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Firmware upgrade procedures for


									Firmware Upgrade Procedures for Zling Toku

Firmware upgrade procedures for Zling Toku Model : Zling Toku
Operating system : For Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP Upgrade program : Customer_update_2.61.2

Rev : A1

Caution 1. Backup all the personal data in the Zling Toku to the PC. The firmware update process will ERASE all the data in the MP4 player

Upgrade Procedures 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Remove any microSD /T-flash card inside the Zling Toku player Do NOT connect mp3 player to the computer Switch the power-on switch to “OFF” position Press the “power” key (DO NOT release it) and connect the USB to the PC at the same time; hold for 10 seconds and then release the “M” key. Windows will install appropriate driver automatically. Run the program “start -> program -> consumer update -> Firmware update”. The following screen will be shown :

8. 9.

Click “Open” button, and select Zling Toku firmware file (with .rfw extension) Press “Update” button to start the firmware updating If you get the message “Not found any ROCK usb device” , please repeat the steps 1-8 again

10. After a few minutes, the following screen will be shown :



Fixing Steps for Zling U2

11. Safely remove the Zling Toku from the PC 12. Switch the power-on switch to the “ON” position 13. Press the “power” key and hold until it shows “System Init” 14. After it shows the main menu, connect the Zling Toku to the PC again 15. You will have two removable drives in the “My computer” (one is for internal memory; another one is for SD card) 16. Double click the drive letter of the removable drive of Zling Toku (Internal memory) 17. Windows will ask you to format the Zling Toku 18. Click the “YES” and “Start” button 19. After a while, the format process will be completed 20. A new firmware is now updated successfully. *** THE END ***


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