How to do an Exposure using 3rd Party Tools

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					How to do an Exposure using 3rd Party Tools
As a Coach, you reach out to people who want a healthier
body and a better life. The Game Plan philosophy teaches you
that making two Exposures a day is a key component in
building your business.

Our 3rd Party Tools make it easy for you to introduce people to our products and
opportunity. Just follow this simple system: Exposure Is Everything, Fortune Is
in the Follow-up and Work with the Willing.

1. Exposure Is Everything. In this business, your reward comes from your
   willingness to go out and share the information with others. Exposure is really
   just advertising. Reaching more people allows you to do more business. So the
   most important thing is to get the message out there more often, to give more
   people the opportunity to say Yes or No about the program. We have products
   and a business opportunity that are easy to share. Share them by using our 3rd
   Party Tools.

   A 3rd Party Tool is anything, other than you, that explains the business
   opportunity or products. This could be a DVD, brochure, Webinar, or an event.
   These 3rd Party Tools tell the story so you don’t have to. You don’t have to be an
   expert or a public speaker to have success in getting the word out. You want
   your prospects to base their decisions on Beachbody’s success, rather than how
   good you are at explaining the information.

2. Fortune Is in the Follow-up. The next important step is to follow up with your
   prospects. Once you’ve handed off a 3rd Party Tool, follow up with them to
   gauge their interest level. You can best do that by asking them what they liked
   about the information they’ve just seen or heard. Their answer will give you
   insight on what’s important to them and will help you know how to get them

3. Work with the Willing. Once your prospect is interested in getting started, you
   have a willing business partner. This is the goal of your business: to find willing
   partners who share your passion and have a desire to succeed as Team
   Beachbody® Coaches.

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What are some of the 3rd Party Tools you can use?

            Create curiosity by handing them the Decide DVD:
            Introduce this Team Beachbody Business Opportunity DVD to start
            generating interest. This DVD will get any prospect excited about
            becoming a Coach and is available in the store in packages of 10 for

             Ask them to watch the Beachbody® Solution DVD: Help your
             customers get off the couch. Introduce them to Beachbody’s health
             and fitness products by showing them this DVD. They’ll find the best
             fitness programs and nutritional supplements to help them reach their
goals. This DVD is available in the store in packages of 10 for $9.95.

               Show them the Shakeology® Breakthrough DVD: Use this tell-
               all video presentation to help you discuss Shakeology, its benefits,
               ingredients, and what makes it a revolutionary nutritional shake.
               Hand them a Shakeology single-serving sample along with a recipe
card so they can taste for themselves. This DVD is available in the store in
packages of 10 for $9.90.

                   Hand out the new Shakeology Single-Serve
                   Packet and Recipe Cards: Now Shakeology
                   comes in sample-sized packets that are perfect to
                   give away and let the tasting begin.

      24 packets in a pack
      Available in the store in Chocolate, Greenberry, or a mix of the
      two for $89.96
      8 delicious recipes designed on rack-sized cards
      24 Shakeology recipe cards in a pack for $4.95

             Browse through the Product Catalog: Showcase Beachbody's
             amazing products with this full-color, totally portable product catalog.
             You can give these out to potential customers to get them excited and
             headed to your online store. Available for purchase as a 5-pack for

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Marketing Tool Bundles: The marketing tool bundles are pre-configured packs of
3rd Party Tools including DVDs, product catalogs, and Get Started Right Guides. You
can purchase them from the Team Beachbody store.

3rd Party Tool bundle       Includes:                                       Price
The Business Builder        40 Decide DVDs                                  $79.70
Bundle                      20 Beachbody Solution DVDs
                            10 Product Catalogs
                            5 Get Started Right Guides
The Recruiting Bundle       40 Beachbody Solution DVDs                      $74.60
                            20 Shakeology DVDs
                            10 Product Catalogs
The Retailing Bundle        60 Decide DVDs                                  $64.70
                            5 Get Started Right Guides

Other tools that can be used to help you tell the Beachbody story:

          Refer prospects to the Team Beachbody Sizzle Call. This is a pre-
          recorded presentation provided by Team Beachbody. It gives a potential
          Coach an introduction to our products, our mission, and the Team
Beachbody Business Opportunity. The phone number is 1 (310) 295-1899. Save
it as on your cell phone speed dial, so it’s accessible wherever you go. Have your
prospects listen to it and then have a follow-up conversation with them.

Bring a prospect to an event: Coach and Beachbody-sponsored events can be
used as 3rd Party Tools because they’ll help you generate interest and excitement
with your prospect. Go to Events in your Coach Online Office to learn what’s
happening in your area. You can also host your own events like a Beachbody Home
Party or a Beachbody Briefing to gain exposure within the community and hone
your leadership skills.

Ask a prospect to listen to a Webinar with you: Webinars are the perfect tools
for sharing information without having to do the presentations yourself. From the
latest new releases to business opportunity discussions, Webinars can help you
start any conversation. Find the listing of live Webinars in your Coach Online

                         Send a video via email: There’s no better way to show
                         people that our products really work than to send them
                         videos of real-life success stories. The Video Library in
                         your Coach Online Office is packed with options to suit
                         any audience, from customers to potential Coaches.

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You can embed the videos in your Web site or email the links to people to get them
interested in your products

                      Send customers and prospects to your Coach Web site.
                      Feel confident as you send your customers to your new and
                      improved site. You can now
                      personalize your site to reflect your product favorites and
                      post your photo and bio to let visitors know more about you.

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