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									                                             THEME OF THE MONTH: AGRONOMICS

What's Rotting                                    Turf pathology is the study of turf
                                              diseases, and it is not a stagnant field by
                                              any means. Changes in management, con-
                                                                                                 patterns. For example, problems in
                                                                                                 Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa are often a
                                                                                                 preview of what is coming to Illinois.
the Turf?                                     struction techniques and materials, weath-
                                              er patterns, grass cultivars, pesticides, fer-
                                                                                                 Likewise, northwest Illinois can be used to
                                                                                                 assist us in predicting diseases in the
                                              tilizers, herbicides and so on, collectively       Chicago area. During the past two years,
Dr. H.T. Wilkinson, Associate Professor,      keep turf managers and scientists from             we have employed another technique to
Dr. R. T. Kane, Adjunct Assistant             having the answers to all the problems. For        assess the types and intensities of diseases
Professor, and Ms. L. Ortiz, Research         this very reason, it is important to keep a        affecting turf managers in Illinois and
Associate, Dept. of Natural Resources         careful eye out each season for what is            other midwest states. And then, for exam-
and Environmental Sciences, University        developing in your turf. By determining            ple, by understanding which diseases are
of Illinois. (See Book/CD Reviews)            which problems are increasing in frequen-          problems on golf courses or turfgrass sod
                                              cy and severity, and which are declining,          fields in contiguous areas, we can alert
                                              we can effectively direct our resources and        Illinois turf managers of what to expect.
                                              research time to minimize the impact of            We can rapidly diagnose what problems

       ach year turfs experience prob-
       lems, including disease, wear          problems, and better prepare you to man-           are developing in Illinois. Most important-
       from use, insect damage and            age turf diseases when they do develop.            ly, we can prioritize our time and resources
environmental stress (such as drought,            We spend considerable time collecting          to address the most pressing turf disease
heat, compaction, suffocation). While the     information about what diseases are pre-           needs. In particular, this data guides us in
severity of these problems vary from          sent each year, where they are observed,           preparing lectures, short courses and
season to season, they can generally be       and what controls have worked or failed.           descriptive articles. For example, this data
expected to develop annually. In the case     This information is collected through visits       is used to assist in the design and planning
of diseases, which will include nematodes,    to turf sites, discussions with turf man-          of educational sessions. Another excellent
fungi and bacteria, there are over 100        agers and scientists at meetings, or on the        use of this data is for directing and focus-
different types that could reduce the         phone. There is a lot of "buzzing" between         ing our research activities. If managing
quality of your turf during any given         turf pathologists during the season. This is       summer patch is the most common prob-
season. Between the two of us, we have        very useful for predicting problems before         lem for turf managers, we need to under-
spent 24 years studying the diseases that     they develop. Fortunately, diseases do not         stand this and direct a significant portion of
affect your turf, and we have the dubious     all of a sudden appear. Generally, disease         our time and energy toward improving your
privilege of discovering eight new turf       conditions develop over large areas and            ability to manage this disease.
diseases.                                     move along with the prevailing weather
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TPI Turf News: November/December 1996                                                                                                       31
                                                 THEME OF THE MONTH: AGRONOMICS

                                                     Table 1:
 What are the most important diseases                            Thrfgrass Pathology Informational Survey-
         that you deal with?                               Frequency of Score Rating Equalling Number One, 1994.
    ILLINOIS-28 turfgrass managers out          70
of 87 ranked dollar spot as the disease that
they deal with most (see Table I). Next,
                                                                                   SUMMARY FOR ALL STATES
they ranked summer patch as the second                                             INCLUDED IN SURVEY
most frequently experienced problem.
Also notice that Pythium is ranked higher       50
than a brown patch. This surprised us! We  >-
thought brown patch was a more frequent ~ 40
disease than Pythium.                        UJ
    MINNESOTA-We gave a presentation CI              30
in Minnesota, which gave us data for that ~
area. As you might expect, snow molds are u...       20
the big problem. However during the
growing season, dollar spot is again the
main problem, followed by brown patch                10
and Pythium. It stands to reason that sum-
mer patch would not be a major concern in            o
Minnesota, because it requires stressful                                                                           RUST OTHER
                                                           SP      OS      SM         BP         PB       LB
conditions in the summer to fully develop.
On the other hand, our data indicates that                                        DISEASE
Minnesota turf managers have a bigger
problem with necrotic ring spot and take-            SP=SUMMER PATCH      DS=DOLLAR SPOT              PB=PYTHIUM BLIGHT
all patch, which were indicated as their             SM=SNOW MOLD         BP=BROWN PATCH              LB=LEAF BLIGHT

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                                                                                           TPI Turf News: Novemher/December            1996
                                                     THEME OF THE MONTH: AGRONOMICS

  "other" problems. Both of these diseases           spot, summer patch, Pythium blights and                     How ahout you opinion? We need
  require cool, wet conditions in the spring         brown patch are the main diseases for                    your opinion! Take the time to fill out and
• and fall to be serious problems.                   which more information or management                     mail us the survey form below: If you send
                                                     options are most needed for superinten-                  us your information, you arc supporting
     OHIO-Yes, we got to the Buckeye                 dents in Illinois.                                       yourself and your turf operation.
 state, and there we found that dollar spot
 was again the big problem, but after that,          Mail the following information to: H.T. Wilkinson, Oept. of Nat. Res. & Env. Sci.,
 brown patch was in second place. Leaf               University of Illinois, W-423 Thrner Hall, 1102 S. Goodwin Ave., Urhanu, II. 61801
 blights were a solid third and fourth place
 was shared by Pythium and summer patch.
                                                                   Thrfgrass Pathology Informational Survey
     Collectively, this data tells us that dollar                                    H. R. IVi/killsoll   lIlId R. T. KlII/('
 spot is the most persistent disease that we
                                                         Rank the diseases that you are most concerned about during the growing season.
 deal with. No wonder there are more fungi-
                                                         (I = most important and 8 = least important).
 cides available for dollar spot than for any
 other disease. You might wonder if com-                       Summer Patch              Your work area zip code:
 mon old dollar spot warrants more research                    Dollar Spot               Turf you manage:
 and attention, since it is readily controlled                 Snow Molds                __       golf              lawns               sod              athletic
 by sound fertilization and fungicides. I                      Brown Patch               Date: Mo                                   Day __          Yr            _
 would suggest, however, that the persis-
 tence of dollar spot, the immense area of                     Pythium Blight (Warm season)
 turf that it affects and the large amounts of                 Leaf Blight (Heiminthosporium)
 fungicides that are annually applied to con-                  Rusts                 Annual Fungicide Budget $                                _
 trol it are excellent justification for seeking               Other                                                                                          _
 alternative management strategies. As we
                                                     L                                                                                                                ~
 see the situation based on this data, dollar

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 TPI Thrf News: NovemherlDecemher             1996

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