How to create an interactive spread sheet in Excel

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					How to create an interactive
spreadsheet in Excel
Choose your topic
 Start your spreadsheet with the
  proper headings
 Type
     Problem in cell A1
     Answer in A2
     Right? In A3
      Points in A4
      and Expected in A5
 Then write a problem in cell A2 and
  the correct answer in cell B2 and E2.
 In cell C2 copy and past the formula
    With this formula C2 will say good if the
    answer column (B2) is correct and uh-oh
    if it is incorrect, if B2 is left blank C2 is
 Press enter and if this is correctly
  done it should say good in cell C2.
 Using this same procedure, add nine
  more problems to the spreadsheet.
  Copy the formulas by using "Fill" >
  "Down" from the Edit menu or by
  using the "plus sign" curser symbol in
  the lower right hand corner of the
  formula cell and dragging in down.
 Now we can enter the points into the
  points column.
 Enter the following formula
 Copy the formula into the remaining
  points column.
 Now we can add a total points by
  putting in the cell D12 the formula
 Then write Total Points in cell A12
 This will add all of the points in cells
  D2 through D11
 Next we need to hide column E
 Select the column
 Click Format > Column> Hide
 To make your worksheet a little bit
  easier to read and colorful, change
  the color of every other row.
 Select the rows by highlighting them
  while holding down Ctrl
 Then choose Format > Patterns >
  and choose a color
 Repeat again for other rows if desired
 Now we must protect our worksheet
  so students cannot make changes.
 However, we must keep the answer
  column unlocked so students can
  write their answers.
 First we need to select the cells you
  want to unlock, choose Format >
  Cells > Protection > deselect
 To make the cells larger simply click
  on the line between A and B and drag
  it left or right to make it longer or
 Change the font style and size if
 Center all the cells.
 To make it look more like a sheet of paper we need
   Surround our spreadsheet with white space
       Insert a column before column A by highlighting column
        A (put mouse on A and click),
       Choose Insert > Column.
       Insert several rows above row 1 by highlighting row 1
        (put mouse on 1 and click), choose Insert > Row.
    Give directions to students
       Merge several horizontal cells together by highlighting
        the cells and then choose Format > Cells > Alignment.
        Place a check mark in Wrap Text and Merge Cells.
       Type directions into the merged cells
       Insert rows above and below the directions to create a
        balanced appearance for the worksheet.
 Choose Tools > Options > View.
 Deselect Formula Bar, Status Bar, Windows
  in Taskbar, Page breaks, Gridlines, Row &
  column headers.
 Change tab to Edit (instead of View) and
  deselect the checkbox for Enable Auto
  Complete for cell values
 Protect your worksheet by
   Tools > Protection > Protect sheet
   If you choose a password you must remember
    it to make any changes to your worksheet
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 Multiplication Problems