TFN (tax file number)
Here they say that you don’t get fined if you make a mistake. Click next
And Click Next again
Click Next Again
And Click Next again
For more information about resident for tax purposes read below
  Fill in your information. All pretty straight forward. Click Next
If you are an Australian resident for tax purposes you’re not getting taxed over the first $6000
                                         of your income
Leave blank if your last name hasn’t changed, Click Next
Easiest to just click No
Again just click no
And again you just click no
Enter your postal address
Click OK
If your home address is your postal addres tick the box
          Otherwise enter your home address
Click Yes for obvious reasons
Click Yes or No depending if you’re going to lodge another return in the future.
Were you married? Yes or No
Do you want the money deposited in your bankaccount? Yes or No
Enter your bankaccount details
Now you’re on the main screen.
Go to Income -> Salary or wages and Click Yes
Click Next
Roughly fill in your occupation
Take the information from your Payment summary or group certificate and fill it in here.
                                    Click Next
Next steps are only usefull if you got some interest from Australian bank accounts

                              Select gross interest
                       More then $1 interest then you have to pay tax over it

Select Yes or No. I’m missing a couple of screen shots here but it’s pretty straight forward just fill in
                            the amount of interest you got over the year
If you were stupid like me you can deduct the cost of your tax agent last year

                     Progress summary starts filling up
         Time to enter your medicare information

Just follow the questions it’s not hard just a lot of reading,
            you probably have to click No here.
Did you have australian private health insurance? Click Yes or No

          How many children do you have? Click Next
                 Yes or No. Probably No

If you didn’t have a private health insurer just press Next
  Click Next again

And click next Again
That was it you just did your etax return. No all you need to do is lodge it. Either by printing it and
sending it in or sending it online. Online is a pain and if this is your first tax return it’s not possible.

                 See your checklist if you forgot something, in this case it’s all good.
                Go to Printing, only select tax return pages and click preview or print.
Then click print, and there you have it 8 pages of info to send to the tax department (address below)
                                       For inside Australia the address is:
                                            Australian Taxation Office
                                                 GPO Box 9845
                                   In your capital City (<- don’t change this)

                                          For Outside Australia it is:
                                          Australian Taxation Office
                                                GPO Box 9845
                                              Sydney NSW 2001

No all that’s left is to post it. That was it you just saved yourself a couple of $100 in half an hour well done!

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