How To Do Secure Printing to the Copy Machine

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					How to Do Secure Printing to the Copy Machine:

   •    First make sure you have added the printer to your computer it is named
        KSDTech\location of the printer (such as Kerr HS Lab or Walker Lab)
   •    When you want to send a secure print job to the copy machine here are the steps
   •    You must first go to FILE and then select PRINT

   1.  select the Kerr Office printer
   2.  select PROPERTIES
   3.  select PRINT (upper right-hand corner)
   4.  select SECURE PRINT
   5.  select OK
   6.  select OK again
   7.  now you may rename your print job or leave what name is there
   8.  add a password, you can put anything in BUT YOU MUST USE NUMBERS
   9. put in your ID, this is the ID you for the copy machine
   10. select OK

How to Retrieve Your Secured Print at the Copy Machine:

   1.   enter your ID number
   2.   select SYSTEM MONITOR (lower right-hand corner)
   3.   select PRINT
   4.   select SECURED PRINT
   5.   enter the password you assigned to the print job (if you have sent several secured
        print jobs to the copy machine they will all be there, you need to select which job
        you want to print)
   6.   enter your password, your document will now print
   7.   select OK
   8.   select DONE
   9.   select ID to clear the machine for the next person