How to connect to the WUR wireless network with by loe13858


									How to connect to the WUR wireless network with your WUR user account.
This document describes a Vista Enterprise PC with a standard Microsoft supplicant.

Enable the Wireless Adapter with the proper button.
Select: Start, Connect To.
Select Set up a connection or network.

Select manually connect to a wireless network
Type the SSID: wur-user
Network Authentication: WPA or WPA2
Data encryption: TKIP (for WPA) or AES (for WPA2)
Select Next.
Select Change connection settings.

Do not select Connect to a more preferred network if available.
Select the Security tab.
Select Settings

Do not select Validate server certificate.
Select Configure
Do not select Automatically use my Windows logon name and password.
Select OK

Select OK
Select OK

Select Connect to
Select wur-user network and select connect

Select Enter/select additional log on information.
Supply your Wur user name, password and domain name

The wur-user SSID will now be connected.
An “ipconfig”DOS box will show an IP address in the 172.18.*.* range.

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