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									                                                                                   ear lobe following the bony bump.        forms the eye socket (the Kaninika

How to do an

                                                                                                                                                                      Ayurveda & Yoga
                                                                                   This increases circulation to the        marma). Continue along upper ridge
                                                                                   brain, improves alertness and is a       of the orbit, applying pressure

Ayurvedic Facial
                                                                                   useful way of relieving dizziness or     throughout. End about half inch
                                                                                   nausea or from the feeling of            from outer corner of eye. This step
                                                                                   fainting. It also soothes wrinkles or    increase energy to eye socket, nose

                                                                                   helps prevent them by improving          and centre part of the face, helps
                                                                                   muscle tone at the corners of the        detoxify the effect on the liver,
                                                                                   mouth and brings a health glow to        relieves headache due to eyestrain.
                                                                                   cheeks.                                  Step ten
                                                                                   Step six                                 Start at inner (medial) end of
 There is a                                                                        Cover left side of top of the head       eyebrow. Pinch along eyebrow to its
 saying "Every                                                                     with the left hand. Have your right      outer edge with your index finger.
                                                                                   index finger just above the flare of     Use your thumb and index finger to
 face tells a
                                                                                   the right nostril (Nasa marma).          work in a rolling movement - index
 story".                                                                           Massage small circles here. Then         finger over the thumb and then the
 Ayurvedically                                                                     stroke under the cheekbone up to         thumb over the index finger. This
                                                                                   the temple, over the ear and along       step releases tension throughout the
 speaking, that                                                                    the bony bump behind the ear lobes.      body especially in the upper ridge of
 is true.                                                                          This helps in asthma and bronchial       eye, helps the eyes and helps nourish
                                                                                   congestion.                              and relax the nervous system.
                                                                                   Step seven                               Step eleven
                                                                                   Place the tips of the index fingers      Stroke tip of nose to the third eye
                                                                                   on either side of the nose half way      (the Ajna marma- above midpoint
                                                                                   between the corner of the eyes and       between eyebrows) in a gentle

        s well as being the head office   tension, particularly so if the person   the tip of the nostrils on the nasal     clockwise manner for 60 seconds.
        for the five senses the face      holds onto his or her feelings. The      bones (the Ganda marma). Do small        This helps headaches over eyes,
        also stores several marma or      jaw muscle is the strongest muscle       circular massage movements at a          relieves emotional tension, balances
vital points. Marma points are the        of the body and it stores a lot of       point right of the nose. Then stroke     subtle energies of the body.
meeting place of muscle, bones,           body energy. This step helps release     over the cheekbone. Continue over        Step twelve
tendons, arteries, veins and joints.      emotions and release jaw tension.        the ear following the bony bump          Have your head supported with one
Marma points are similar to pressure      Step three                               behind the ear lobes. Do this            hand. With the opposite hand made
points used in reflexology and            Apply pressure to the top and            procedure on the left side. This step    into a claw-like shape, zig zag from
acupressure. It is the marma system       underside of jawbone and then            relieves sinus congestion and            left side to right side of the forehead
that is the origin of these systems       stroke up the jaw line to the ears and   sinusitis, relieves eyestrain and        and vice versa. Doing this increases
and acupuncture. In Ayurvedic facial      then the temples (the Shankar            relieves congestion that causes bags     warmth and relaxation to forehead
massage we emphasise certain              marma). Make light clockwise circles     to form under the eyes.                  muscles, helps build muscle tone to
marma points which relate either to       at the temple. Clockwise circular        Step eight                               prevent lines and wrinkles and
treating specific dosha imbalances or     movement is used as it is found to       Place right index finger just below      improve power of concentration.
treat, calm or stimulate specific         be more effective in relieving           inner corner of right eye near to the    Step thirteen
organs or systems in the body. This       tension than any other movement.         nose. Have your left hand over the       As in step eleven, repeat the
massage can be done on oneself or         This step helps relieve tension in the   left side of the head. Apply gentle      stroking procedure from the nose to
on someone else.                          jaw and tension headaches, helps         pressure, stroke along lower bony        the forehead up to the midline of
   We use two main strokes in an          reduce hyperactivity, pressure around    surface of eye socket, apply pressure    the forehead to the hairline. Massage
Ayurvedic Facial Massage - a              the eyeball and helps improve            all the way along. End at the outer      in small circular motions to the right
smooth stroke to release subtle           memory.                                  corner of the eye between the orbit      and left of the hairline, over the ears
tensions underneath the skin and          Step four                                and the eyeball. Press in gently at      and to the back of the head until the
the pressure point strokes to touch       Stroke firmly along the upper ridge      this point (the Apanga marma).           fingers meet at the base of the skull.
the deeper tissues.                       of the jaw up to the lower corners       Repeat on the other side using the       Massage up the back of the head
   The Ayurveda Institute of              of the mouth. Make small circles         other hand. This step helps in           both sides of the midline with the
Europe has seen this year an              again. Then stroke up along the jaw      relieving tired eyes and helps in        same circular movements upwards
unprecedented number of                   to the midpoint of the muscles that      improving eyesight, skin tone around     and outwards. Carry on over the top
Therapists in the UK who want to          open and close the jaw. Make small       eye, and relieving bags and darkness     of the head to the front hairline.
learn this massage technique for          circles again. Stroke up the cheeks to   around the eyes.                         Massaging over the marmas on the
their clients.                            the temples and make small circles       Step nine                                midline helps stimulate deep centres
Step one                                  here. This step increases circulation    Place tips of both index fingers at      of the brain and helps balance the
Cover your palms with light, warm         to the face, relieves jaw tension and    tip of nose. Stroke up the midline of    body physically, emotionally and
oil, using smooth strokes. Start from     softens wrinkles by improving            the nose all the way to the top and      mentally. This helps relieve
the midline of the chin and with          muscle tone.                             branch out to either side to the point   headaches, relaxes and invigorates
hands towards the temples. Oils           Step five                                just below where the eyebrows begin      the forehead muscles and stimulates
such as Skinele, a Sesame-based oil,      Put the tips of the index fingers        on the upper bony surface that           energy spots in the head. TT
which has Vata, Pitta, and Kapha          midway between the nose and the
balanced herbs, are used as they          middle of the upper lip (the Usta
penetrate the outer layers of the         marma). Press gently. Stroke from
                                                                                     Ravi Bhanot is a Director of The Ayurveda Institute of
skin.                                     here to just over the corners of the       Europe. The Institute runs regular workshops in
Step two                                  mouth, under the cheek bones, to           Ayurvedic Facial Massage and other Ayurvedic
Place fingers under jaw and chin          the top of the ear, over the ear,          massages and Ayurvedic Therapies. Please visit
area; start pressing up and releasing     following the crease where the ear is or phone 0208 270 0533
gently. This area attracts a lot of       attached to the head and behind the        for more information.

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