How to connect to the FTPS Server at Hobbs+Black

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					How to connect to the FTPS Server at Hobbs+Black

This document covers using the free FileZilla Client for Windows application that is required to
connect to the Hobbs+Black secure FTPS server.

To obtain your free copy of FileZilla Client please visit and click on the
Download FileZilla Client button then click on the FileZilla_3.2.6_win32-setup.exe (recommended) to
begin the download. You should save this to your My Documents folder.

Open the My Documents folder and double click on the application to install it. Note: During
installation you can simply accept the license, using all the defaults and then launch the application by
double clicking in the icon it places on the desktop.

Configuring FileZilla Client
Once FileZilla for Windows is installed you will need to add a site using the Site Manager icon which
is the first icon on the top tool-bar as you open the application as shown below:

Inside the Site Manager complete the following steps:

           1. Click the New Site button and give it the name of the project
           2. Enter the Host of
           3. Set the Servertype to FTPS – FTP over Implicit TLS / SSL
           4. Set the Logontype to Normal
           5. Enter the User name provided to you
           6. Enter the Password name provided to you
              Note: this will be unique per project
           7. Click the Connect button to access the site

If you have technical difficulties please contact your IT person / department for assistance, if you
receive a specific error when connecting to the Hobbs+Black FTPS server please email this directly to:

FTP Administrator